How much of me wants to be pregnant because I can’t?

This whole pregnancy thing goes in waves. But lately I’ve been beaten in the face with too many “why her and not me?” situations that the whole “WILL CASEY EVER BE PREGNANT AGAIN?” dilemma is beginning to eat a part of my brain previously saved for saving puppies, playing sudoku and baking cupcakes.

My big attitude of “MEH” towards the whole topic was smashed to pieces over the last month when both of my parents and crotchety old grandma asked why Cody and I weren’t producing more awesome with our reproductive parts. They never had to worry about “when” or “how” with babies, they just popped in and came out when they wanted them to. Same with my grandparents. Then there was the lady on the plane.

“So when are you going to make her a little brother?”



I know Cody wants more babies, and he wants me to be a mom to more babies, he likes the way I do things. Cody wants to get me pregnant more than any man has ever wanted to impregnate a woman in the history of reproduction. It’s really hard to tell him each month that my body failed at making us more babies yet again.

I want to be pregnant. I liked being pregnant, I liked having that bump, feeling a little person kicking the daylights out of my internal organs. I even miss worrying that I would pop her head open every time I crossed my legs because the little kid decided to LODGE HERSELF in my crotch early on.

I don’t want to be pregnant. I didn’t like knowing what every food on God’s green Earth tasted like in reverse. I didn’t like having to eat only to have something to barf up an hour later. I didn’t like constantly feeling like I had drank my weight in cheap beer. I didn’t like having to plan my life around when and where I’d be when the need to barf hit me. I also didn’t like paying so much freaking money on medicines that only helped me barf a few less times a day.

I want to have another baby. I like babies. I really liked my baby and I really love the little kid that my little baby is growing up to be. I really love my sister and I really want my little kid to have a sister or brother of her own. I like this whole mom gig, while I’m not alway at the top of my game, I feel I put forth a game worth performance.

I don’t want to have another baby. Newborns, sleepless nights, barf, poop, diapers, manners, teething, time-outs…I think you get my point. If I were to stop with the moosh she’d be 18 when I turn 40, plenty of time to become a doctor or an acrobat or something.

Why all this mess and confusion? Why such a teeter totter of emotions?


Life is confusing and full of sucky sucky trials with no instruction booklet.

In my church back home in Indiana I have watched 46 pregnancies in less than three years. I have watched over a dozen women be pregnant twice, AND THAT’S JUST WOMEN I KNOW FROM CHURCH. There are quite a few women who have a child the moosh’s age AND TWO MORE younger than her. I have watched even more women go through pregnancy on the internet.  (To all the lovely ladies to whom I’m referring, especially the three dozen pregnant ones, I’m happy for you, this is nothing against you, please don’t take it personally. It’s just really hard for me. It’s not your fault you can get pregnant, so quit apologizing.)

Outside my church most women my age don’t have kids. Let alone two. Only in my chosen faith am I the lame duck. It’s not a commandment that women get knocked up young and often in the LDS religion, it’s just what seems to happen. Which leaves a lot of us women of the LDS faith feeling like we missed the booth where they were handing out fertility on our wedding days. 

Which brings me to adoption. I have a fierce admiration for couples who choose to adopt and am always brought to tears when I see a new family made by the sheer awesomeness that is adoption.

But I have never felt like it is for me.

Just as you may feel that a tattoo, marriage, children or Law School may never be right for you.

I wish I just had an answer.

Sometimes I think I won’t get pregnant because I couldn’t handle it, two kids, the PPD, the pregnancy. But then I read that Dooce is pregnant and the bitter hag that resides behind my kidney thinks up all sorts of horrible things. (Totally jealousy talking Heather. Sorry.)

Sometimes I think it’s just not the right time. Law school. Debt. Thousands of miles from family. Crummy insurance. But then I see plenty of other women with no committed partner, no family, drug addictions, no real home, no common sense and no insurance get pregnant. (Not to mention the ones that aren’t even old enough to get a driver’s license.)

Sometimes I think I’ll never be pregnant again and should just move on.

Get over it, you know? Part of me is actually envious when women have an absolute answer to their fertility, either they don’t have the parts, their husband’s don’t make the stuff, or they’ll die if they try. How’s that for an absolute? But that’s not acknowledging all the trials and crummy stuff they have to go through when that news is passed onto them. Surrogates? IVF? Sperm donors? Adoption? 

