I have wanted to spew words of rainbows and puffy glitter kisses about some of my favorite bloggers for a while but never knew quite how to do it. Then the lovely Heather gave me the chance with her OMSH Valentine Giveaway. (Yes! You too can enter!) She said there were no extra brownie points for kissing her rear, but I’m going to anyway. She’s half of the problem reason I’m self hosted. The other half of my problem is her. But I’ll get to her later. I would never be where I am without Heather, and every time I successfully don’t screw up my blog a little “HIZZA!” goes out, dedicated to her. This is by far one of my most favorite posts ever. (You have to download the song for full effect.)

Next is Jessica of Kerflop. She’s guilty of awe inspiring blog design, being unbearably tall, making the world more beautiful and being a fellow Mormon.

Third on my list is Metalia. While I’m still not speaking to you and your pert little pregnant belly, I will allow others to seek you out and adore you also. When anyone asks what my favorite blog to read is “Metalia” is always my first answer. So there you go.

Fourth is Bossy. But who doesn’t love Bossy? I’m pleased to say that Bossy is even better in person. She glows. I have yet to meet someone who made a better, more long lasting impression on me ever. (Does that sound creepy? Stalkerish? Ah well.)

Fifth is Laura. She became a widow in November, left with five adorable kids. I love her in more ways than my heart has capacity for. ‘Nuff said.

Sixth, Andi. Poot and Cubby. If only words came to me as well as they come to you. You’re a delicious turkey dinner to me, perfectly cooked with all the trimmings (the ones I like, none of that sweet potato garbage.)

Seventh is Jessica of OTJ. If you read her then you know there is no one word that could ever encompass Jess. So let’s put a food to her (hey, it worked for Andi) I’d say, mmm, Jessica is the perfect mashed potato. Comforting, versatile and always tasty, with a long, interesting history.

To keep this from being the longest, sappiest post ever, I’ll assign foods to a few other loves of my reader.

Redneck Mommy-The punch at prom that someone slipped vodka into.

Fussypants-The most scrumptious ice cream sundae ever. With sprinkles.

Clink– A perfectly grilled veggie burger with swiss cheese and marinated mushrooms.

Ben– Ben’s the chocolate cake, Bennie’s the frosting.

Last but not least is every single one of you. You’re the buffet of my dreams.

xoxo, Casey


  1. ooh, new blogs for me to love. Thanks!

    Jill’s last blog post..Hubby’s Got A Brand New Blog

  2. Calling me comfort food? Might be one of the nicest things ever!! Thanks my sweet little wonder bunny!

    Oh, The Joys’s last blog post..I Don’t Hang Out with Your Husband

  3. I love me some chocolate cake and frosting. Those boys rock. LOVE THEM.

    If you were a food, I would say you were a perfect lemon meringue pie. Sweet. With a kick.

    Redneck Mommy’s last blog post..Her Mother is a Boob

  4. Thanks for thinking of me! You are one of my favorites too. I will still finish your questions, I’ve been really down lately. Sorry.

    You are kinda like a lemon meringue pie, but I think you are more like a little raspberry tart.

    Laura’s last blog post..I made a difference in someones day

  5. You got some good taste there darlin.

    MammaLoves’s last blog post..The One Where I Offer to Kiss Mitt Romney

  6. Too fun – I love many of them too, and can’t wait to check out the new ones!

    Janssen’s last blog post..More Than You Asked For

  7. You don’t like sweet potatoes? I’m questioning our relationship…we might need to break-up.

    Meggan’s last blog post..A not so winning combination.

  8. suddenly, i’m REALLY hungry….

    janet’s last blog post..It’s the little things that make up the big things

  9. You’re hot stuff, thanks for the linky love and sunshine up my bum. Oh wait, except I’ll have to murder you for linking to that frickin’ story. It’s supposed to be left in my archives to dwindle and die you know.

    kerflop’s last blog post..30 Tiny Moments – Day 10

  10. MMmmmmmmmmwwwwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhh!

    Kimmie’s last blog post..Sneaky Peekers

  11. bahaha…Actually I am a vegetarian…but I am crazy honored to make your list!

    Oh and I dream about meat all the time and I always wake up hungry!

    Clink’s last blog post..Tis’ the season

  12. HA! I loves me a good veggie burger too…glad I put that disclaimer on there originally!

  13. thank the good lord i read every. single. one. of. these. because otherwise? i’d have to hate you…there just wouldn’t be enough time in my day to read MORE. 🙂

    ali’s last blog post..re-je-cted rejected!

  14. We’ll always a chocolate cake waiting for you at our place. It won’t be as pretty as any you can make but you’ll have more fun sharing it with Ben. The Two Bens send back our love!

  15. Aw, Casey. Thanks for the sloppy internet kisses. I’m truly flattered. It’s funny that you say you wish words came as easily to you, as I’m often struck with post envy whenever I visit you here. You are a gifted, funny writer.

    And I was going to assign a food to you, but I simply cannot beat the Redneck Mommy’s description so I’ll just borrow hers.

    andi’s last blog post..On distraction and ambivalence

  16. I wish all blogs could be as fabulous as yours. You are as open and honest as I want to be some day.

    Never stop writing – I need a regular fix.

    Love the new blog banner btw.

  17. can you believe it took me 6 months and an accidental landing on your blog to find interesting things to read? merci.

  18. I think you might be one of my favorite new (new to me) blogs!

    andrea’s last blog post..The Great Interview Experiment – Kim Asks Us Questions

  19. I am not going to have to lurk on those blogs, PS you, your hubby and little moosh should have a photo shoot, havent seen many pics of your hubby, think it would be cute! and tell him he needs to give you the best V day every for putting up with Law School and bearing his child

    Liam’s last blog post..I miss it!

  20. now*

    Liam’s last blog post..I miss it!

  21. I’m the most scrumptious ice cream sundae ever -with sprinkles!

    Casey you are a piece of rum soaked chocolate cake.

    Rich, wonderful and gives always makes ya feel great!


    Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants’s last blog post..Fight the Frump with Fussy -Inaugural Edition

  22. OH Yay,

    More new fun stuff to read and now I have a sugar craving going on.

    Britt’s last blog post..dont forget the cereal

  23. Holy crap…just now seeing the 208 comments.

    Wow, I’m in the internet presence of royalty. I’m so not worthy.

    Congrats…well deserved!

    Worker Mommy’s last blog post..Chicco Loves You and so do I: A (Pre) Valentines Day Giveaway

  24. bahaha Veggie burger is even better 🙂 I would give you a food if I didn’t have such deep rooted food issues…
    So in my world I will consider you a 500 thread count alternative down comforter…
    Just as cozy and sweet as real down but not remotely smelly!

    Clink’s last blog post..Tis’ the season

  25. Oh, you. Now I’m blushing….even though you’re still not talking to me. 🙂

    metalia’s last blog post..The Real Reasons I Love Football

  26. Awww, you’re just saying that because Bossy is the only person you’ve ever known whose finances are in worse shape than a law student’s. Lots of love love love…