I’ve started to feel as though everyone on the Internet is omnipresent in everything I do since I do so many things in so many different places. Can’t find me here? Look over there! Not there? Try here! Don’t forget about here and here and sometimes here and always here except when I’m not. Phew. August isn’t planning on letting up AT ALL which is fine because I’ll start the month of in New York and then spend the middle part of it on a boat in the middle of the ocean with this handsome guy I’m married to with absolutely no Internet connection. (I mean, there will be one but the Internet isn’t worth $0.75/minute to me when I have the option of drinking frozen fruity beverages in the sunshine while pretending I’m a childless newlywed who hit the husband jackpot for an entire week.)

I love meeting real people when I’m out and about in the world. Just this weekend we went to the mall and I met Stephanie and Erin. I wish I could have taken them to get an Orange Julius and asked them all about their lives, their passions and their families, after all, they pretty much know everything about mine, it doesn’t seem fair I don’t have the chance to know their story as well. Speaking of stories, last week I was all “AH! PANIC ATTACK ALONE IN THE AIRPORT!” and so many of you were all “AAH! I’VE GONE THROUGH HORRIBLE STUFF ALONE IN PUBLIC AS WELL!” and then the universe was all “BOOM! POP QUIZ!” when I walked in behind a lady at the drugstore who COMPLETELY wiped out as soon as she hit the linoleum.

I was on the ground with her, picking up her stuff, offering to call people and bossing the store employees around to “GET THE WOMAN A CHAIR ALREADY!” before the automatic doors had even closed behind me. What sucks is she was just coming to drop off a prescription, you know, because she HAD JUST BROKEN HER FOOT they day before. *sigh* I wish I could have done more, like unbreak her foot or unfall her fall but alas I didn’t get those superpowers.

Aside: Have I ever told you that Cody watches Teen Mom loyally?


Last but not least, before I head off to New York I have to tell you about the lovely company that asked if they could sponsor Emily and me this year. Dolphin Organics specializes in completely natural baby care products that I’m obsessed with. I’ve talked about them before here, as well as here, and really honestly here. This is the kind of sponsorship I feel really good about, they sponsored BlogHer last year and still wanted to have a presence this year. If you’re going to be in New York this week and will have your baby with you, a baby at home, a baby in your belly or perhaps a birth mother’s belly? Find Emily or me so Dolphin Organics can send you a little something when the conference is over. We’ll also have their Simply Citrus line with us so you can smell how good chemical free baby lotion can smell. (Dolphin Organics is a 1 on the EWG Skin Deep Database.)

I really like you guys. Thanks for sticking around. You’re wonderful, every single one of you. One of the most peaceful moments at the EVO conference was knowing that even if all the money, the stuff, the opportunities and the jobs went away tomorrow I’d still be here. Right here. Right where I started six years ago and where I’ve been ever since.


  1. I will hunt you down this week at BlogHer and not just for the fabulous baby products. xo

    Casey Reply:

    @tracy@sellabitmum, The hunt is ON.

  2. One of these days I will meet you!

    I hope you enjoy your blissful time without internet service. It sounds horrible to me, but I know you will love it =)

    Casey Reply:

    @Marta, Uh, it’s still um, not such a comforting idea for me either…BUT I’M EMBRACING IT!

  3. Dude! My husband is obsessed with Teen Mom too! I thought he was a weirdo but I guess he’s not the only guy who watches it. Good to know!

    Casey Reply:

    @KaraB, I honestly think more men watch Teen Mom than women. Seriously.

  4. Circle Centre mall has an Orange Julius/DQ in it. If I ever run into you at the mall, I will totally let you grill me while we enjoy Orange Julius. I love Orange Julius . . . and DQ.

    Casey Reply:

    @KDA, Now I want an orange julius AND a dipped cone.

  5. I am sad I won’t be running into you repeatedly in the lobby this year.

  6. I come home from work and read your blog while prepping dinner. Every. Single. Night. I feel like we’re besties because you’re so genuine, compassionate, and affectionate. I’ve never been besties with the pretty popular girls, so this is quite the coux (sp?) for me! 😉 Tight hug & have a blast @ BlogHer!

  7. Looking at your schedule, I’m worried you won’t have time for the great Indiana State Fair. Please, tell me that somewhere in there you’ll have time to enjoy the corn, hogs, pork burgers, dairy bar, etc….

  8. Augh, you might miss the fair?? Quelle horreurs!! (Or however you spell it in French…sorry Mrs. Fornero (my French teacher).) I digress…
    Enjoy the cruise. We went on one once and it was the BEST. Didn’t miss the internet even once (at least that’s my story). When you get back, let’s schedule those pictures in this dry desert land we call the midwest. 🙂
    Kudos for picking up the woman and bossing the store people around. As a person who once needed someone to pick me up and stop my hysterical crying in the grocery parking lot (another story for another time), I’m sure she appreciated it more than she could ever convey.
    Travel safe, my friend.

  9. So uh yeah. Cody and I have that in common.

  10. I like your sunglasses!