No one has it easy. 

Sometimes I even think that maybe I birthed my fallopian tubes along with the moosh and have no reproductive organs left. But then my period comes and I’m reminded once again that “DEAR CASEY, YOU STILL HAVE ALL YOUR PARTS AND GUESS WHAT? YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT.”

I used to be optimistic that because my body birthed a healthy baby once, it could totally do it again. Nature didn’t screw up on me, my parts knew how to get pregnant and get that kid out in one piece. 

I still am that kind of optimistic sometimes.

Other times I’m just plain ticked that I know DARN WELL that my body knows how to get pregnant but refuses to.

And then there’s that part of my brain that thinks “You did so well with the first one, why risk getting a dud the second time around?” Don’t roll your eyes at me. Enough mothers have admitted to me that fear of getting a different deal the second time around. (Sometimes even the first time.) While ultimately I would gladly take whatever child God sees fit to bless me with, I wonder what the heck I’d do if I had a kid with straight hair. How would I pick them out of a crowd?

I know my body can get pregnant. I know my husband can get me pregnant. I know that I could provide another little kid with a home, and love, and kisses, and snuggles and bedtime stories and songs and trips to the ice cream store and the best big sister ever. I know I’d do a good job even though I also know I’d second guess my decision every other half hour for the next, oh, until I die.

I’d try and do a really good job, the best I know how to do, if I could only get my womb on one.


  1. Hello – If one of the parents you refer to above is me – I’ve not asked why you’re not producing more awesome. I know you are not – for whatever lousy hand you’ve been dealt – and that the situation is not for lack of trying and wanting. We did discuss last month about how the timing might be that your internal organs are waiting until Cody is done with school and you are more established in a “regular” non-school life. I very much want you to be a mom again and would never, ever ask why you’re not making more. I know you’ve been trying for years! It’s just unfortunate that I was given the rabbit syndrome when I only wanted two and you, who would like more babies, are in more of a panda mode – though I’ve never actually seen you eat bamboo… I love you honey and when the time is right and if it’s meant to be, you’ll be a mom again.

  2. This same post has been swirling around in my head for days. I want more babies, but I don’t. I want to hold and smell them, but I have no desire to change more diapers or get out of the sleeping through the night habit I’ve been spoiled with since my only child is almost four.
    One minute I want no babies, I’m finished. the next I hope for twin boys with red hair to match my daughters. Maybe they will have spray of freckles across their nose like she does at age 3. Later, I hope that I make it to bedtime without yanking my hair out.

    Amanda of Shamelessly Sassys last blog post..My Daughter the Thief

  3. Good luck, Casey. I know the feeling, wanting to get pregnant but not sure you really want it. That kind of back and forth.

    Rheas last blog post..Bravery

  4. Love ya and miss ya Casey!! Thinking about you all the time. See you soon!

  5. I read your post this morning and had to come back to it again this afternoon. Your thoughts strike right on for me. As a fellow hg girl, I know the fears that are associated with pregnancy (the ones that make me break out into a sweat everytime I get the stomach flu or even smell a wheat thin). But I also feel the incredibly raw, yet numbing pain of not being able to produce the second child. You’d think that if women like us (who have dealt with 9 months of incessant vomiting) actually WANTED to have another, we should get it, right? In a second!

    You’d think that a year after a miscarriage and not so much as a hint of being pregnant since, I’d be able to handle questions and the pain of looking at babies. But as I faced the baby that my mil dangled in front of my face last week while she insensitively laughed saying how much she’d enjoy another grandchild, I couldn’t help but run upstairs to “use the restroom” and cry. Thanks for putting words to what I’d been feeling. It is helpful to know those around who have similar trials. The woman in my ward who had the same due date as my previous pregnancy has already lost all of her weight, looks great, and is talking about #2. Blah…

    Here’s hoping we can ring in 2009 with an iv, an rx for Zofran, and lots of vomiting! Thinking of you!

  6. I’m sorry – I wish I had the answers to give you – I would totally let you cheat off my life test if there were one. Alas, I got nuthin. But hugs – and I could throw out every cliche there is, but what the heck good would that do ya? None. So, I’ll stick with the hoping you get what you want deep down.

    By the way, the whole getting pregnant thing, is really quite difficult – I mean, the stars practically have to align and everything has to happen at exactly the right moment. It’s really not easy, so don’t be so hard on yourself. 🙂

    pgoodnesss last blog post..Buh-bye NaBloPoMo!

