Okay, truth is, you don’t eat fried Pepsi.

That is if you know what’s good for you.

“BUT WHY?” you ask.

Because you won’t poop for four days after eating it. That’s why.

For those of you who want to know about fried Pepsi, here’s the deal. A bunch of guys in a mobile fry daddy make a frybread (elephant ear, depending on your geographic location) dough and instead of making it with water they make it with Pepsi. They then fry the ever loving crap out of it, stick a toothpick in each one and drizzle them with Pepsi syrup and a dusting of powdered sugar. Refer to last years post here for photographic evidence of the only time I was dumb enough to try it.

6 GIANT Balls.


I went back to the fair Wednesday night and my friend Anna came along. Anna is one of those people you want to pack up and add to your commune whenever and wherever you decide to settle down. Love her. We went back sans children on Wednesday to take pictures. Her pictures are amazing. The girl has skill. Mine are forthcoming. Have I ever told you I take too many pictures? Because I do.

Love this.
Camera duel.
Fisheye of me taking yet another picture by Anna.

Anna was along to document one of the highlights of my State Fair experience. Heck, maybe even life experience.

Three words.

Deep. Fried. Wunderbar.

For those of you who don’t know what a Wunderbar is, or of my strong attachment to them, a Wunderbar is a Canadian candy bar that I crave, love and covet. I asked the Canadians to bring me Wunderbars to BlogHer and boy howdy did they deliver. (Thanks Redneck Mommy, Andi, Ali, Angella and Amy)

I brought a Wunderbar to the fair with me on Wednesday night and asked the deep fried everything people if they could batter it up and fry it for me.

About to be fried.

Oh hai, I can haz deep fryed Wunderbar?

Whee for the giant frydaddy on wheels

They totally agreed.

I have a feeling you could bring these people your weekly meds and if they could find some way to fry them, they would.

Canada? That's North right? Or South...Hmm

While we waited off to the side, the lead fry daddy asked “Ice dish fer allyzam?”


“Itchy fish yeller digs?”


At this point Anna leaned over to me and translated.

“He asked if “diswasyourallz” it’s Hoosier speak.”

“OH! YES! That’s ourzallz!”

I can speak Hoosier too.


Deep fried Wunderbar?

You healthy Canadians are missing out.

AT LEAST 800 calories.


  1. oh, that is just awesome. I googled Cadbury Wunderbar-peanut butter AND caramel AND crispy rice? And you had it battered and deep fried? oh, BABY.

  2. I’ve been enjoying your depictions of the fair. As a fellow Indianian – I love the fair, but we haven’t been since having Evan. The last time I went, I was pregnant and it was HOT! Some of my fav’s in case you’re going back…the fried chz booth, the shaved potato fries, pork burgers, the cider/peach slushes, and of course a funnel cake and corn dog! One year I tried the fried twinkie and I wasn’t a big fan, but I did love the fried snickers! Oh, and you have to check out the fat pig, which come to think about it, should have deterred me from all of the above ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jeanelles last blog post..Week-in-review

  3. No such thing as too many pictures. Seriously, one of the first things my photography professors said in class was to take tons of pictures, and when you think you’ve taken too many TAKE MORE. Photography is just as much about luck as it is about skill.

    Now stop teasing me about the state fair. I still haven’t gone!

  4. Yum! I wonder if they could deep-fry Smarties?

    Angellas last blog post..Reunited, And It Feels So Good

  5. Wow, hmm, I think I need to go see if there is anywhere aruond Texas I can dig up a Wunderbar.

    Janssens last blog post..Because Someday I’ll Have Kids

  6. You can make your own: http://www.recipezaar.com/43463

    Just don’t look at the nutrition information on that page. . .

    threeundertwos last blog post..Bad Mood Busted

  7. Fried Pepsi actually sounds kinda good to me right now. I am so jealous they fried that bar for you – I practically begged the airbrush shirt people to make a shirt for me using a maternity shirt I brought myself- but they wouldn’t do it! I even said I’d pay the full price… what the heck?


    Adventures In Babywearings last blog post..Allrighty Then

  8. OHH Wunderful. I may have to go to a big fair to try some deep fried stuff.

    White Hot Magiks last blog post..Magnetic Monday — Art y Pico Award

  9. Wow I want a funnel cake, and fried pepsi…infact anything deep fried that you buy at a fair or carnival sounds amazing. Accept that whole part about having a heart attack, don’t really want that part. You take great pictures by the way!

  10. I laughed so hard that it brought tears to my eyes. That’s how funny this post was. I think it was even more funny than the original occurance. Your writing is so great.

    Annas last blog post..I told you they deep fry everything

  11. They’re only serving 6 deep-fried Pepsi balls now? When I went, I got 8!

    PastaQueens last blog post..Going for gold

  12. is it wrong that i really, really, really wants a deep fried and battered wunderbar?!??!

  13. Oh, YUM. And now I cannot WAIT for my visit to the county fair in our hick Pennsylvania vacation town.

    metalias last blog post..I’m Not Even Going To TRY To Come Up With A Clever Title

  14. ha ha! Oh, that’s great. I went back last night for some more fried torture with two fewer kiddos. It was great. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ah, fair. I’ll miss you.
    Spot on with the Hoosier talk, though. tee hee!

    Mandys last blog post..Could we BE any more Hoosier?

  15. Know what? The Iowa State Fair still kicks the tuchus of the Indiana State Fair!

    Emily the Utah transplant from the Midwests last blog post..Voice Post

  16. Oh my goodness! I’ve got to get me a Wunderbar, it sounds amazing!!!

    Nicoles last blog post..Dylanโ€™s Clipper Cut

  17. Dude, I just started a diet, and now all I can think about is fried twinkies.

    Er, not that I’ve ever had a fried twinkie or anything.

