Cody and I fly out on different airlines at different times on Monday to go back home.

There is currently a storm over Utah the size of Nevada.

Getting to the airport from where we currently are involves a three hour (without weather) drive through two steep canyons and across a windblown snow covered reservoir at a very high altitude which is famous for its ten foot snow drifts. We will be driving a front wheel drive compact sedan with no snow tires and expired registration.

the moosh and I fly out Monday morning at 10:30 am.

We’re supposed to get home at 7:31 pm (I loathe flying West to East).

We fly through Denver. (read: in the direct path of Nevada sized storm.)

Treacherous drive. Storm following us the whole way. A lengthy history of delayed flights and ridiculous layovers.

Whoever can come the closest to describing our next 48 hours will win something. (Oooh! Something.)

And yes, Cody flies out before me but he’s flying ALL. BY. HIMSELF.

So who friggin’ gives a rat’s behind about Cody and any inconvenience he may experience?

I know I don’t.

See you back in the 317 Monday night (hopefully).


  1. good luck, it is probably gonna suck. I flew a few months ago with my 4 month old from Hawaii to Indy (talk about west to east, 19 hours in the WRONG direction) with an unplanned layover and missed flights. I guess that within the next 48 hours you will have 2 meltdowns (can either be executed by yourself or the Moosh) and zero eyes making contact with you as you find your seat….as if that helps with you not sitting next to them.

    Advice, give moosh a sucker and keep dipping it in Benadryl…good luck. See you in the 317…

    emily’s last blog post..Eat it like a boy…

  2. I hope it doesn’t suck too bad – I’ll cross my fingers for you.

    Nell’s last blog post..the tooth fairy, wishes and money

  3. How is it the guys always get to fly by themselves?

    Unfortunately, I’m guessing you get home on Tuesday. Sorry darling. But that storm looks HUGE!!

    Good luck. Pack snacks and something to use as a pillow.

    MammaLoves’s last blog post..A Peek Behind the Curtain

  4. OK, this will suck, no doubt (Denver as a connection in January, hello??). My advice: bring lots of fun snacks for M and dress her as cute as possible while you are dressed like walking death. Sympathy counts on travel days!

    Wendy’s last blog post..Is it finders keepers if you find a. . . . dog?

  5. good luck getting home in that treacherous weather – my thoughts and prayers are with you!

    amreen’s last blog post..Back home

  6. (ps the book i told you about is part of a series the first book in it, so if you like it you can go on, and there are many more series from the author)

    Liam Craig’s last blog post..Christmas ’07

  7. Oh and i wish you luck, i have only flown in a 45 min trip and angie was freaking out

    Liam Craig’s last blog post..Christmas ’07

  8. “Three One Sebbin! Yeah-yeah!” Imagine I just said that in my best rapper voice. Good luck with the flight. And why not give Cody a taste of flying with a kid and let him take the Moosh?

    Sarah’s last blog post..Been Doing A Little Cloning Over Here…

  9. If I can come closest to describing your next 48 hours could that something be perhaps, I don’t know, um, cinnamon rolls?

    Meghan’s last blog post..Christmas Day in Indy!

  10. ohhhh I can describe that.

    Mommy- I need . . .
    Miss, the flight is delayed
    Mommy I need. . .
    Grouchy people everywhere
    Mommy I want. . .
    Crammed tight into airplane that needs to be de-iced. waiting on the runway. Moosh gets wiggly.
    Moosh gets cute.
    wait longer.
    Finally get in the air.
    Moosh gets cranky.
    Somebody barfs.
    Finally land. Feel like crap.
    Find car.

    Looooooong, slow, frusterating drive home.
    best case scenario- Moosh is so pooped from the flight she passes out.
    Worst case scenario: Moosh is so pooped from the flight she practices screaming and spilling things in the backseat.

    Am I close?

    lou’s last blog post..Don’t Dis The Booger Blankie Hankie

  11. Check this out-

    Sorry, don’t know how to make it clicky! I’m sure it’s going to be lots worse on monday! Please drive safe! You’re in my prayers!

    Carrie’s last blog post..What’s really in a McRib? Really?

