According to magazines we are supposed to believe that is is beautiful. That this is how relationships are. That lying around in a bra on the carpet staring wistfully into your partners nipple with your pants undone is not only practical, but that THIS is how romance is done.

Pffbt. This is a relationship. This. This right here is a marriage and a story and love. This is happiness. This is romance. (This is also known as Mishi and her Mike.)

According to magazines this is how young beautiful people hang out after work. You know, in leopard print. At they gym. In heels.

This is friends hanging out. This is what real people do. And I’d much rather be here than up there. (Really, this is my friend Shireen. And I’d take her any day over just about any one in leopard print.)

Reality television and celebrities are showing a whole new generation that marriage is a joke. That it is old fashioned, a waste of time and will make you utterly miserable.

Tell her that. (Her is Katie.)

Best friend in Hollywood? Yeah. We’ve all seen how THAT works out.

This is a little better. (This is her and her.)

How to get all three of you in a photo with your camera, find something shiny.

Having kids? What a waste of time.  Look how miserable they are. (They are Becky and her baby.)

A long time ago I was told to stop reading beauty magazines. That they will just make me feel fat, ugly and utterly ordinary.

So I stopped reading beauty magazines and started reading your blogs.

And you guys? Are the epitome of beauty.

Thank you. To every single one of you.

(And thank you thank you for sharing your pictures with me.)


  1. Fantastic post. You nailed it.

  2. Love this so much. Thanks for the look at real life.
    And you’re telling me my husband doesn’t have to wear leopard thongs while he pumps massive weights and kisses me at the gym?
    He will be SO relieved.

  3. Casey, not that you need it, but I gave you an award. Had to. You rock.

  4. Well, that first picture did make me feel a little romantic in my pants.

  5. Um? This might be my favorite post ever.

    I so love to look at the world through your eyes. I do.



  6. I stopped reading beauty magazines a long time…scratch that.

    Great pics as always!

  7. True dat, yo.

    Well said.

  8. I LOVE THIS. (that was me yelling)

    Thank you.

  9. Well said! I think sometimes we get caught up in the “glamour” that is presented in magazines and forget how wonderful our own lives can be. The ups AND downs are what make it, that and the people we take with us on our journey. Great post Casey, thanks!

  10. So, what you’re saying is…my hopes of ever finding the hot young stud that lays around, in his underwear, gazing into my eyes will NEVER happen? I mean really, thanks for ruining my illusion of perfection!! **sigh**

    Beautiful post Casey!!! You have an amazing way with words and this community, though it may annoy me often, is the bestest group of friends a girl could ever ask for!!!

  11. Lovely.

    Thank you.

  12. brilliant …this is GOLD.I feel this way about my bloggy & twitter pals too.

  13. You are sooooo right!!!!! Love it all!!!

  14. OH.MY.STARS! This is an awesome post!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  15. Oh, I love it!

    Except for PS, I TOTALLY lie around with my pants half off and my face in my partner’s nipple, frozen like wax sculptures, because DUH, that’s where babies come from.

  16. Love. This. Post. 🙂

  17. i loved this one. loved it. totally.

    thanks, casey. you (still) rule.

  18. Standing up and applauding through my tears.
    I love you lady.

    HELL YES!!!!

  19. This is exactly why I love reading blogs. All the women are just like me, but different.

  20. There isn’t enough photoshop in the world to create joy, passion and devotion in hollow shots. Beautiful.


    That post is beautiful….in every way!

  22. You’re absolutely right. Hollywood has nothing on real life. This post gave me the warm fuzzies…

  23. great post. GREAT POST!

  24. i stopped reading beauty mags about 6 or 7 years ago, and i noted substantial progress in the way i began to see and appreciate my body. thanks for the lovely contrast between fabricated and real life. the real beauty wins.


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