So a lot of good, exciting and once in a lifetime stuff went down in 2013, which maybe explains why it went by so fast? I decided in October I was going to make a reverse life list, acknowledging all of the crazy and amazing stuff I’ve been blessed enough to do instead of focusing on all the stuff I thought I should be doing. These are kind of in order, and I’m probably missing some — but I’m pretty sure NYC with Addie was the best if I had to pick the best one.

Going to the fancy wedding of a dear friend with the world’s best flower girl.

Britty is a Mrs.! @brookempaulsen @britmariger

Going to the Animation Research Library and seeing pencil sketches from ‘Plane Crazy’ and ‘Steamboat Willie.’

Hanging out with Minnie in Disneyland.


Whenever Addie got off the bus.

Looked for it. FOUND IT. #LookForTheLovely (look at Addie's face over Vivi's shoulder in the first photo.)

Having my family drawn in penguins by a Club Penguin artist.

I don't even have words, my family in penguins! Including my one eyed cat! #ClubPenguinSummit

Spending my birthday in Disneyland.

BIRTHDAY. MADE. #MinnieStyle

My mom meeting my friend Minnie for the first time ever.

My mom went to Disneyland the year it opened and never had her picture taken with Minnie,  until now. #DisneySMMoms

Going to New York City with Addie.

Day two: Endless possibilities. #AddieInNYC

Photographed the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

I'm photographing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir today! Are you coming to their show in #Indy tonight? #MoTab

Kayaking in Florida

@luxurytravelmom on a luxury canoe through Oscar Scherer park

White Sandy beaches with this little creature.

Beachnastics. #SponsoredByCarnival

Going to the Animation Research Library again and seeing original sketches from ‘The Little Mermaid’ then interviewing Jodi Benson.

Going to the world premier of Planes and running into the Dane Cook, not that I like him, but still, kind of cool.

OMGEEEEE. #PlanesPremiere

Surprising my dear friend Rachel for her birthday and spending a perfect day on the lake with her and her family.

So there's this place in Texas that's all about beavers so Rachel took me there and it was strange and wonderful.

Horseback riding on the beach in South Carolina

Horseback on the beach. #Kiawah

Mumford in concert with my honey.

I may never again be comfortable around huge crowds again, but it was worth it tonight. #Mumford

Seeing this in Michigan during ArtPrize.

One off the most AMAZING things I have EVER seen. #ArtPrize

Spending the night at West Point.

It's not everyday you wake up at West Point. #NikonSubaruAdventure

Drove across the George Washington Bridge and into New York City in my dream car. (Red Subaru Outback wagon.)

Doing this.

When you have a waterproof camera, you have to remember you're waterproof too. #ClickRetreat (photo by @ohhbetsy)

Having three of my very bests in the same place for an entire weekend.

Bests. #ClickRetreat

Hanging out and getting a massage on Disney’s private island.

I now interrupt your trick or treat photos with Castaway Cay and the #DisneyMagic, because for Halloween I went as a terrible person.

Watching Cody fall learn how to surf on a boat.

Cody learned how to sur...nevermind. #FreedomOfTheSeas

This sunset after a terrifying storm

I've never seen a better sky than the sky in Indiana. #NoFilter #AfterTheStormGram

When it snowed in Disneyland


These thighs:

One more from today. Because thighs and hips should be celebrated.

Witnessing the relationship between these two.

Copyright Cody and Casey Est. 2001

Let’s do this 2014.


  1. I love this so much. So so so much.

  2. Amazing. Happy New Year!!

  3. It’s funny, it takes a few minutes to read this but it took a year to live it. It took some time to write it.

    Thanks for sharing with all of us, so transparently.

    Thanks for being real.

    I wish you the best in 2014.

  4. What an awesome year! Can’t wait to see what 2014 holds!

  5. There’s nothing better than sisters! 🙂

    Happy New Year, Casey. xo

  6. Just beautiful. Your words so often make me tear up, and are always exactly what I need after a long day of caring for my own sweet girls. Many lovely pictures, but my favorite is the one of your little one awaiting Addie coming off the bus. You have posted another pic like this before (but not with the adorable chubby thighs!) and I can’t wait for my girls to have this sort of bond. I love your idea of a reverse bucket list. Why must we always be looking at what we should do instead of what we’ve already accomplished?? Cheers to 2013, and happy 2014!

  7. Beautiful! Such a great year.