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Just another little project I’m doing with Hallmark. I love Hallmark, for so many reasons. While I am being compensated for my participation, my love for them is strong and pure. Have you signed up for their emails? You should, they’re pretty.


  1. can you adopt me for halloween?

  2. This has got to be one of my favorite posts of yours recently! So fun!! And I’m with Brittany ^^^^ I want you to adopt me too. That brings you to four kids for that final costume!

  3. Halloween is a special occasion in our house too. Not only is it my favorite holiday- it’s my wedding anniversary. 😀

    I’m really excited to see Vivi’s complete costume!

  4. Aww..we love us some Phineas and Ferb around here. Perry..super duper cute!!

  5. Jessica V. says:

    YA! I like it! Halloween is the best! Do you go to the Headless Horseman at Conner Prairie? That is one of my favorite events. singing “PEARRRR-EEEE”

  6. love love the chubby Perry legs. so adorable.
    also? how cute was the pac-man idea? makes me want to have more kids so I can make them wear it 🙂

  7. So awesome. You just got me all excited for halloween!

  8. I l.o.v.e. this post! And I am a crazy fiend for Halloween, as well. In fact, I think I *may* have been one of the blocked out faces in you before morals pics. Or most likely not, as I am significantly older and less wiser than you.
    I am crippled with uncertainty as to what my son should be as this is probably my last year to choose.
    He said he wants to be a knight, but he’s only 2 1/2 and I’m pretty sure I can influence him in another direction. Say, Constantine from the comic Hellblazer? Thom Yorke in my son’s favorite video, Lotus Flower? An old timey golfer, because adoraballs? Send halp plz, Halloween fairy.

  9. Like everything else you do, I love this.

    I have shown P&F fan friends the Perry costume. You’ve been getting unanimous votes for “awesome.”

    I’m dressing my 10 month old son as a member of a famous New Orleans men’s dance troupe., mostly because babies with Moustaches are funny. And who knows what he will want to be next year when he can voice his opinions. 🙂

  10. Love the video!

  11. Super cute. Also, I loved your snow white costume, I sort of kind of want to take it from you.

    The pacman thing looked genius.

    My daughter is going as a Ballerina and I as Black Swan this year. My son is Scooby Doo, and my husband reminds undecided and unexcited. I think we need to change that.

  12. This is so cute!
    For reasons I won’t go into I was never allowed to dress up for Halloween. So really, I think it’s only fair that you adopt ME for Halloween [too]! (:

  13. This was sooooo stinkin’ cute! You need a job as an announcer!