  7. I really “get” this post. I had troubles conceiving my first two and was recently diagnosed with a (non-life threatening but really painful) disorder, the cure for which is to take the pill. But I want another. But how many months do I suffer through the pain and horrible periods, coupled with the realization that I, yet again, failed? *le sigh*

    Colleen – Mommy Always Winss last blog post..Making Christmas meaningful

  8. All I can do is wish you peace with this and hope that you find an answer. I’ve known for a long, long time that pregnancy was never going to happen for me, so I’m well-acquainted with the horrendous, nosy questions, the feeling inadequate, and the jealousy you describe here. I think I told you before that we’re adopting. I never thought it was for me, either — I had always planned on surrogacy — but I had a lightbulb moment or something this year. But that’s me. I hope your answer finds its way to you soon.

  9. have y’all considered a surrogate?

    tell you what, i’ll move to indy, be your surrogate, then be your nanny till that whole middle of the night screaming thing is over 😉

    big hug!

    Biddys last blog post..y’all just get used to it

  10. suckity suck suck suck. Everything that I want to say to you has already been said by another commenter (because your readers are FANtastic).

    We all love you!

    designher mommas last blog post..Drinking up the holidays

  11. I can’t really say anything, what with all my darn kids and all. They weren’t easy to come by, but you don’t need my stories. You need hugs and love. Thank goodness you’ve got a rockin’ husband and a great daughter for that. Screw the rest of them, family or not.
    Sending you hugs and love even though I’m not family.

    Kristins last blog post..Christmas Music and Holiday Hearts

  12. Gulp. This tore my heart to bits.

    Momo Falis last blog post..Wrong Answer

  13. I have no sage advice or anything like that. Just Internet hugs.

    Jens last blog post..the cure for a NaBloPoMo hangover

  14. I am totally a “lurker” who loves your blog, and had to comment on this one. All I have to say is that it is REALLY hard to keep the whole MEH attitude. I can totally relate to how hard it is to see all the pregnancies around you and trying to convince yourself that you should just be happy with the things you have already been blessed with.

  15. I wish that I had some of the same answers. I think I might be destined for an only child. I always try to think of reasons why I don’t want another baby, it makes me feel better for a minute. Then I listen to my daughter talk about “when I’m a big sister…!” I break down. I want to give her that younger sibling. gah, life sucks when it doesn’t happen like what feels like most every other LDS women.

    Evonnes last blog post..turkey day

  16. I didn’t have infertility but after Matthew died I did have five years of “WHEN ARE YOU” questions.

    It isn’t that I physically couldn’t. I emotionally COULD NOT.

    Even though that choice was mine I had such issues with every pregnant person and every mother to a baby that ya know…lived.

    I hated part of them while simultaneously wishing them true happiness.

    Right now? I love being pregnant. I also dislike it. I’m elated, I’m terrified.

    I’ve had three babies and worry that I am going to have “A dud”. I totally cop to that.

    I really get a lot of what you said here, though our struggles weren’t exactly the same.

    I am not full of platitudes or reassurances-I have no idea if you will have another baby or not.



    And I so, so hope that you do.I would be overjoyed for you. And if you don’t? I will hurt for you, try to be there and understand as much as someone who hasn’t been in your shoes can and bring over a casserole or take you out for sushi.

    (TOTALLY emailing you tomorrow about dates for that, btw)

    Loralees last blog post..Awesome tshirt idea.

  17. In an alternate universe, I would have an incredibly sensitive, pithy, perfect thing to say to you. You would then feel at peace and be able to move on. Sadly, in this universe all I can say is I love you. I don’t know the answers, heck I don’t know if there ARE answers. But I do know that you are fabulous and I miss you. Come home sooner!

  18. I hear you. Particularly on the “looking around at church” part. I haven’t gotten any comments (yet) but ever since moving to my husband’s very small, very Mormon hometown, I look around and it seems like everyone (and especially all those whippersnappers who are my younger siblings’ ages) has more kids than me. Way more. I feel very behind. Because it’s a RACE, ya know? 😉

    falwyns last blog stinkin’ day

  19. well. . .my first was cake to get pg with. We said, “let’s make a baby”- and two weeks later the rabbit died (metaphorically speaking).

