One year ago yesterday I flew across the country to live in Indiana.

Of my own free will.

I know.

The things we do for love.

I celebrated my one year in the land of corn, race cars and trailer parks by steam cleaning my carpets. Nothing like the hum of a rented rug doctor to make you miss living at home as an irresponsible teenager. HA! Remember when all you had to keep clean was YOUR room? Sure I had a few other chores but the whole house didn’t go to hell in a very dirty handbasket if I didn’t do them, I just got to see the vein on my mom’s head pop out. A lot. (Yeah, sorry about that mom, I was a butthead.) But now? If I don’t do my “chores” (snort) not only does my child eat rotten potato (thinking it’s chocolate) off the floor but in all reality my kid could be taken away from me if I slacked enough on my household duties.

Mom, sorry for not appreciating all those times you pulled out the Bissell and steam cleaned the WHITE CARPET IN OUT KITCHEN. But white carpet? Really? That’s like dressing a toddler in white fluffy lace just for the fun of it. Anyway, thanks for always having food in the house even though I always claimed there was nothing good, thanks for paying the cable bill even though you never got a replacement remote when the other one went missing. Having to walk up to the TV to change the channel? That’s sooo 1986. My point? You were a really good grown up. Even though I said you sucked at it. All the time.

One year in Indiana down, at least two more to go. One year closer to being a real grown up, at least sixty more to go.

I’m grateful, really.


  1. And I thought having white linoleum was bad…

  2. I think by the time 2 more years are up, you will be an honorary Hoosier. Then you can try explaining just what, exactly, a Hoosier is.

    Doesn’t being an adult just suck?

  3. Rug Doctors….awesome fun right there. I get a special thrill when i see the nasty water coming out of that canister knowing I removed it from my carpets.

    Moms are awesome.

  4. Let’s just say, if you ever flew me out to Indy, convinced Cody to make out with you and “pretend” I wasn’t there, found a really funky place besides Temple Square…I’d take your photos and I wouldn’t even make you scrub my toilet, unless you wanted to, but from the sounds of this post you don’t even want to scrub yer own! Anywho, I think your mom is perty, she is nice, and tiny…she must have been a good mom because she made you what you are, and I think your pretty special. Hail to the Rug Doctor…they do a pretty good job. Miss you!

  5. I meant you’re, you get the idea, don’t kill me Liv.

  6. Just so I understand. You like it there? lol.

  7. JustSeeking says:

    Glad you’re back! Missed you after only 4 days! I hear ya on the potatoes on the floor. If only my kiddos really knew how hard it is to keep their lives relatively sanitary.
    Working moms, by the way, have NO idea! when you have 2 kids (and in my case, 2 dogs) messin’ your house all day, instead of some preschool or daycare center, well, you know…it can be pretty nasty!
    Thank goodness for moms! we rock!

  8. Um … thanks for the reminder. GAH. Must vacuum cobwebs from corners TODAY.

  9. It is amazing what clarity having your own child/home/husband brings to our own childhood memories. I have those “aha” moments still. “Aha” Mom wasn’t mean and trying to ruin my life, she really loved me and wanted to protect me… or aha Mom wasn’t crazy, it IS annoying when people wipe pure mud on the bathroom towels you just washed.

  10. I wish I could go back to be an irresponsible teenager! 🙂

  11. Carpet in the kitchen? Dude. Your mom was BRAVE!

  12. Everytime I moved my parents would come and steam clean the carpets at my new place. Dude, I can’t believe they did it.

    And Happy Anniversary. This just means your one year closer to getting the heck outta there.

  13. I used to make fun of a friend because she steam cleaned ALL. THE. TIME.

    Secretly, if I had one? I’d probably use it EVERYDAY!

    Congrats on becoming an adult. *snicker* Sucks, don’t it? I wanna live with my mommy again!

  14. I’m with ya. The places we go for love. My personal favorite was Mountain Home, Idaho. Trust me, there are no mountains there.

  15. Carpet. White carpet. In the kitchen. Puts my bathroom in perspective. As it would your rotten potato.

  16. Carpet in the kitchen? Ewww. I can’t even imagine what that stuff would SMELL like once its ripped out. Ewwww.

    Anyway… Congrats on surviving a full year. YEAY!

  17. Brave, brave woman!

  18. Dirt-colored carpets have always worked for me, as well as carpets that are the same hue as my dog (hides the hair).

    I think you’re an official Hoosier now!

  19. So you survived a full year? This gives me HOPE. Please tell me all of your tricks. Pretty please?

  20. LOL and tears. Hearts to you.

  21. We (and by “We” I mean ALL of Indiana!) are so happy to have you here 🙂