“Is this why people buy Apple?”

“NO DAD. This is just a little glitch. I’m sure I can get it fixed.”

“I’ve never heard of an iPhone suddenly shutting down.”

“Oh dad, when this phone works again I am going to SHOW YOU.”

I bought a Samsung Skyrocket SII in January. My first real smartphone and I LOVE it a lot. LOVE. This morning while sending Cody a picture of his baby the screen went black and let out these pitiful random buzzes. Google didn’t have the answer. Even Yahoo Answers didn’t have the answer.

When Yahoo Answers doesn’t even have a hint of an answer you know you’re in trouble.

I drove to an at&t store, walked in and handed over my phone while telling a tale of blank screens and weak vibrations.

“So it just went dark, huh?”

“Yes! And I’m not from here and my sister is so pregnant and I need my phooonneee!!”

“It buzzes?”

“YES! Is that bad? Is that like a sign that all hope is lost?”

I’ll spare you the rest of the conversation and just end by saying the salesman did a fantastic job of driving home what I moron I was with his subtle mix of eye rolling and deadpan silence.

Turns out phones work a lot better when you remember to charge them.

*end scene (in shame)*


  1. I’m guessing that’s not the first time that has happened…

    Glad that was ALL that was wrong. 😉

  2. This is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. The post title definitely didn’t keep me in the dark. LOL! All seriousness, we all have moments of shame too in life. Thanks for sharing your’s.

  3. Erin Marie says:

    I have to admit. I laughed at loud.

    And it reminded me of when I got stuck at the airport after dropping my mom off this past January. My car would NOT start and I did not have my cell on me, so I used my mom’s to call and convince my husband to drive the 30-45 minutes from work to the airport to help me (I had all three kids in the car with me, of course) but then she had to catch her flight, so I had no phone. And after sitting there for about 10 minutes, the airport security guy knocks on my window: “Is the car in park?”

    Used a pay phone for the second time in a year (I really need to keep better track of my phone) to call my husband to tell him, “Nevermind. Go back to work. I don’t want to talk about it.”

    (Um, just in case you couldn’t tell, the car was NOT in park.”

  4. HA! I laughed, because the same thing happened to me last weekend, except I did realize my error before taking it to the store to yell. However, I did give it to my husband who did not figure it out. After about 5 minutes of pushing the button in vain, I said, “Huh. Maybe the battery is dead?” He said, “When was the last time you charged it?” Me, “Umm, I’m not sure.” Him, “You’re an idiot.” Me, “Agreed.”

  5. This reminds me of the time my car wouldn’t start. I had it towed to the mechanic and they discovered it was out of gas.

    Erin Marie Reply:

    @Cassie Boorn, I’ve done that one too. Had my father in law tow it to his garage.

  6. Lol! What can I say. At least your phone is fine. And that you’re not alone, see those comments up there?! haha I was laughing hard on Cassie Boorn.

  7. I am too scared to have that happen that I will never let my phone see the “red” on the battery indicator. I’ve seen it 3 times, in 3 phones, in 3 years 😀 (or so)


    And I apologize, but if I’d been the rep, I probably woulda laughed, but you know, it’s easier to accept a laugh from a female, I think 😀

  8. LOL…girl just be thankful that’s all it was!

  9. hahahahaha….
    related – I once knew *someone* that had their car towed to a garage to be looked at it, because it ‘broke down’ – turns out, it was just out of gas.

    We’ve all been there!

  10. Case, I love you for things like this. Yesterday I was so upset because my coffee pot wouldn’t work. And know me, I double checked that it was plugged in. Apparently in my morning fog- I forgot to put water in it… Ooops

  11. Oh, Casey, that is just way too funny! I’m so glad you decided to post this. Haha!


  13. lol…. oops 🙂

  14. Bless your heart… 🙂

  15. Amy in StL says:

    LOL, I had a similar problem with my WiFi connection. I went in complaining that I couldn’t get it to connect and it turns out I wasn’t actually waiting for it to establish a stable connection. I may not have admitted that to the ATT rep.

  16. Lol. Hilariously adorable. That’s pretty akin to calling tech support and finding out your computers not plugged in 🙂

  17. That was just the laugh I needed today! And in the spirit of sharing “duh” moments… I once called Dell because on my laptop I had two CD drives. One permanent and one interchangeable (either disc burning or floppy discs. It was the top of the line!!!) Anyway – my CD burner wasn’t working. Woe!!! I had many hours of cd burning to do! After troubleshooting for a loooong time the person on the other end of the phone finally sighed and said he had tried everything – I would probably need to send it in. I should just remove the drive from the computer and read the numbers on the back first. Um… when I couldn’t pop out the drive, I realized that I had been trying to burn discs on the regular old disc reader (and back then it was a no-go). I felt like such. an. idiot.

  18. awesome.

  19. Ha! I know you are not the first person to have that problem. You tell it with a good sense of humor. 🙂

  20. Don’t feel bad. this could have happened to me too!!

  21. Ok my people, let me do you the favor a co-worker did for me. Life hint: When I go to bed, I put my phone to bed on it’s little charger. That way we both can (usually) make it through the day. You’re welcome.

  22. And this? Is why I love you.

  23. I just snorted! For real! Even if you don’t charge you’re phone you are still AHHHHMAZING!!!

  24. I did almost the same thing once. I NEVER turn my phone off and yes I know that is bad but I just put it on charge every night and it is good to go in the morning. Some how I accidentally turned it off and I just assumed it had died and wouldn’t work. Turns out, the on/off button does work. LOL

  25. Oh, and the title of this post slays me! Glad it was nothing worse… 😉

  26. This gave me the giggles. I have so done the same thing except I usually just hand the phone to my husband while lamenting how technology is ruining my life by NEVER WORKING RIGHT. Then he gets to mock me forever.