    After 8 months of utter HG/preterm labor HELL- I had a baby and paranoia toward my overly fertile body. I also had a nasty case of ppd that kicked in when I stopped nursing at a year.

    Fast forward- I want a daughter. I want one badly enough to cry when I walk past girly baby clothes. We try. And try. And try.

    7 months goes by and I’m saying to myself, “what the heck? I’m charting. I’m waking my hubby up for midnight nookie when he works late. WHY am I not pg? And then I am. And God’s timing? Perfect. The pregnancy? Hell. As usual. More PPD, but worse.

    Years go by. We don’t try either way. I do not get pg. I do not know why.

    I finally get pg. I miscarry immediately, and continue for another year to be NOT PREGNANT. I go in and the diagnosis: broken girlie bits. Pregnancy no can do. Probably not even ovulating and if i do, by some miraculous chance get an egg to a sperm- I’m most likely just going to miscarry. But, heyyyyy we can *try* IFV. We can put your body through hell before the pregnant hell. . .and even though I really felt like we were supposed to have another boy- I say FINE. No babies. I try to deal. . .

    and then I’m pregnant and no one can tell me how or why-

    Casey- you just gotta live it. LOVE what you’ve got and where you are now and stay open toward that goodness. I know it sucks to watch everyone popping them out around you. I had a friend who had 3 in between my daughter and when I got pg again. It’s hard- but it’s beautiful too.

    Just live it. Don’t make plans. Don’t expect anything but good- and don’t define it.

  20. Ok – rereading your post. And realized my comment was all “Me. Me. And some more about me.” Blech.

    I’m so sorry you are dealing with this frustration. I think you need to start messing with people bold enough to ask you when you are going to be pregnant again. Tell them you and your husband have taken a vow of celibacy till the troops come home or something.

    Hang in there – take care!

    Lottas last blog post..Scrambled Brain

  21. I am glad you wrote this post.

    It made me feel… I don’t know. I’ve actually been dealing really well (overall) with my infertility- probably because I haven’t tried any treatments yet (no health insurance), and so I feel good about the potential. But sometimes I get very worked up about the “what if?”s. Meanwhile, I just remember the fact that I’m not barfing, and nobody is waking me up in the middle of the night. There’s something really useful about looking on the bright side- even though there is a fair amount of self-delusion involved.

    Sherrys last blog post..White Christmas?

  22. This is a touchy subject in our house/extended family too. My hubby really wants another child, and I’m just not ready. The Grandma’s really want a Grand-daughter, and I know (if it happens) it will be another boy. Even my 4 year old is now asking for a sister, I wonder if the Grandma’s are bribing him somehow 😉 Sneaky Grandmas!

    I do wish you the very best, in whatever happens and you are such an awesome Momma!

    Nicoles last blog post..The Christmas Parade

  23. Thank you for posting this. I know I will be reading this several times again, because cliche as it may sound, I know how you feel. You said it perfectly, as you always do.

    The worst part for me is seeing everyone else get pregnant, especially those without a committed partner and who didn’t want a baby in the first place. Why is it that those of us who want a baby so badly can’t have one but are surrounded by others who can? It’s tough.

  24. Amy in StL says:

    I can’t believe that a stranger would ask that! I mean in this day and age (wow, that made me sound 108!) that anyone wouldn’t consider that you’d like a child and just haven’t had any luck is just dumb. I’ve heard people in the Jewish faith say having a period is like mourning a death. I’ve never really understood that until I read your post. Hang in there, and don’t blame it on your body! Lots of things can affect a guys fertility too.

  25. my gosh, I felt like I was reading my own words there. Made me cry, made me laugh, made me shake my head OH YES..sometimes I feel terrible for even thinking these things because I do have TWO children, and some have none. But also, I think..well, why should I have to suffer ? I swore to my husband if I dont get pregnant by January we are going to see what in the world is wrong with us..maybe there is nothing..

  26. it sucks that this happens too people, I wish your body would listen too!

    staciesmadnesss last blog yeah, I didn’t post yesterday

  27. *correction* to people. *rolls eyes at my spelling error*

    staciesmadnesss last blog yeah, I didn’t post yesterday

  28. When we were trying to have Thing 2 it was a long and bumpy path. It took us over 16 months to finally get PG. We knew our parts worked but for some reason they had taken a holiday. The Dr couldn’t find anything wrong with me so she sent me for a Intravenous pyelogram. Nothing seemed to be blocking my tubes and my uterus was clear. Well the IVP had to knock something loose because 3 months later we were pregnant. So have faith and keep plugging away at it. I am sure the Moosh will have a baby brother or sister in no time.

