Amidst all this PC/religion/namecalling garbage a new kind of debate has aroused itself.

The religious/regional/cultural food debate.

I will admit that part of the reason I love living around a bunch of different denominations of Christians is the fish fry. Fish fries are proof that God loves us no matter what church we do or don’t go to and wants us to be happy, full of greasy fish, tartar sauce and cheap buns.

The other day I got this comment:

I’m offended because I’m Southern Baptist and we actually eat fried chicken, not fried fish…Ahem.

Lesson learned. (And she was kidding, lighten up people.)

The entire United States is unknowingly engaged in culinary battle. Take the KC/St. Louis BBQ battle. Or the Chicago/New York pizza battle. Utah is legendary for fry sauce (I MISS YOU FRY SAUCE) and Indiana boasts tenderloin as big as your head.

This brings me to Mormon food.

Funeral Potatoes.

Frog Eye Salad.

Hawaiian Haystacks.

Carrot Raisin salad.

Green Jell-O. (Often with pineapple, Cool Whip, cottage cheese and/or shaved carrots. (Dude, I don’t eat the stuff, I just defend it.))

We have entire Mormon Cookbooks and entire restaurants dedicated to the fine art of cooking with cream of mushroom soup and sour cream. WE PERFECTED THE JELL-O SALAD and also spawned Jell-O products Jell-O didn’t even know Jell-O could be used for.

Some guy out there with a lot of guns thinks he can claim Green Jell-O in the name of the Lutherans.

As if the threat of a lot of guns is going to scare me away from the truth.

Mormons are the only reason green Jell-O is still in production.

Ever heard of THE JELL-O BELT? That’s right, an entire area known for its Jell-O love thanks to a high concentration of Latter Day Saints. Utah’s State Snack Food? Jell-O.

In 2001, after an astounding 14,000 people had signed a petition, JELL-O was made the Official State Snack of Utah. Another fact is that the people of Salt Lake City actually eat more lime flavored JELL-O than any other city in the world. (Source and Source)

In. the. wooooorld.

I really didn’t want it to come to this. But Mr. Gunfighter was adamant that he (exact words)





Allow me to show you a pin from the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Where’s YOUR green Jell-O pin GUNFIGHTER?

Watch out dude, because I think you just got your Jellass handed to you with delicious pieces of pineapple and a dollop of Cool Whip by a Mormon, the true lovers and proper owners of the Green Jell-O stereotype.


  1. Are you a Mormon?

    Paul / Palabuzzs last blog post..Eric Johnston Chua claims inoccence on alleged sex tapes

  2. @ NEWMOM moving to SLC, I just moved here at the end of March, we should get together…my pathetic attempt at friend making..check

  3. I’ve read both post – yours and his – you are right, he is wrong. You have a picture of a pin to prove it.


    DesignHER Mommas last blog post..It’s more than just Me and my Laptop

  4. My mom puts carrots in her Jello, it grosses me out, she also makes that carrot and raisin salad thing

    mariahs last blog post..Close Call

  5. green Jello-o martinis. Think about it, Mormons.

    How to Party with an Infants last blog post..I Like to Move it Move it

  6. The fish talk reminds me of one time a few years ago when we were waiting in line at Golden Corral. There was this girl (around 10 years old) who was reading the specials of each day of the week to her Grandma. It was Friday, and the girl kept saying, “It’s fish day” or whatever. Her Grandma kept saying things like, “That doesn’t matter” and “I don’t care.” The girl said, “I was just trying to tell you that’s what the special was.” Her Grandma finally said very loudly, “We’re not Catholic, so I don’t care!” I literally had to try not to laugh. What the heck? I wanted to spin around and say, “I didn’t know only Catholics were allowed to eat fish, but apparently that means I have to eat your share of the fish too. Thanks.”

    Angie @ Many Little Blessingss last blog post..Being Expensive Doesn’t Make Toys Better

  7. Hawaiian Haystacks? Never heard of them. Do I have to turn in my temple recommend now?

    NGs last blog post..How to Lure a Cracker into Your Bed

  8. I am so coming to Utah just so I can have me some green jello. It’s only 85 miles away, land of green jello. I’ll never cross that border again without thinking about this.

    Karens last blog post..Guess Who Is In Town?

  9. you entertain me soooo much! I have yet to encounter the green jello, but I do know the LDS families in Washington sure LOVE frog-eye-salad! Theres another recipe that my mother calls “mormon beans” and its ABSOLUTELY (on of) the best thing created on this Earth.. here’s the link!

  10. I do like jello just except for green jello. Yuck! I can’t believe anyone likes it. I haven’t touched frog eye sald or carrot raisin salad since I left my parents house for BYU. I went to the land of weird salads but refused to touch the stuff. LOL Give me lettuce, tomato and cucumber with ranch for a salad. Though I do LOVE funeral potatoes and fry sauce. Hubby and I call them CHEESY POTATOES to be rebels. Man I miss fry sauce. I ate gallons of it when I was pregnant with my first baby.


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