See that girl on the left?
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That’s me, five years ago at the rooftop bar of the W Lakeshore in Chicago. It was the night before BlogHer ’07 and there was a party thrown by Kirtsy (formerly Skirt) and it was one of the best nights of my life. It was the first night I had ever met a blogger. I met her, and her, and her, and her, and her and her. I loved them all, and the best part? They seemed to like me too.

There was this one woman, and she asked me to take a picture with her stapler…”I’m Suebob! Here! Let me take your picture with my stapler!” So I did…

The comments on this photo make my heart happy.

Anyway, a friendship was born over a red swingline.

Then came this one:

And a year later this one:

At the closing party at the Macy’s in Union Square on 2008 Suebob found me and slipped me a note from her daily inspiration journal and said “Here, this reminded me of you.” It read “You are the love of God in expression.” I started to get a little teary. It was one of the nicest things anyone had ever said to me.


Last year I was at a conference in North Carolina when I witnessed the CEO of Build A Bear, a very grandmotherly looking woman, fixing a friend’s daughter’s bear. I wept liberally and openly at the cuteness of it all.  (Disclosure: I was also pregnant at the time.)

I said something very touchy feely on twitter about it and Suebob came back and said “She just sewed up a bear, it’s not like she cured cancer.

That’s the thing about Suebob. She says what she thinks and doesn’t really care if you agree or not. But it isn’t in a cold prickly way. It’s in a “Holy good hell I stand by what I believe in no matter what but that doesn’t mean I won’t love you unconditionally just because you act/say/believe something different.” because when and if anyone ever comes after you? You want Suebob on your team. Because she is going to say what she thinks and stand by it and good hell if she’s ever going to back down.

Hypocrite is not in her list of applicable adjectives.
Suebob and moi

But it’s not in mine either…so Suebob and I went back and forth over the validity of a CEO sewing up her own product for a little girl. “It’s not that big of a deal.” Suebob argued.

Then I DM’ed her and told her “Remember that note you gave me in 2008? The one that wasn’t that big of a deal? I carry it in my wallet everyday, and it’s a really big deal to me.
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And with that? I won (not that it was about winning, but still, I WON!) I softened Suebob.


And I hope she’ll stay my (secret) softie forever.

Happy 50th Birthday Suebob. I love you truly madly and deeply.

Thanks for throwing this party together Karen, your day is coming as well.