Remember all the jean trauma I went through last night?

Take this lame denim designers.
Too Long
Regular length my keester. Where’s my shoes? This won’t work.
Where's my Feet?
I have a sewing machine, I can fix this.
How to hem.
Check it. Totally hemmed. All by myself.

Mad Hemming Skillz

Perfectly Hemmed

My awesomeness is available for hire.


  1. Sista,

    1.) Can I send you some of my pants?

    2.) You have some serious hooters.

    3.) Diggin’ them shoes.

  2. I love the pic with Moosh in the background wondering what the hell you’re doing…

  3. I was thinking what a more interesting post this would be if it was just the last photo and caption.


  4. heeheehee
    Love the last shot!

  5. In that photo with Moosh peeking out from behind you, are you doing Pee Wee Herman’s Tequila Dance? 🙂 Totally looks like you are. And I would happily trade all the blog help in the world for someone who could actually teach me how to use the sewing machine I’ve had for two years and have never used!

  6. HOT ASS!

    Those are way cute jeans! You know- I think they should make jeans for girls who have not had babies and jeans for women that have! Like our hips are ever going to regain their girlish charm again! Much to our dismay!

    I wish I could sew! Yet another thing I can’t do! (But Jesse can) Blame it on my lame mother! LOL!

  7. Where’d you get those jeans? I know where you got your mad sewing skills from…hehehe…love your buns…oooo hott!

  8. and yet another thing we have in common…

    and where oh where did you get those adorable shoes?!

    love the pants by the way…and the last shot? priceless

  9. Biddy and Kimmie
    Seven jeans…Maripe shoes. They kill my toes but it’s so worth it.

  10. I really must embrace my inner domestic self and learn how to sew as I am no stranger to jean trauma. Honestly, where are all these 7 foot tall women they are making these pants for?

  11. Oooh! good job!! You look awesome, love that last shot hehe 😀

  12. Haha, I love the one of moosh looking at you like “Hey, lady, I’m the star around here!!!”

    hahah, very cute…very domestic…(very jealous!)

  13. Cute shoes…and great jeans. I need to find me another pair…I agree with you…the worst thing on earth to do….

    Lookin’ Good!

  14. Nice job!

    My sewing skills suck. I will only hem pants when it doen’t matter that I can’t sew straignt, like running or yoga pants!

    I’m 5’3″, and my problem is the “regular” length is just slightly longer than my highest heels, and the “short” or “petite” length is only the right length for bare feet!

  15. Bravo! Bossy just rolls her’s up. Think: Clam-digging.

  16. It helps that Bossy is a half dozen feet taller than me.

  17. Amen!

  18. I can’t stop laughing. Your blog is addictive to read.

    Moosh rocks the house.

  19. Oh, dude. Well done. I wish I could pull off the jeans and heels look, but I’d just end up looking silly (and doing lots of falling.)

  20. You rock, lady friend. Me? I’m off to a professional tailor to get mine hemmed. Because I don’t have your mad skills. I also go to the tailor to get buttons put back on shirts. Last time Pynchon went in, they did it for free because they felt so bad he was married to a domestic slackstress like me …

  21. You’re so awesome, Casey! I just got a sewing machine from a friend who is moving. I need to start hemming my pants.

    (BTW, nice ass!)

  22. Cute jeans, and excellent job with the hemming! The first hem job I ever did (on a pair of jeans, because I’m short) one leg ended up about 1/2 an inch shorter than the other. Yeah, that was attractive!

  23. Love the last picture, hon. Those jeans really ass-entuate the positive. Heh.

  24. nice new blog digs. fancy.

  25. Sweet! Can I come live with you? All my pants look like that (the before shot..)

  26. You’re so hired

  27. Oh, to be ‘that’ talented, AND look that good upside down … *sigh*

  28. You get down with your awesome-sewing-self! I’m officially jealous!

  29. I think you just made my panties moist.


  30. Sadly, I am no stranger to jean trauma. Those look fantastic!

  31. I need to learn this skill! My jeans always get frayed at the bottom!

  32. Wow, you did a great job! I wish I could sew. I can’t seem to get past the whole bobbin thing.

  33. Nice ass. Nice boobies too. lol….

  34. Nice job! And awesome jeans. I just taped a skirt that lost its hem–you could hear the scotch tape crinkling against my legs when I walked.

    Then I washed it and put it in the dryer–ooops! Scotch tape melts. MaybeI can send it to you next time?

  35. Something must be up with Flickr… I can’t see any of the photos. 🙁

  36. Awesome job! They look fantastic!

    I remember in high school all my 5’2″ friends would complain about having to get their jeans hemmed, and I was all like “ya? well at least you don’t have to wear flood pants!” ’cause when I was in high school, the longest inseam I could get an woman’s jeans was a 31″…a 32″ if I was really lucky!

  37. the shoes…am coveting the shoes…

    (although i’m totally impressed by what you did with the jeans)

  38. you’re hired. I have to hem EVERYTHING. For me, my DH, probably all my kids, and hell, throw in the cat for good measure.

  39. I feel your pain. Stupid short legs. I still make my Mom hem all my pants…how lame is that!?!