    Jesss last blog post..Fly Me To The Moon

  29. Oh Casey – I know (in a different way) how hard this is. Sometimes I ache to be a “real” mommy. just ache. But then other times, the fear of going through it all again with all the unknowns completely paralyzes me. I am putting it in God’s hands for the most part. I figure he’s thinking a little more rationally about it all.

    The Butrfly Gardens last blog post..Life

  30. I really want another one. Like now, before I get closer to 40. Hubby is afraid something bad will happen to me, as the first one wasn’t exactly easy on my health. But I still want to try. So far, no go. And I continue to read about everyone else’s new babies and recent pregnancies. *sigh* I feel a tiny bit of what you’re going through. Sending hugs and sympathy.

    beckys last blog post..Letters

  31. Aw Casey- I hope it happens for you again!

    Lindys last blog post..Ooky Spooky Squidge

  32. Part of me is totally scared to start officially trying because what if I can’t get pregnant after all? I’m sorry you’re feeling all up and down and all around about all of this. You’re a great mommy.

    Assertagirls last blog post..Credit crunch.

  33. I wish I had a wonderful piece of wisdom to share with you. I’m sorry, I don’t. Your situation sucks. Sometimes I wonder why a wonderful couple who want a child and be able to provide he/she with so much love can’t have one and then see the teen-aged crack addicted mom on her third pregnancy. Life sometimes sucks big time.

  34. i feel like i’m in the minority here because i am lowly, unmarried college student, but i am a product of a similar situation– i’m an only child, and my parents desperately wanted more. my mom went through the same thing- lots of pregnancies in a young married ward, family members asking every day when a baby was coming. it took them a long time to get me, and then after that, nothin’. but a few years ago my mom finally realized that maybe i was supposed to be the only one. she thinks that after all of our trials, she wouldn’t have been able to handle more than one (even after all of my birthday wishes for a baby sister…). i can tell you’re an awesome mom, and i just love you to pieces even though we’ve never met. i hope you get your answer soon <3

    Taras last blog post..omg…

  35. Profound words escape me, maybe because you used them all in this beautiful aching post.

    I’ll just be hoping and praying that your heart’s desire is fulfilled..whatever it might end up being.

    Anissa@Hope4Peytons last blog post..What else would it smell like?

  36. I’m sorry. I know you’re not looking for pitty – but it does suck. I am currently expecting, but suck at it. I’ve been ordered off my feet for the last two days at 17 weeks, and had to go in yesterday to make sure I wasn’t miscarriaging. All was well, but it’s tough when your not this perfectly happy loving every second of being pregnant person. I’ve miscarried twice and went into pre-term labor once. Not. Eas. Anyway, I pray that a baby will come your way soon. Really, I do.

    Lisas last blog post..What a tired mother of almost three is thankful for this Thanksgiving…..

  37. Tears and oh so frustrating. I hate these feelings. I know them well.

    Kims last blog post..T’was the night before Thanksgiving…

  38. My hubby (SciFi Dad) sent me here, specifically to this post.

    I wanted to tell you that you will succeed when you least expect it.

    People can be rude and insensitive about this topic, that is for sure. Try not to feel the pressure. It WILL happen!

    I’m thinking of you!!!

    After over a year and a half of trying for our second, it finally happen-a day that I was beginning to think would never come!

    Multi-Tasking Mommys last blog post..Yesterday…

  39. After three years of trying to get Princess and another 3 years of trying to make her a big sister I know exactly what you are talking about.

    It is amazing what relatives and strangers will ask you regarding family size and fertility. Many people should count their lucky stars that I am such a pacifist.

    And now that I’m 6 weeks pregnant? There is this part of me that refuses to believe, to enjoy being pregnant and dream about holding my baby in my arms because something could happen. Every day I fervently pray that the little parasite stays alive and my body continues to provide a loving hospitable environment.

    Good luck!

    T with Honeys last blog post..Now that the big news is out of the way what do you think of my hair?

  40. I have no answers. Only deep affection. I send that and great hopefulness that the wonderful mother you already are will get the chance to bless another child with that gift of mothering.

