Have you ever had your husband lose his wallet whilst you were 1,500 miles away and couldn’t do a thing to help him fix it?
Just me?
Well let me just tell you that this is me KIND OF FREAKING OUT.

This viddy-oh is ten minutes, but I promise you it’s worth it if you haven’t seen it. If nothing else at least watch the first thirty seconds, if you don’t laugh you can think I’m dumb.


  1. about to watch the video… sucks that the wallet is lost- maybe he’ll find it…maybe

  2. HAHAHAHAHA. Funny. I watched most of it. The Man watched ALL of it, plus another one.

    SILENCE!IKILLYOU! hahahahah

    Sorry about the wallet. I know how much that sucks. Mine once got stolen out of my coat pocket at Wal-Mart. With my $200 that I spent four months earning and was counting on to buy all my Christmas presents that year. I hope Cody’s is found “without incident.”

  3. I’m laughing! You’re not dumb.

    Hope the wallet appears soon 🙂

  4. bahaha thats hysterical!!!

    Sucks about the wallet…I have been on the loosing and finding end of that one…hope it gets returned!

  5. Sorry ’bout the wallet. Viddy-oh was pretty funny though. SILENCE!!! I KEEEEEL YOU!

  6. I love him! Haven’t seen him in years – thanks for the laughs! (Off to watch some more!)

  7. HAHA!! I love that video! I posted it myself last weekend! Oh…A-C-*phlegm*…Achmed *giggle* I LOVE THAT!

    Thanks for the giggle!

  8. It is precisely these anti-skeleton stereotypes that are so offensive to me.

  9. I love Achmed!!!

  10. OMG sooooooo funny…

    oh and sorry bout the wallet, my hubby has done the same on more than one ocassion…

  11. Hi there!!

    There are so many reasons why I should not like this character (racial stereotypes anyone) but I just sat here laughing myself hoarse!! Good call 🙂