Straight B&W

half smile

straight and in her eyes

In case you’re wondering what all the hubbub is about, this is the moosh on a normal day, without a hot iron:

A new favorite.

This is only the second time I’ve ever attempted to straighten her hair. I say attempted because between the humidity and her sweaty nature, it lasted about as long as it takes to sneeze.

The best part? When I finally straightened the very top layer of her hair (her bangs) she doubled over in fits of laughter. At first I thought it was because she realized she looked so different.

Then I realized it was because her hair was tickling her nose and cheeks, something that has NEVER happened to her. Her hair has never fallen in her face, it only launches off the top of her head when it’s unkempt.


  1. I’m dying to know what kind of product you use to keep her hair in check. It is ADORABLE!

  2. SO CUTE! (But I think she’s cute curly too!)

  3. Prettiest. Child. Ever. She looks so drastically different with curls and straight hair!

    Camels & Chocolates last blog post..Under the Sea

  4. Wow! She looks so different without the Moosh curls. Gorgeous girl:)

    Mary Beths last blog post..PACKING! PACKING! PACKING!!!

  5. She’s adorable anyway you look at her, but I must admit I am partial to the curls!

  6. adorable!!

    ccs last blog post..Review

  7. These are great pics! She is such a beauty – curly or straight!

    Katies last blog post..Growing Pains

  8. oh my gosh, casey! i love it! i’ve always wanted to take my chi to jake’s hair, but i don’t think his mother will let me.


    biddys last blog post..workin hard…ha!

  9. My goodness, she is a gorgeous child.

    SciFi Dads last blog post..Keyword Madness VIII

  10. Oh my gosh, I’m seriously dying of cuteness. Right this minute! Please send paramedics!

    Mommy Daisys last blog post..Pay It Forward v2.0

  11. She is so freaking adorably cute that I almost can’t stand it.

  12. What gorgeous photos! She is really adorable.

    Elizabeths last blog post..Things That Make You Go "Hmmm…"

  13. very cute. and so much like her mama! i do love those curls though! none of mine ever had curly hair…sigh.

    natalies last blog post..Contest #2…yeah…that number 2.

  14. She is adorable. The curls are so cute. Now I know why you call her Moosh:)

    Scriberswebs last blog post..Outdoors

  15. My uterus just wept in jealousy. My God that’s a cute kid.

    Overflowing Brains last blog post..An Open Letter to Joss Whedon

  16. Casey, that makes her look too old! Put it back! 🙂

    Camilles last blog post..Useless!

  17. Wow! She looks totally completely different. The curls better fit her personality but wow that is hot!

    Angelas last blog post..Crazy 8 Coupon Code

  18. She looks so old with her hair straight! It’s adorable, but I still LOVE the curls!

    We have had AMAZING weather here in Louisville, too…so thanks, since we get all our weather from y’all, pretty much.

    Kims last blog post..At the starting line of the rest of my life…

  19. Those are some adorable pictures. I agree with the commenter who mentioned she looks like Dakota Fanning.

    Kudos to you for taking the time to straighten her hair and to the Moosh for being patient enough to let you.

  20. She’s lovely 🙂 Also, for some reason she looks so much MORE like you with the straight hair.

    Rhis last blog post..Friday Bullets! Bed Rest Edition

  21. She is completely gorgeous, and your photos are, as always, amazing. But I have to say, I ADORE the curls, and I wish like anything that my little one had hair like that. Ahhh… the Moosh is adorable, and her hair is delectable.

    MommyTimes last blog post..A Numers Game: Where in the world has MommyTime Been?

  22. Oh my gosh! Is it possible that the cutest girl ever could get any cuter???
    Train her how to do that and you’ll have boys knocking on your door way before you’re ready…
    Actually, it was something I wish I’d known before I got to college! 😉

    Kristas last blog post..We’re Back – or – The Un-Vacation

  23. She looks older with the straight hair – beautiful!

    (but i still LOVE the curls – they seem to match her personality)

    pgoodnesss last blog post..i can haz mah bike back? Plz?

  24. WOW, with her hair straightened, she looks just like you in the #3 pic. She’s precious, but those curls are just yummy.

    Anissa@Hope4Peytons last blog post..Thank God the Kids Get Their Hair From Me

  25. The Moosh is delish! Do you attemp to eat her with a spoon on a daily basis?

    Headless Moms last blog post..Passin’ Along The Luv

  26. Oh wow, such a different look! She must be a very patient child – I’d love to see what Cordy looks like with her curls straightened, but I don’t think she’d ever sit still for it.


    Christinas last blog post..There Are No Rainbows and Unicorns Here

  27. Oh my gosh! She looks so grown up. Whoa!

    Megans last blog post..Everyone hold your breath*

  28. I’ve missed moosh pictures!!

    (She looks older with her hair straight. Stop doing that!)

    Amys last blog post..The Most Grossest

  29. Good lord she’s the cutest thing ever!

    Loris last blog post..Um, your headlights are on

  30. That is one cute kid!
    I have to ask, what do you do to keep her curls in order? Product, how often do you wash it? My girl has very similar curls and I can never seem to get them under control. Having stick straight hair myself I am completely lost when it comes to the curls. She is three now and starting pre-school and I would love for her not to look like a little ragamuffin within an hour of arriving at school. Help!

  31. She’s delicious!

  32. Isn’t it neat that we can do that for our girls without resorting to nasty chemicals?

    Princess asked me to straighten her hair once and since I had time I said yes. After two passes of the straightening iron she said it was too hot and didn’t want me to do any more. Even though I only did those two sections it was such a difference. A totally different girl. And I didn’t realize just how long that hair is either!

    T with Honeys last blog post..Take me out to the ballgame but only if I can play

  33. I’ll just be yet another voice to chime in telling you how cute the Moosh is!!!

    Love both the straight hair and the curls 🙂

    Zs last blog post..Random Beauty: Prospect Park

  34. Your Moosh is adorable either way! I’m so glad I found your blog!

    PS: My daughter has crazy hair, but I’m too scared to flat iron it!

    Megs last blog post..Is This How Einstein’s Mother Felt?

  35. I was thinking… “who is that little girl?”.

    With either hairstyle… she is just gorgeous.

    Colleens last blog post..Sometimes I just can’t control myself.

  36. Oh those curls! You must leave them as is! She looks adorable with them (and without them, of course, but what I wouldn’t do for some curls)!

    Fairly Odd Mothers last blog post..Just One

  37. Dude, it’s a totally different little girl. Just as cute…just different!

    Isabels last blog post..In which I look at myself through a (warped) mirror

  38. Amber Welch says:

    OMG – what a hot little lady you have there. Stop it – she looks too much like a grown up. Does she drive a car yet? I miss you guys.