Today is Emily’s birthday.

Seeing as she’s the best gift the Internet ever gave me (that is until the Internet bestows a Dyson upon me, which has yet to happen, but trust me, Emily will understand when it happens) you all get to gag on the lovey dovey sentiments I’m about to throw out.

Our friendship was solidified when she said “I even avoid looking at certain shirts when I’m shopping because I know I’ll just pit right through them.

We went bowling on our first date. Our latest date was at my house with a dozen other women dancing in front of my TV. We’ve been to concerts (Yanni!), museums, fancy parties and I’ve only come close to killing her once (okay, twice…) I’ve been to the house where she grew up, had Thanksgiving with her and she was the first person to know I was pregnant. We’ve danced on bars, eaten in Little Italy, gotten lost in cabs, stuck on busses and had incriminating photos taken. We’ve been to Michigan, New York, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois. I was there when she held her third baby for the first time. I was also there when her third baby took his first steps last week. We share a mutual love for etsy, the Indiana State fair and salty Italian meats. Our girls are the best of friends (well, as much as three little girls with opinions can be.)

still with the weiner jokes...

Emily, and her bowling shirt of dreams.

On the bus to the Ford plant.

Kim, Emily and me in cab.

(with the equally lovely Kim…birthday forthcoming in January…)


casey and emily


(posting this photo may end our friendship. but OH HOW IT MAKES ME LAUGH.)

BlissDom09 meets Coyote Ugly
(photo by Rachel)

Some company thought we were worthy of VIP status at their fancy opening night party. SOMEBODY WAS RIGHT.

(mocking aforementioned friendship ending photo.)

I would have never found her if it weren’t for this little thing we do.

Em? I love you so much it’s ridiculous. Happy birthday.

I hope you realize how beautiful you are inside, outside and all around. Forever and ever.

Indianapolis would never be the same for me without you.

I’m totally your biggest fan.

(Birthday wishes on the twitter here, at her blog here, or below.)


  1. Happy Birthday Emily.

    I think I’m a little jealous of your friendship with Casey, but I live in Australia, so it would never work out between us anyway. 😉

    Have a great day and may the coming year hold more than you could possibly hope or dream.

  2. Casey,

    So many blessings. You and Emily are so very lucky to have found each other.
    Love you both, dearly.

    How lucky she is to have an amazing friend like you to write such a post for her.

    Each picture made me smile.

  3. I love Emily. Happy birthday!

  4. Your friendship is jealousy-inducing.

    Happy Birthday Emily!

  5. I’m jealous of this friendship. You do know that I’m printing out this post,pictures and all, just to read when I feel sad.

    Every woman deserves a good friend like you. And I’m convinced that hardly anyone does.

    Know what we haven’t done together? Leave the country. We will do it, and I’m not talking about Canada.

    Thank you, seriously.

  6. As we all know, friendships like this don’t come along every day. I’m so happy you two found each other. Here’s to friends – and Emily’s birthday!

  7. Happy birthday to Emily.

    I love this. To be honest, it’s because I met my best friend because of Twitter.

  8. This is such a sweet birthday present. The best thing the internet has done for me has put some amazing people in my life, too, but you’re right… I’d totally bump them to second for a Dyson. Not even a vacuum, one of those air multipliers is all it would take!

  9. happy birthday to emily! she’s pretty wonderful. also? include me in the “lover of salty italian meats” club.

  10. Emily IS awesome. We met at a BlogHer event for pregnant ladies and she was so super nice and friendly. Happy (belated) Birthday, Emily! You two are a great example of the joy that the internet can bring into one’s life.

  11. Happy birthday Emily!

    LOVE the Michigan pic on the bottom. I think I know that lighthouse (well, not on a first name basis or anything).

  12. I know that lighthouse on a first name basis! And I am so glad for Emily and the internets because they brought me you…

    happy birthday to Emily…a wee bit late because that is how I roll.

  13. I’m so late but you’re so loved. Great post and Happy Birthday (month), Miss Em!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Emily!!!

    Y’all are the cutest.


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