So this house is home base for me until Sunday, over dinner we nicknamed it Gosling Manor.

So this is the house I'm in for the weekend. Ryan Gosling not included. #WyndhamRentals #Kiawah

It’s the biggest house I’ve ever been in, and I was convinced houses don’t come bigger than this house until we went to the beach and saw this house:

Kiawah Island

I mean.

I’m on Kiawah Island just outside Charleston in South Carolina doing what I do, traveling, writing, taking pictures of alligators coming out of sewers just down the street (!!!):

Kiawah Island

I didn’t even know Kiawah Island existed until I met Kim-Marie last month who has a summer house in Kiawah.

And now here I am, and it is beautiful.

Kiawah Island

I’m here as a guest of Wyndham Vacation rentals. There are enormous houses all around Kiawah, only 12% of them are occupied year-round. Many of the owners work with Wyndham to have them rented out to families and groups (like ours) the 48 or so weeks they aren’t in Kiawah using their glorious 6,000 sq. ft. beach houses.  This house runs $1,798 a night over the 4th of July, however in October/November? $696 a night. But here’s the thing, it sleeps 14 — comfortably, with dual vanities and private bathrooms for all.

I’m already planning my own conference at this house. 11 more of you can come after I bring Shireen and Emily. We’ll do it in October, $49 per person per night. Who’s with me?

We’ll swim in the pool, cook in the fancy kitchen, sit on all the comfy couches, watch the giant TVs, go to the beach, talk about boys — it’s going to be amazing. We can even rent bikes and/or a private chef.

Kiawah Island

Kiawah is gorgeous, I’m a little mad no one has brought me here before.

Kiawah Island

Today was only day one, tomorrow involves carriage rides, antebellum homes, aquariums and ghost tours in Charleston. Saturday? Riding horses on the beach.

Cody asked if I’d like him to fashion a horn for my horse to wear to fulfill all my childhood fantasies of riding a unicorn on the beach.

I had to correct him — all unicorn riding fantasies take place in a misty, magical forest. Horse riding fantasies on the beach involve Ryan Gosling, shirtless, riding next to me.

Have you ever heard of this whole vacation rental thing? I’ll admit, before today I was convinced renting someone’s house was either a creepy Craigslist killer setup or only for the rich and famous.

Kiawah Island

Gosling Manor has changed my mind.


As a guest of Wyndham Vacation Rentals travel expenses have generously been taken care of for me, thanks guys. Opinions are as always, my very own.




  1. Kiawah is amazing. My best friend was married there! However, a piece of my heart lies in Charleston. We were engaged at Battery Park. It’s a special kind of place full of charm and mystery. I hope you enjoy!

  2. Ooh! Ooh! I want to attend The conference! ;). We rented a private villa in St. John USVI. It had an infinity pool and overlooked a cove. Would do it again in a heartbeat! Look gorgeous and relaxing there. Hope it’s a little bit of fun mixed in with the work!

  3. We did a girls weekend last September on Isle of Palms. Also at a Wyndham Vacation Rental Resort. We REALLY enjoyed being in a home environment vs. two hotel rooms. The only quirk was the decor. It was a little over the top vacation themed, but it gave us something to giggle about 🙂
    Just stayed at another Wyndham property in Orlando. Enjoyed that one too, but we were only there to sleep.

  4. I can drive there, and my birthday is in November. I could probably do October, but I’m bringing birthday cake anyway.

  5. I’m so in. Kiawah is like 3 hours drive from my house. And I have done the vacation rental thing. I went on a beach scrapbook retreat at Isle of Palms (slightly north of Charleston). We rented a humongous house. We each had our own bedroom and bathroom. The place was ginormous with glorious views of the beach. Good times.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Vacation rentals are the best. We do them at least a couple times a year up in the mountains during ski season. It’s always an adventure – does the cabin actually look like the online pictures?

  7. We just did a rental near Warren Dunes in Michigan. Best idea. saves money on eating out etc.

  8. I’m surprised that Ben and Bennie W. never invited your family to Kiawah. Their family owned a house there until just a few years ago. I went with them for a week when I was Ben’s full time nurse. Ah-mazing!! Another beautiful SC island you will want to visit is Fripp Island. I was able to spend a “working” week there last month with my new patient and his family. We rented a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home on the golf course and across the street from the beach for only $1600. Renting a home gives you options that a hotel doesn’t.

  9. I <3 Kiawah. It is gorgeous and the houses are amazing.

  10. Add me to that list of attendees. I want to go. So bad.

  11. Oh man, I want to come out there for your conference! (Really, just to see you, but a conference is a good excuse!)

  12. Love that part of SC!! My family has been vacationing down there for the past 15 years (in the Hilton Head area). Charleston is great too..such a unique and beautiful city. Enjoy!!

  13. I haven’t been to Kiawah since I was little. You know I could really use a vacation! 🙂

  14. I’m in for a Oct. conference! Charleston is by far my favorite city in the U.S. Glad you enjoyed it!

  15. Holy moly that sounds like a fantastic conference! I’d be so down with it!

  16. OOohh!!! I can cook! I’m not very noisy…

  17. I’m in! Looks amazing! 🙂 And I love the beach…

    We usually rent a house in Seagrove Beach, FL for our summer vacation and LOVE it!

  18. $49 a night? Sign me up right now!


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