I saw this post over at BlogHer. It’s about Mormons, and hello, I am one. So is the author of the Vampire “Twilight” series. Everyone over their shock? Okay, good.

This whole mess is exactly what I’m trying to clarify with my posts on religion. I don’t ask you to agree with me on my choice of religion. However, I do ask that whenever you decide to talk about my religion or make fun of it (srlsy) you get your darn facts straight. Make fun of me all you want as long as it’s the truth! But when someone only chooses to remember what he or she wants to remember or listen to what he or she wants to listen to about my religion things get messy. It’s fun to twist facts, it’s fun to recite stereotypes or urban legends. I know! Because I’ve done it! But this is how ignorance is born. You could find so much BS about my choice of religion out there on the internet and from people who feel they have been spurned you’d think we’re a bunch of hard core crazies (okay, some of us are hard core crazies) But in reality? We’re just a bunch of people trying to make it along in this world like everyone else.

My comment on the BlogHer site says this:

I’m sorry. But as a Mormon and as someone who has read the books there is no underlying racism because of her (our) religion. Or racism period. Meh.

Pardon me for not sounding coherent but if Ms. Valdes-Rodriguez had really done her research she would have learned that the Lamanites (the dark skinned ones) came out ahead and the Nephites (the light skinned ones) became violent and the problem people. Also, her sources for her quote from President Brigham Young was not from a reliable source. It was from an anti-Mormon source.

I’ll bet you I could find some post or wiki or video somehwere that says that we (Mormons) kill puppies naked in our temples (which we don’t, but it sounds a lot more excting right?) Not only was her commentary full of mistakes from the books, her reasearch into a horribly misunderstood religion was even worse.

There is or was racism and sexism in almost every religion at some point in time. Just because Mormons are easier to point fingers at doesn’t mean she should. What if Ms. Meyer was Jewish? Would people get after her about the unkosher diet of a Vampire?

My comment on Ms. Valdes-Rodriguez’s site said this: (she has enabled comment moderation and I don’t know if she’ll accept my comment or not)

I would also ask you kindly to look into other religions and other acts of Genocide and notice that it’s rampant in all religions and cultures. Not just the one you are choosing to examine and pick apart. Not that that makes it right, but it doesn’t unfairly point a finger at any one religion.
If you look into a religion only choosing to see what you want to see, of course the outcome is going to be what you originally wanted it to be in the first place.
Maybe you will notice the plea that is also in the front of the Book of Mormon that asks the reader to ponder it prayerfully.
Not spitefully.
I could be offended and find fault by a children’s book if that’s the attitude I took into reading it.

Phew. I’ll get off my soapbox now. It’s a teenage FICTION novel. Does it really matter what church the author chooses to go to every Sunday? Really? REALLY?



Late night.

xoxo if you’re still here in the morning.


  1. Amen sista! I’m not mormon, I’m a Christian, but I do not think it is right for others to bash a belief when they have not even looked into it. I KNOW that Jesus is the only way, but I am not going to go around bashing people who think otherwise.

    I’m going to spread the love, not the hate. You can’t win people over with hate.

    Mrs. Wilsons last blog post..Makes my heart melt