jingle bells-seven months

jingle bells-seven months

seven months

seven months


cats. sheesh.

Coming here from Indy Style? Hi! Hope I didn’t have anything coming out of my nose during my segment.

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Up there is my baby. I have a one eyed cat and a curly headed seven year old who just had a birthday.

Are you a regular around here? HI. I sure do like you. Thanks for coming back.

How’s your holiday season going? Mine? Superb.




  1. The cute is almost too much!!! LOVE.

    Casey Reply:

    @lissa, I don’t get much done in a day with all the staring.

  2. I wish I lived closer to you so I could give that baby a squeeze. You did a great job on making those babies, just incase you weren’t aware of that fact. 😉

    Casey Reply:

    @Shanna, She is the squeeziest!

  3. Well..I’m a regular..and I must say..these are some “make me smile photos”. The cat tail photo actually made me giggle out loud though..superb! We are having a fabulous holiday season so far…and I’m glad to hear that you are as well!

    Casey Reply:

    @Shan, The cats, they have this gift for nonchalantly walking right in front of my camera, tails held high.

  4. Casey, thank you for sharing all your wonderful words and photos of lovely babies!

    Casey Reply:

    @HeidiLee, Oh thank you for coming back!

  5. The naked photos of your Buddha baby make me giggle every. damn. time. She has rolls on her rolls and creases in her creases. Not much could be better unless you dipped her in Burt’s Bees Baby Buttermilk Bath and sent her off to my house with the UPS man so I could have a snuggle.

    Casey Reply:

    @Chrysta, Those rolls and creases can get *funky* and I don’t mean the James Brown variety.

    Chrysta Reply:

    @Casey, …which is why I requested that you dip her in buttermilk bath before sending her out. LMK when you’ve got a tracking number for me.

  6. How are you not just biting those chunky thighs all day long? And I love how Vivi is curling her toes. Precious!

    Casey Reply:

    @Anna, I’m more of a cheek nibbler.

  7. I just came for the cute baby pictures. I just can’t get enough of her chubby little rolls.

    Casey Reply:

    @domestic extraordinaire, They are delicious, no?

  8. I LOVE pictures of your sweet beh beh.

    And my holiday season? Also superb. thanks for asking 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Katie, Soon you’ll have one toooooo!!!

  9. When were you on? My SIL was on IndyStyle on Monday!

  10. oh, she is just too much. Her little thighs with the baby legs…love it. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family, you truly deserve it!

  11. mine is going ok so far but… I’m having serious dental work done tomorrow. and sleeping pill I took over an hour ago isn’t working. which is the same pill I’m supposed to take tomorrow…

  12. LOVE these photos! And your Christmas card oh my goodness.


  13. Oh, your little ones are just TOO precious! Thanks so much for including my Baltic amber teething necklace in your wonderful photo shoot! Have a fabulous New Year!