I knew Addie wasn’t a birthday party girl, even Addie knew she wasn’t a birthday party girl.

But we tried a birthday party anyway, and to make sure I did something wrong in the entire birthday process I requested no gifts on her birthday invitations.

Curious how it turned out?

She didn’t enjoy opening her birthday presents at all.

Addie's 9th Birthday

Addie's 9th Birthday Party

She didn’t like any of her gifts.

Addie's 9th Birthday
Addie's 9th Birthday

Her cake was pretty lame.

Addie's 9th Birthday
Addie's 9th Birthday
Addie's 9th Birthday Party

Took my chance on a new local bakery for Addie's cake. I'm so happy I did.

No one showed up to her birthday party and no one had any fun at all.**

Addie's 9th Birthday
Addie's 9th Birthday
Addie's 9th Birthday

Here I was afraid I’d never, ever be able to outdo her 8th birthday and before going to bed she had the nerve (THE NERVE!) to say “Mom? This was the best birthday ever, thank you.”


Halfway to being able to kick her out of the house. Halfway to how old I was when I got engaged. NINE.

(**so here’s the funny part, she thought she had too many friends at her birthday party and got really overwhelmed about halfway through and needed to take a little breather. My darling sweet introvert, we both knew a big party wasn’t really her thing but she wanted to give it a try. After we dropped her last friend off say said “Mom? So, let’s never do a birthday party again okay?“)

((In case you can’t see the photos on this post, or understand sarcasm in the written word — she really did love every bit of her birthday.))





  1. Yay, looks like a fabulous time was had by all! Happy Birthday Addie!! XOXO

  2. Oh my… What a sweet girl!! She looks absolutely joyful!

  3. I can’t believe she’s 9 already. Happy birthday, Addie!

  4. Happy Birthday Addie 🙂

  5. I am so glad people showed up. All night I was stressed that she only had one kid at her party. Whew! Guilt dissipating. I feel twenty pounds lighter.

  6. Happy birthday, Addie!

  7. well we had THE BEST time! Thanks for the party…

  8. Aww happy birthday Addie, and I must make mention that I love her cake too!

  9. 3 things.
    1- GASP! Nine years old! When did that happen? what a beauty.

    2- What a fun mommy you are!

    3- That blue wrapping paper in the background is totally old Hallmark self-adhesive paper, isn’t it!!

    🙂 Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  10. Looks like a total misery fest. Bad mommy! <3

  11. An easy bake oven?!!! That is the best birthday ever! 🙂

  12. The kind of birthday she’ll look back on fondly for the rest of her life! Also, I think the special birthday hair is extra adorable!

  13. her hugging that final present was hysterical! glad she enjoyed it 🙂