    MommyTimes last blog post..Photo Wednesday: New Pajamas Edition

  41. Oh sweetie, I want to reach in and give you a hug! My husband and I wanted to have a bunch of children too, and after our first two girls, we had so many miscarriages (10). It is so devastating to not be able to bring a wanted baby into this world, when you have so much love to give.
    Heavenly Father knows that you are a loving mother, and he knows of your desires. Be patient. Center yourself. If it is to be, then it will be. Love that sweetie you have. I missed those little years with my baby girls, because I was so concerned with trying to have more babies, and I wish I could go back and have those days to play in the park, jump in the leaves- be a kid right along side my daughters. They grow so fast and now my two girls are teenagers, and now they want to jump in the leaves with their friends- not mom.
    Don’t be discouraged. Keep your faith. I know how hard it is to see all these other ladies with their sweet little bundles. I realize now why Heavenly Father blessed me with the two I have, because my first daughter has been diagnosed with Aspergers, and it has been a very difficult road for her. We found out about 6 months after my last miscarriage. I think Heavenly Father knew MY limits. I am not saying this is your case, but maybe he wants you to share more time with your other child and husband first. Love the experience, have peace. You are a Queen. You will have many children if not in this life, in the life to come. May blessings be poured out upon you and your sweet family.

  42. Casey – just discovered your site and this post. I would like to add another HUGE thank you to your long list.

    My husband and I have been struggling with infertility for the past three years (with one ectopic pregnancy that landed me on the operating table one sunny afternoon last January).

    Blogging about it has been very therapeutic for me – but reading your post was like getting a much needed hug.

    I’m sending you positive thoughts and internet hugs.

    Dinas last blog post..Letting Your Family Help You

  43. I totally hear that you’re going through. After suffering with sickness through my first pregnancy, I swore I’d never do it again. When I changed my mind, I felt like I would NEVER get pregnant. Now that I finally did, I’ve got hyperemesis gravidarum and there are days I wish that I never got pregnant. It’s an emotional roller coaster and one that’s not fun to ride. It’s scary and I’m totally sending you positive thoughts.

    Now that I’m reading over that, it sounds bad, like I’m telling you to NOT get pregnant. I just want you to know that I felt the same emotional turmoil you are going through.

    Megs last blog post..In the Words of Donkey, “PICK ME! PICK ME!”

  44. I totally feel for you. My daughter-in-law had a serious uterin infection after her first baby (delivered by C-section). Since then she has been able to conceive but not carry to term. After 15 years and over 20 losses, they have quit trying. The most hurtful thing is when total strangers ask them why they only have one child — and assume it is out of selfishness.

    My youngest daughter has had numerous miscarriages due to polycystic ovarion disorder. We too are LDS, and it is so hard when everyone else is having babies and she only has losses.

    Good luck and God bless. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Connies last blog post..HP is giving away computers

  45. I came across your blog on Stumble and have spent all morning reading. I also have a 4 year old daughter who is in love with pink, sparkles and anything remotely dress-up like, and I could have written this post. I just went through my second miscarriage (to go along with 2 chemical pregnancies) since last Thanksgiving, and I keep going back and forth between being angry and being thankful. Angry about the baby that isn’t here, and about the fact that my little one still isn’t a big sister, and thankful because I know we aren’t the wealthiest people in the world and I puked for 7 months straight with my first.

    It sucks, and it hurts and I’m so sorry. But I wanted you to know there’s someone else out there that knows and understands. I’ll just keep praying that it happens for both of us soon.

    Myranndas last blog post..Christmas Wallpaper

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  47. Chiming in kinda late here… 🙂

    Just wanted to tell you that I have zero advice to offer in the area of getting prego…but I can say this: my life hasn’t turned out the way I expected or planned. I think we all make plans, whether intentional or unintentional. We want to be married by X age, want to have kids by X age, want to have a successful career by X age…it sounds so cliche, but I think now that I have JUST recently been able to let go of my plans, not only am I the HAPPIEST I have been in my life, but I truly have faith that God knows my life plan….not me. (He has a man out there for me…hopefully over 6’0″ tall!)

    I HATE saying it, but do hang in there and know that one day when you have Moosh’s little baby brother or sister in your arms, you will know why you weren’t “supposed” to have a Mini-Moosh right now. 🙂

    Indy misses you!

    Hollys last blog post..Mi casa es su casa