I’m pleased to say that the doctors currently enrolled in medical school are still hot.

Since this was round three of “Casey getting hot doctors at the local medical school” (round one found here and round two found here) I decided to come clean with Hot Doctor #87-

“Look dude, it’s obvious that doctors aren’t getting any  younger, and I’m just getting older so I’m going to just pretend like you’re an old grandpa and tell you all about my period. Mmm kay?”

Hot Dr. #87 looked shocked and said “So you’re saying I should stop plucking my gray hairs, so I look a little more trustworthy?”

“Actually no, because salt and pepper hair? My weakness.”

*blank stare*

Soooo. My period! WHEW!”

Long story short, after stumbling over his words four times, Hot Dr. #87 referred to my period as my “yer, uh, p.., erm, uhh, uhm, er, uhhh, menses.”

I have a new skill, making hot doctors really uncomfortable.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some peanut butter I need to eat, you see, I always crave peanut butter on my uh, p.., erm, uhh, uhm, er, uhhh, menses.


  1. I’ve never even heard of the word “menses.” Is that a new thing, or did I just fall asleep in the sixth grade talk?

    Or maybe I was just so traumatised, I blocked it from my entire conscious memories.

    Thanks a lot…I’m going to have flashback nightmares now.

    Camilles last blog post..I Wonder How Many Angels Had to Die in the Making of This Bed?

  2. You are hilarious! Luckily I have never had a hot doctor for a my womanly appointments.

  3. I wish I could make hot doctors uncomfortable.
    Girl, you have SKILLS.

    Aprils last blog post..My sick hobby

  4. I always hated it when they called it that. It’s so…1940’s or something. I mean, come on.

    I had a hot doctor for one of my prenatal appointments. Ak-ward.

    Erins last blog post..Blech.

  5. Too bad it wasn’t your new boss you were explaining your period too. That always makes for a great day.

    Olivias last blog post..Public Accounting? SUCK IT.

  6. Woo-Hoo … any day we can make a man (other than hubbie who does it when he is mad, not embarassed) stammer is a good, good, good day!
    Way to GO!

    beachmoms last blog post..my major malfunction…

  7. Setting: reasonably furnished apartment somewhere in Indy.

    Hot Dr. #87 unlocks the door, enters the apartment, and sees room mate on couch watching Olympic triathlon.

    Room Mate: Dude. How was your day?

    Hot Dr. #87: Meh, not bad.

    RM: What happened?

    HD87: Everything was going great. I checked a few kids’ ears for infections, helped one guy with a sprained ankle, and I even got to lance a boil…

    RM: Cool!

    HD87: … on a fat guy’s ass.

    RM: Not cool. Sorry about that.

    HD87: Oh, that was fine. But then this redheaded Mormon chick came in and was all flirty with me.

    RM: Niiice…

    HD87: Yeah, or so I thought. Then she wanted to talk about… about…

    RM: Dude! What did she want to talk about?!?

    HD87: Her period.

    RM: What!?! Nooo!!!

    And… scene.

    SciFi Dads last blog post..Not One Of Our Finer Moments

  8. I’m guessing he was a fairly new 3rd year med student or intern? Because – sheesh. PERIOD, HD87, PERIOD. You can say it.

    Zs last blog post..Budding Hope

  9. Hahahaha, SciFi Dad!

    And Casey, I admire you oh so much now. 🙂

    AGs last blog post..Praise Report for Kaleo

  10. SciFiDad – HA!
    Don’t you love that we women have that power? To make men swoon (And by swoon, I mean stumble on their words and get all green around the gills.)
    And dude? Peanut butter is TOTALLY my weakness at that time. With chocolate. When I was pregnant, I used to ingest it by the jarful. It used to take up the majority of space in my pantry. No joke.

    Mandys last blog post..…and she hasn’t even SEEN any cliche’ 80’s sitcoms

  11. My boys’ pediatrician in the city was so hot. That’s why I picked him, after he came by on his rounds when I was in the hospital after The Boy was born. I miss him so… But I’m crossing my fingers for the new ped we see next month!!

