High school was not my thing.

I did well academically, but socially? Let’s just say election Sarah Palin has nothing on high school Casey.

Many people are very happy to escape high school. To move away from the hallowed halls of their alma mater and all the catty rumor spreading garbage that comes along with it.

I know I sure was.



Many of you already know that High School Musical was filmed at my high school. It’s one thing to have the name of your high school in a huge multi million dollar movie, it’s a completely different thing to have not only your school’s name and colors, BUT YOUR ACTUAL HIGH SCHOOL in THREE multi million dollar movies.

I saw at least a dozen film clips of Zac Efron dancing where I was called a whore sophomore year by a boy I liked named Chris. On. my. VACATION. Huge twenty foot screens in the middle of the world’s largest Disney store.


There were parents paying close to $60 for the same cheerleading outfit I wore in 1997.


I did get to teach a REAL! EHS cheer to a 9 year old girl standing in line wating to meet Cinderella dressed head to toe in HSM gear. For about three minutes she thought I was the bomb diggity. Then I’m pretty sure she went back to thinking I’m old.


  1. Yer Kool Casey!
    Just remember they are all just jealous. 🙂

  2. varangianguard says:

    That guy must have gone on to a budding career in Republican punditry with his word usage and imagination.

  3. How about a video of a real EHS cheer?

    Vics last blog post..To write or not to write

  4. haha Love the cheerleading picture. That’s pretty cool they film using your high school.

    I have good high school memories mostly but mine was a tiny, half-boarding private school with a graduating class of 72, so no hope there of being in the movies.

    Rheas last blog post..Is there a Magician in your Kitchen?

  5. Oh vintage cheerleading outfit, little girls would line up for that 🙂

    midwest mommys last blog post..Chicken Noodle Soup Midwest Style

  6. I’m so lame, but I totally LOVE High School Musical (although apparently not enough to have seen the second one).

    Janssens last blog post..Facebook

  7. I’m with you on getting the heck out of high school. I had a good time while I was there among 3,000+ other students. But boy was I glad when it was all over! HSM3 is all the rage at school these days! (I teach first grade) It’ll be great… after the movie comes out we’ll be singing all the songs. I must say… I LOVE all things Disney!

    Erikas last blog post..MIA

  8. I was ready to get out too…and I probably wouldn’t want to face my high school halls on a HUGE movie screen either. But, do you still have that cheerleading uniform? I’m thinking it could make you some BIG BUCKS!!!!

  9. Ah, when Hollywood meets the SLC. Gotta love it. (Go East, woot woot!)

    Emily the Utah transplant from the Midwests last blog post..That Which Squicks Me….

  10. My high school was in a Disney movie a while back.. It’s kinda weird isn’t it..

    Jesss last blog post..Catching up on my tags

  11. I’m right there with ya. For awhile I was certain I’d end up writing some tragic book all about my sophomore year. I’m over it now but you couldn’t pay me enought o relive those days.

    Sarah @ Ordinary Dayss last blog post..There Was A Young Sarah Who Swallowed A…

  12. Wow. That is so cool and so sucky at the same time. There’s nothing like re-living the horrible days of your highschool days.

    Mrs. Wilsons last blog post..The day I left my husband

  13. HS didnt seem so bad for you , I mean you WERE a cheerleader. Who is more popular than a cheerleader? At least you didnt have an afro and braces!

    mayas last blog post..Wordless Tuesday

  14. Because of HSM I have taken to calling our high school, “The Real East High.” It’s no longer just “East.” Strange. And a little dorky.

    Barbs last blog post..I can’t believe I’m gonna have one of these…

  15. My high school was featured on a documentary that followed a group of girls from freshman year to graduation. The girls were anorexic, druggies, drunk, pregnant and any number of other calamities. Imagine telling your 9 year old “oh look, I went there” and her saying “which were you, the drunk, pregnant, depressed, etc?” I’d take Disney any day!

    Domestic Goddess (In Training)s last blog post..Ahhh… Peace and Quiet

  16. so cool…I think you are anyway.

    I can’t wait to take my daughter to see HSM3 this weekend!

    staciesmadnesss last blog post..Safety Nets, sometimes have holes.

  17. I hated high school. I’m so glad it’s not in any movies.

    Megs last blog post..To Do: Part Two

  18. i drove by EHS the other day for the first time! i was so excited to finally see it. and of course i snapped a picture.

  19. I totally believe you could take Vanessa Hudgens….that blond chick? well, maybe not so much, but you got Vanessa covered.

    Anissa@Hope4Peytons last blog post..A new member of my blog family

  20. A cheerleader not doing well socially. Unheard of!

    Also, a mormon cheerleader, is that an oxymoron?

  21. Oh, I am sorry that the movie brings back bad memories of highschool. But you did look happy as a cheerleader. And you made that little girl’s day in the Disney store.

    Renée aka Mekhismoms last blog post..It’s A Launch!

  22. Two words. E-bay…Oh wait…yes, yes I am blonde…that would be one word. Tee hee…I funny.

    But seriously…when I came earlier but didn’t have enough time to read, I saw the title and I literally SPIT all over the screen. It was hilar. Love you…

    Kims last blog post..I Rawk!

  23. I loathed high school. Part of why I have no desire to get into facebook or myspace. I never want to relive those memories again.

    I can’t imagine what it’s like to see that infamous site over and over again like that.

    threeundertwos last blog post..G.I.R.L. Party: Fine Food

  24. That must be quite odd seeing your high school everywhere. I have tried to block mine out.

    The Diaper Diariess last blog post..Works For Me Wednesday- Healthy Snacks

  25. as I am reading this my daughter is discussing whether or not she should wear her Wildcats jersey to school or not for picture day because our girl scout troop is going to see HSM3 after school (save me please!!)

    Domestic Extraordinaires last blog post..A walk thru town square

  26. I keep having nightmares that I am back in high school with my 2 kids in class with me. Crazy! I liked high school but I don’t want to go back.