    Sues last blog post..Here Is What I Hate About Being Fat

  18. I’d never heard of a Wunderbar before finding your site many months ago. I read the description and it seems to be the exact same thing as a Whatchamacallit bar. The Whatchamacallit is my all-time favorite candy!

    Caseys last blog post..Have You Ever Wondered if God Really Exists?

  19. I’m not sure how I feel about deep-fried Pepsi!!! I will just have to attend a state fair sometime and try it out for realz.
    (PS, what’s a Hoosier?)

    Megs last blog post..Aurelius

  20. dude…that rocks. srsly

    biddys last blog post..workin hard…ha!

  21. The fairgrounds look so romantic in the dark.
    Maybe I’ll sneak back and see if they can fry a Milka bar for me. (Those are my Euorpean weakness.)

    Must Be Motherhoods last blog post..Flail Yourself About Like You Just Donโ€™t Care

  22. Of course… you would post about things like this while I can’t poop anyway…


    Reeses last blog post..Food.

  23. Deep Fried and Smothered in Chocolate. What’s not to like?

    Jens last blog post..Misfit Toy. . .

  24. the first time we went back to the states after being overseas for 15 months we could smell the fry grease in the airport after we landed. it made my mouth water! some people say the smell of fried food turns their stomach, but unfortunately i am not one of them! it sure would be easier though! i can’t wait to do the state fair when we get back to texas. i can’t wait!

    natalies last blog post..Contest #2…yeah…that number 2.

  25. Thanks for the education on frying pepsi. It doesn’t sound so appealing now.

    But Wunderbar? I’m down for that.

    SciFi Dads last blog post..Keyword Madness VIII

  26. Fried Pepsi?! I must know this secret treat! Must have! Send me one?

    Untypically Jias last blog post..How to Embarass Your Husband at the Post Office

  27. sooo… I tried a deep fried mars bar at our fair thingy, wow it made me sick, but now i wanna try more thigns deep fried!

    Liam Craigs last blog post..In Denial

  28. Did I tell you that the awesome Ali sent me a whole giant container FULL of wunderbars? And that I’m going to eat them all before you come because you stole mine? I didn’t? Too bad.

    heather…s last blog post..The Olympics Are Killing Me

  29. That’s so wrong it could only be right.

    VDogs last blog post..Unveiling My Neuroses (aka, The Cracker In Me)

  30. I didn’t think it was possible to make the Wunderbar any better than it already was….man alive did you ever prove me wrong!!!!

    Skyes last blog post..Bathing Beauty!

  31. My town fair is this week. Last night, I had deep fried banana peppers, and sweet baby jesus were they good!

  32. Oh. My. Gosh. That looks like a little piece of heaven on a stick. And fried.

    Living only 20 minutes from Canada myself, I have a deep love and appreciation for many of their unique junk food.


    just julis last blog post..The Promotion – Part 2

  33. Casey, you are inspiring me to lug the big camera to our county fair next week. I think I can, I think I can….

  34. awesome! when I worked the elephant ear booth on Monday night we were turning out fried lattes….loved it.

    DesignHER Mommas last blog post..To facebook or not to facebook…

  35. MMmmmMM … if I ever go to an Indiana State Fair, I will definitely bring down some Wunderbars. I LOVE Wunderbars, and actually had two this week … mmmmm …

    it looks delish!!

    Mrs. Wilsons last blog post..Makes my heart melt

  36. How in the holy hell do you stay so cute and teeny when you eat things like deep fried candy bars? It must be some mormon secret you’re hiding from us.

    Anissa@Hope4Peytons last blog post..Blogging for Blood Cancer, Because This Is What We Do

  37. you making me l\aught
    i have seen deep fried oreos but don’t understand it….why ??? maybe i need to try one.

    feeners last blog post..New York Times article -READ THIS

  38. Thank goodness for digital cameras or you’d be buying film in bulk.

    PS. How do you stay so thin? I know it isn’t Mormanism… ’cause I am one and it isn’t helping me!

  39. This is some serious bidnez…must know how it tasted.

    Kims last blog post..ADOPTION YARD SALE PART TWO!

  40. Who knew you could BYOCandy to the fair? I think I’ll have to bring a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup to next year’s.

    Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommys last blog post..Weekend Events for 7/25 – 7/27

  41. Mine would be a deep-fried Moonpie. How good would that be? Mmmmm…chocolate, marshmallow, batter and grease. I wonder if the marshmallow would puff up like it does when you microwave it. Must try.

    Erins last blog post..Blogroll, Schmogroll

  42. Dude, I lived in Edinburgh many moons ago, and the deep fried Mars bars alone were responsible for my 20-pound weight gain. IN FOUR MONTHS.

    Camels & Chocolates last blog post..Under the Sea

  43. Wow, it is nice to see someone REALLY appreciate the Wunderbar the way it should be. Yet another wonderful thing to come out of us beaver loving Canadians! Although you might be sad to know that the Wunderbar is probably the most under rated of the chocolate bars. That’s right we don’t call them candy bars here, they are CHOCOLATE BARS!

    Nikkis last blog post..Surprise Day

  44. I see an other person who lived in edinburgh commented in our wonderful deep fried mars bars and now I realise that there must be some weird thing that that’s the only piece of confectionery that we do that do.

    I mean, that fair, whoah.

    I won’t say nothing about any of your health rates. I just wanna say that’s awesome!

  45. I’m so home sick now. I miss Indiana (I know, hard to believe)

    mamalangs last blog post..Inquiring Minds Want to Know