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Perhaps no one really pays attention to what a change of seasons does to bedtime, but in our house? I fear it. For several different reasons.

The first reason is my vacuum what what my family does with it while I’m away.

They vaccuum up bugs.

All sorts of bugs, ladybugs, spiders, wasps and flys.

My vaccuum is a cansiter vaccuum and rarely to the sucked up critters die when taken into the canister, since I am the one who empties the canister I am the one pleasantly (not) surprised by dust covered insects clinging to life.

I’ve learned that if I come home to the vacuum in an unusual spot, the kids (meaning Cody and Addie) were probably playing bug vacuum cowboys.

I take a different approach, I scoop them up with tissue and throw them in the toilet.

Now here’s an interesting fact-did you know most spiders can tread water? For a really long time?

Neither did I until my husband came squealing out of the bathroom because he was just absolutely sure that the spider I had thrown in there earlier was lying in wait to jump out and crawl down his unzipped drawers.

Later that night I threw another spider down the porcelain gauntlet with strict instructions to FLUSH! AFTER! THROWING! IN! SPIDERS! the darn thing kept popping back up. It took three flushes to take out that particular spider and poor Cody was in hysterics that it was going to crawl out and across our bedroom, up our bed and onto his face to exact its revenge while he slept.

He passed his bug panic onto Addie. During her nightly “Let’s see what I can say that will be able to keep me up even just a moment longer” ritual she’ll run down the list of her fears.

“A spider might crawl in my ear!”

“Highly unlikely.”

“The aliens might come to get their mud.” (Because aliens eat mud, you knew that right?)

“I’ll be sure to give them some.”


Oof. Grandmas are over a thousand miles away. “Nice try but you can talk to Grandma tomorrow.”

On it goes. Her sheets aren’t sheeted enough, her water isn’t icy enough, her armpits stink (honestly, that was last nights excuse.) it goes on and on and it gets worse and worse as summer comes closer because it’s light so much later and she wears herself out so much more in the sunshine.

Another season change nighttime plague on our house?

Growing pains.

The little kid is literally a weed. Getting all tall and gangly and lean as she sleeps. It breaks my heart when she comes down sobbing because of sore  joints and bones. It’s mostly sad because she’s in pain. It’s also sad because she’s getting too big. And it’s really sad because her clothes from last summer don’t even come close to fitting her this spring.

Bedtime and sleep are so important. Around our house we think that how you get to bed and sleep are just as important. Which is why we read and sing to Little Miss every night.

It’s also why Cody isn’t allowed to watch scary movies. Ever.

As the daylight is longer and the little person I put into bed every night is even more sun soaked and exhausted it’s important that she can sleep tight. Knowing nothing will get her, nothing will happen and that while she sleeps she’s safe.

I mean, wouldn’t you feel safe at night if your mom was a certified spider snuffer?

Bedtime is important to the people at GoodNites as well, from the NiteLight panel with expert advice from Doctors and moms to the downloadable Bedtime Theater Program starring Iggy. We’ve never had issues with bedwetting in our house, but we have had sleep issues. GoodNites isn’t just about a product, they’re about good nights. And tired parents everywhere could use a little help now and again when it comes to getting little people down and out to dreamland. When the kids sleep better? The parents do too.


I am being compensated on this campaign not for promoting a product, but for promoting the GoodNites Bedtime Theater contest and campaign, all stories and opinions are my very own. Especially the one about snuffing spiders. Be sure to enter the Bedtime Theater Contest soon! A chance to win $2,500 for your own family adventure and during my last bedtime kit giveaway next week you’ll get 5 extra entries if you’ve entered the contest!)


  1. I throw an extra layer of toilet paper over the offending bug (usually stink bugs- I save spiders!) and that usually keeps them trapped until the flushing is done.

    As for growing pains- my daughter suffered from them to an we started giving her calcarea phosphorica. You can get it at a natural foods/supplements store. It really helped.

  2. I go into hysterics too when it comes to spiders. I hate the darn things.

  3. My daughters excuse the other night for getting out of bed was “She forgot how covers work”.

  4. Spring is torture for my family because of my daughter’s fear of bugs. Last week she was shrieking hysterically about a fly and I asked her why she was so scared. She screaming, “He thinks I’m FOOD!”

    Gotta love that kid.

  5. I don’t like the spiders in my house…my kids kill them for me. Isn’t that why we have kids to kill the creepy crawlies?

    Oh, its just me then.

    Ariel is the champion staller before going to bed. She has it down to an art and most nights I don’t realize she’s stalling until she’s been at it at least 15 minutes.

  6. my mom had her NinjaPHD in bug eradication

  7. You are brave Casey! Have you heard of black out blinds? Might be worth it if it is the light that keeps her up.

  8. My two sons are scared of bugs and I just want to yell at them “You are BOYS! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO LIKE BUGS!” Alas, I am the bug taker outer at this house.

    My 6yr old used to have HORRIBLE growing pains – best thing we’ve done for them has been the chiropractor – amazing difference. 🙂

  9. hi, i know this has nothing to do with the promotion, but what do you do for addie’s growing pains? my little boy has them and on nights that he does i am up rubbing his legs for hours at a time, which i don’t think helps the pain but comforts him. i also give him motrin…just wondering if you have any “tricks” to fix it. thanks!!

  10. we make Dad kill the bugs at our place. And before bed we have to read 3 books and kisses all around(even the dog) and she tries to get a couple trips to the bathroom and as many drinks…till mom has had enough.

  11. Why dont you just put the bugs outside if youre going to bother catching them, instead of tossing them in the toilet? Then Cody wont have to worry about bug-butt and you can fel better about yourself that you helped a bug live another day in its too-short life 🙂


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