Cody’s post is titled “Long Distance Holiday Travel Doesn’t Have to be That Bad.”

Mine is titled “Forget the Road Trip, Let’s Fly.”

You see, we both wrote posts about holiday travel (sponsored by Citi)  with kids in tow over on Babble. Cody’s makes me sound like a sane and competent road trip warrior:

Casey is also very good at putting together a bag full of snacks and treats.  The snacks and treats bag isn’t filled with chips and cookies, and other types of junk food, there are some of those items in the bag, but it’s filled with celery, blueberries, carrots, crackers, and other healthy snacks.  I’ve found that snacking on just junk food during a 30 hour road trip brings about that death like feel much faster than when I snack on celery sticks.  Plus, I hate getting out of the car only to learn that I no longer fit in any of the clothes I brought on my trip.

I on the other hand come clean about the last cross country road trip we made:

I am supposed to be writing about how to survive a long road trip with kids, but the truth is? I can’t survive a long road trip with kids. In fact, there’s a stretch of freeway right outside Kamas, Utah and if you look really close you can still find little bits of my sanity that were lost there in June of 2011.

We were going to drive to Utah for Christmas this year. I was fully prepared to dish out all sorts of advice about the many road trips we’ve survived in the past, but the truth is I am a giant long distance road trip pansy. Cody still sounds pretty optimistic about the whole thing though, aside from all of us looking and smelling dead by the time we made it to our destination. (To be fair, Cody had Vivi and me fly back from our last road trip to Utah, it was THAT bad.)

Are you long road trip warriors or do you hold off your travel plans until you can fly? Let us know over on Babble!