At church on Sunday a man talked about his dad:

“…it was said at his funeral that he had an abundance of energy with which to serve others because he didn’t have to waste much of it wondering who he was or what his purpose in life should be.”

I am not a runner and I am not meant to grow vegetables, and it’s okay. No more time wasted running to nowhere or growing an endless buffet for only rabbits to enjoy.

We took Vivi to the fair again yesterday, we even let her ride a few rides.

Vivi's first midway ride. @IndyStateFair

Y’all, Addie could have gone on all the bigger rides she wanted to but she chose to ride the little kid rides with Vivi. My heart grew three sizes, exploded then grew all over again while watching them last night. On the first ride they rode together Vivi squeezed Addie’s hand to the brink of blood loss the entire time, Addie didn’t mind. On the next ride (a tiny little roller coaster) Addie put her arm around Vivi and hugged her close, by the end Vivi had snuggled into Addie; perhaps a little scared, but safe and calm with her sister by her side.

Patiently waiting her turn. @indystatefair

My heart just exploded again thinking about it.

Vivi has asked all day if we can go play with the bunnies and horses, a true Hoosier that baby of mine is.

Formal introductions. #LookForTheLovely #IndyStateFair


When I was in Texas last week for this lady’s birthday (surprise!) we went to a beaver themed convenience store where I found a toddler sized Willie Nelson shirt. Rachel told me I had to find a bandana, braid Vivi’s hair and send her a picture.

So I did:

Have a willie nice day.


  1. omg, the willie pic and the bunny meeting the bunny! I die, too cute for words!

  2. Stephanie says:

    The Willie Nelson pic is to die for! So funny! (and cute)

  3. OMG! I want that Willie Nelson T-shirt for my not so little anymore cupcake!

  4. I would have lost my toddler mind if I’d had a batman shirt when I was her age.

  5. and that picture is what comes up when you call me 😉 it makes me happy.

    you’re the best bday present 🙂

    kiss vivi for me <3

  6. She is just too cute.

  7. Gah you’re not helping my second baby fever!

  8. I love your Addie & Vivi stories. My girls are 17 & 11 and still such buds. My husband caught a pic this summer of their embrace after the 17yo got off the bus from a mission trip. My heart is already breaking knowing they only have one more year before college…
    I’m going to enjoy watching a similar sister relationship in your girls 🙂

  9. That picture is brilliance.

    I love watching my kids play together it makes my heart grow three sizes too.

  10. Cuteness!

  11. Well, this is weird! My feedly has some funky not-working glitch so I haven’t read anyone’s blogs in a few weeks, but I went to the fair on the 13th and out of the blue thought “I wonder if that Indiana blogger I follow goes to the fair?” I actually looked at your blog on my phone while I was waiting in a line. And you were there the same day. That is so weird.

    – Brianne (we e-mailed once about infertility BS)