Babble babble blabble…

The Stereotype of Bottlefeeding Moms. (This one’s pretty good if I do say so myself.)

So You Took Your Baby to BlogHer? How’s that working out for you? (Answer, not for sissies but fun!)

Please do not kiss my baby complete stranger. (I’ve started just kissing the strangers back.)

Keeping your baby out late (not to be confused with having a baby in a bar.) (Ah, judgement!)

In which we band together and discuss nipple flow. (Verdict, level 1 it is!)

Good things can happen to those who fly (with babies.) (Both flights today? PERFECT!)

And over at CafeMom…

The Unspoken Truth of Antenatal Depression.

Peace of Mind Through the Perfectly Packed Diaper Bag.

And then there’s this…

So that’s probably only cute to me. But THE CHEEKS.

I’m so happy to be home.


  1. Jenny Lee says:

    She is SO stinkin’ cute! I’m gonna have to stop reading your blog, I’m getting baby hungry. 😉

  2. She is so cute! Love the video 🙂

  3. Love it. Baby cheeks are so kissable and cute!

  4. The bottle-feeding post was so good! I had an over producing side and a severely under producing side and I finally had to switch to formula. I was so lopsided by the time I started using formula that I looked ridiculous!

  5. Awww! Like an adorable little drunk. 🙂

  6. Yay, squishy, wiggly babies! I hope my little man bakes out to be half as cute! Of course he will, though, he is mine, after all 😀

  7. Ah, it’s too much! Why are we so in love with baby hiccups?! Love ’em, too. So precious.

    Um, those cheeks are fantastic.

  8. Baby hiccups are so incredibly cute and so incredibly painful-sounding at the same time!

  9. Yes. Yes. Yes on the antenatal depression article. I love that. Exactly how I felt during my second pregnancy. I cried a lot in the shower. I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t because I had a toddler relying on me for, ya know, food and stuff?

    It was so hard. Deciding to go on medication in my second trimester saved my life and my baby’s life. When he was born I was never so happy in my life.

    I think it’s important to write about this topic, so thanks!

  10. If my uterus spontaneously creates a child.. I am so blaming you and Vivi!

  11. lol Molly! But I so totally know what you mean. For years after my last child was born, my milk would let down whenever I saw or heard babies, 🙂

  12. So after my daughter was born, and she got the hiccups, I recognized her body movements from when she was still inside. It was so SO cool.

    I love your baby’s hiccups – thank you for that.

  13. Those are just the cutest hiccups EVAR!