    Jills last blog post..This is sad

  12. Mmm…..advanced degree + a little gray = eye peanut butter….mmmm….oh wait! I have one of those at home! SWEET!

  13. menses.
    and this is why my gyno is 75 🙂

    alis last blog post..Come and party with me. there will be beer slurpees. maybe.

  14. you know how women living together get on the same p.., erm, uhh, uhm, er, uhhh, menses schedule? i’m fairly certain bloggers do to. power to those of us with p.., erm, uhh, uhm, er, uhhh, menses cravings!

  15. SO apparently I need to move to Indiana, the land filled with Hot Doctors, instead I live in the land filled with old creepy men doctor’s. What the Hell!!

    Although I just switched doctor’s and my new Dr is a smokin Hot chick so if I were a dude than that would be ok, but I am not!

    Nikkis last blog post..Grams, The Sequel

  16. My hot ob/gyn has the same name as my paternal grandfather, so you know I was not expecting the hotness the first time I saw him.

    Every doctor in the practice would ask me what we were naming our child when I was pregnant. And since his last name is the same as my maiden name, which we used as a middle name for our second boy, my face always turned red at their inevitable response of “Oh, after Dr. Jackson. Do you have something to tell us?” This was always accompanied by a wink – aren’t they just the funniest!

  17. I think you probably just made him nervous with YOUR Hotness! 🙂 hehe

  18. God you crack me up.

  19. You got it goin on, woman.

  20. Wait, he really said menses? Jeez, did he turn red and stammer too?

    *I* won’t even say menses, and I never even took college biology. He’s a doctor for God’s sake! He needs to call it by its proper name: “your, uhhh, time of the month.”

    Erik Deckerss last blog post..Don’t call Lucas Oil Stadium "The Luke"

  21. Menses, mental. There has to be a connection, right? My craving? Red meat and peanut butter. But not together.

    Melanie @ Mel, A Dras last blog post..Brain Cells Not Firing

  22. A doctor who stumbles over the p-word. Niiice! I had a hot doc during my second pregnancy. He asked me if I’d prefer a nurse to do the pelvic exam, but I thought, what the heck? I’ve already been through one pregnancy and half the clinic has already seen all my equipment (or at least it felt that way). Then during the exam, he was making small talk and said, “gosh, I’m glad I’m not a woman.” Uh, could you cut the chit chat, hot doc, and get your hands where I can see them already? Sheesh!

  23. “I always crave peanut butter on my uh, p.., erm, uhh, uhm, er, uhhh, menses.”

    And I always crave chocolate.

    Come on over! I just made brownies last night for this very reason, and you and I can make homemade Reese’s Peanut Butter cups all night long…

    MommyTimes last blog post..The Power of Place

  24. hee hee! I pretty much crave EVERYTHING. If it is food, I will eat it. And if I’m in the grocery store? I will eat a Wunderbar. Or five.

    Mrs. Wilsons last blog post..Things to come

  25. I think you need to find one of my doctors. They are short and not good looking…

  26. One of the doctors in training when my girls were in the NICU was SO FREAKING HOT. He didnt bat an eyelash at me- but smiled a hell of a lot at my husband.. hmm..

    mayas last blog post..Nurturing Individuality

  27. FishersMom says:

    Funny story. In the past I worked at Methodist Hospital and my doctor’s office was across the street. At my first visit–for a pap test, legs sprawled–he said, “Haven’t I seen you somewhere?” His nurse burst into laughter, I turned red and he–realizing what he had said–started stumbling over a response “No, I’ve seen you working in the hospital!”

  28. That totally rocks you make hot doctors stutter and fluster like that. I want that skill. :o)

    Rheas last blog post..What you didn’t know you needed

  29. I’m hoping Casey that the next time you go to see a hot doctor, you take your camera along.


    Antonettes last blog post..Hairy Scary

  30. *Dies laughing* Menses. I’ve never actually heard a doctor have to say that!

    Untypically Jias last blog post..Dogs Are People Too! (Please Pass This Along!)

  31. Thank you for article.


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