While I could give you a list of “chores” I abhor and avoid until absolutely necessary, I could just as easily give you a list of “chores” that I secretly get excited about. Or better yet, how to get me to do chores at your house without even asking.

1. Leave your clean laundry out in a pile. I will fold it. I love to fold laundry. I know of at least seven people who read this blog who can attest to my love of laundry folding.

2. Doing laundry. Some people are squicked out at the idea of someone else doing their laundry. I’ll do it in a heartbeat because I know at the end I will get to fold it. And smell it. Clean laundry smell. Mmmm. The whole process is made even better by Soap Nuts from Laundry Tree. I got samples from BlogHer in July and have been loyal ever since. My sister and I have both been known to find excuses to do laundry we love it so much. Sick. I know.

3. Vacuuming. Well, not my house. I have a circa 2000 Hoover vacuum that smells like burnt hair whenever it is turned on. But I’ll vacuum your house. If you have a Dyson. Both my dad and my MIL have Dysons and I have been known to purposely spill things for an excuse to use their Dysons. It also gives me a sick sense of satisfaction that even though my MIL keeps an incredibly tidy house, the Dyson will suck up things from her carpet no one ever knew existed. Kind of like seeing the perfectly popular girl with lipstick on her teeth. I stroke them everytime I pass one in a store whispering “someday, someday.”

4. Ironing. Did you just hear my husband snort? That’s because I don’t really iron HIS shirts. They’re so big and there’s so many and his pants with the cuffs and the pleats and let’s just say he now knows why dry cleaners are in business. But I do like to iron. When I knew Cody was going to be going to law school and that law stuff involves fancier clothes than jeans I figured I had better invest in a good iron so I didn’t dread ironing when I had to do it. I have this Rowenta iron. And whoo. It’s good. 

Now. Is there someone out there who loves to do dishes and mop the floor? Because those are the things I dread and put off as long as possible. Let me know, I’m really into starting a whole Canadian/American border blogger commune with a Target and really good health care.


  1. what is it about cleaning someone else’s home that is much more appealing then your own? I’d clean my girlfriend’s dishes in her sink way before I’d do mine. Why is that? Is it because I seek the satisfaction of others? I think so.

    Hippo Brigades last blog post..Berlyn’s New Drug

  2. Hi. Its me the other Kim from “Craft Night” I finally took some time to read many posts in your blog and it has been a great deterrent from cleaning my house and wrapping gifts-so thanks for the entertainment

    So a few weeks ago after 10 years my vacuum died, and although I did drool at the Dyson and wished I had enough pennies in my purse to make it mine, I settled on a Hoover Windtunnel that is self propelled. And let me just tell you using that machine is orgasmic, it is right up there. I let me neighbor try it and she agreed. So now I am a happier house cleaner.

  3. You covet the Dyson. I covet the Scooba. Sure, I have a Hoover automatic floor cleaner that makes mopping/scrubbing floors easier but that doesn’t mean I like to do it. But a Scooba cleans the floors on its own, like having minions (many of you refer to them by their given name – children) but minions revolt at housework. As long as the Scooba crosses its little robot heart not to take over the world or my house, it can live at my house and do my bidding. Someday Scooba you will be mine.

  4. I own a home steamer for my husband’s man shirts, because they are so difficult to iron. It is awesome and fun. Plus, it comes in handy when you really need to remove something from anything. Gunk on the floor? steam it. Gunk on the wall? Steam it. Gunk on your face? Well, just wash that.

    Amanda of Shamelessly Sassys last blog post..Shameless Confessions: Perez Hilton is my Home Page.

  5. So I am pretty OCD thus I LOVE LOVE LOVE cleaning! Baseboards are one of my favorites! Because we live in a new home there is dust EVERYWHERE and so dusting the baseboards is sooo satisfying! I’m also totally into laundry because I like all the clothes to be clean all the time! Just incase I want to wear something. My closet is also organized by short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters, and dress clothes. There are then sub categories of colours and favourites. As you can tell by the spelling of the last couple words I would join any kind of commune for a target!

  6. Oh also I have a scooba, NOT WORTH THE MONEY! IT works alright for the first month or so but after that things slowly decline even if you clean the crap out of of it turns into a piece of junk. ANd it is more work cleaning the scooba than it would be to mop the floor!


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