  12. We can compare war stories but I’m guessing you will have the greater battle. I’ll have Brandon with me tomorrow morning and we fly through Phoenix. I REFUSE to fly through Chicago at any time and Denver in the winter. Good luck and I’ll see you in Indy!

  13. I’m in Denver, and we’re actually not supposed to get much snow at all (it’s all over the mountains, which you still have to fly over, but the airport itself should be fine).

    We had a series of bad storms right at Christmas, and the airlines were offering waivers to fly on a different date if you didn’t feel like you could safely get to the airport. Worth checking into, if you don’t need to be back Monday, at least.

  14. I can’t even fathom flying through this. With a toddler. We’re in Northern Utah, in the middle of the snow storm at this very moment, cooped up with three sick kids and a newborn. I haven’t left the house in days, but I wouldn’t trade you! Good luck is all I can say.

    Micki’s last blog post..This always happens

  15. Ooh, I think I flew through that storm once… gah, trying to land in Denver, we flew through a patch of turbulence sooo bad, the flight attendants were falling down in the aisles. Good times!

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, and will take a Gravol on your behalf.

    mimi’s last blog post..Perfect posts, perplexity, and a resolution

  16. Oh crap. For the first time since Jennifer told me she was moving to Indy, I’m glad I’m not you.

    Queen of Shake Shake’s last blog post..Einstein is Not Your Poster Boy

  17. I just had a day like this and blogged about it. Traveling with kids sucks. No doubt about it!

  18. Good luck, at least you’ll have lots to blog about… ? Er, I know, not very comforting.

    Reese’s last blog post..BRIDEZILLA!!!!

  19. hmmm 10mph drive, long ass layover with aproximately 10 screaming, irritated kids waiting on the same flight. you’ll finally board the plane, just to sit there for another 2 hours. bumpy flight resulting in moosh vomit.

    that was the worst i could come up with in hopes that it has to be better than what i described!

    or you could skip all that and fly to texas!

    Biddy’s last blog post..check out these beauties

  20. Thinking of ya and hoping you make it home, with warm beds waiting for each of you.

    She Likes Purple’s last blog post..Birthdays: Better than Veronica Mars

  21. I have just spent a good part of the past three days getting completely caught up on the moosh and I have to say, you very likely may have the CUTEST child I have EVER seen, and I taught kindergarten for 10 years and went through a lot of kids. Yours reigns supreme. Thanks for sharing her:)

    Mary Beth’s last blog post..THE LIBERTINE

  22. Hope y’all arrived safely and without too much horror!
    You’ve been nominated for some blogger’s choice awards πŸ™‚ You need to go pick up your badges πŸ™‚

    rachel’s last blog post..Weekly Winners: D 30 to J 4

  23. I know your travels have started already! Wishing you a seemless trip where moosh is sound asleep and you get upgraded to first class just for your fab taste in shoes!!
    Safe home!

    Clink’s last blog post..A rare and different tune.

  24. I do not envy you the traveling!

    Hope all goes smoothly πŸ™‚

    Angella’s last blog post..Let It Snow!

  25. Today I DON’T envy you. Good luck though. I hope you beat that storm.

    My sister-in-law is flying to see us from Detroit in two weeks. She’s travelling alone with a 18 mth old, 3 year old, and 4 year old. Lucky her!

    ashlee’s last blog post..Why can’t I…

  26. We’re getting dumped on with three feet of snow where we are so I know the system you’re flying through.

    Prayers that it goes well. Maybe you’ll get bumped a flight and given free tickets to Hawaii. Think positively!!

    Jen M’s last blog post..The Wrinkle Rexic Shares

  27. I hope that you’re home. And safe. And Cody gives you a full body rub or something tonight to make up for your helluva day.

    NotSoSage’s last blog post..Resolutions

  28. I hope all went well with your flights…haven’t flown with a kid yet…nervous about our flight in three weeks. Any tips?
    Also I am copying your post for moosh’s birthday. Hope that’s cool.

    Rachel’s last blog post..Scrapped Holidays

  29. I usually don?t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful ?


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