My neighbor had a baby yesterday. (SQUEE!)

She pushed for 45 minutes.

When I had a baby I pushed for 4 minutes.

If you’ve had a baby, how long did you push?

If you’ve adopted, how long did you have to wait between the birth and to being able to hold your baby?

If you’ve never had a baby and want to know how I got away with only pushing for 4 minutes, it’s because there is a God, and He loves me.

Yeah, it has nothing to do with hot. But given there are thousands of babies born everyday I’m just wondering how long it took most of them to get here.


  1. Daughter No. 1: Labor, 24 hours. Pushed for 3 1/2. Third degree tears. Ouch. Plus got hemmoroids later. Thank god for witch hazel.

    Daughter No. 2: Labor, 6 hours. Pushed for 30 minutes. Minimal tearing. Fantastico. But she went to NICU for pneumonia for seven days. Would of preferred the first experience to watching my new little girl go through sickness.

  2. I’m having a baby in February. Please (PLEASE) let me fall closer towards the nanosecond.

  3. #1 labor 13.5 hours and pushing time 45 minutes.

    #2 labor 6 hours pushing time 5 minutes.

    I am a labor and delivery nurse and have witnessed pushing for 4 hours (way too long in my opinion) and no pushing at all!!

    RNs last blog post..Advice…please?

  4. I had an emergency C-Section, so no labor or pushing for me. But, I had to wait two long weeks until I held my little baby. Luckily, she was worth the wait.

  5. Three hours of pushing for my daugther Charlotte. I HATE YOU ALL.

    My mom pushed me (her firstborn) for 15 minutes, and my brother nearly slid out before she could get into the bed. I HATE HER, TOO.

    janas last blog post..

  6. after more than 18 months of redtape, we are still waiting to finally hold our daughter who will turn one year old next month… 🙂

    kristins last blog post..Protected: happy 11 months!

  7. My first 3 were definitely no longer than 4 minutes. My fourth was a c-section. I feel blessed that I didn’t have to push for hours too!

    Alysons last blog post..The Berkshires, Part 2 Tyringham

  8. 12 hours of labor – no pushing. C-section. I think I held him about 2 hours later – hard to know I was so drugged up.

    EMamas last blog post..I think I’d do better unpregnant

  9. First child lots and lots of painful pushing…second child, no pushing at all. Seriously. That child just FLEW out. And it HURT more than anything those few seconds…then no pain at all. It was fabulous.

    Rheas last blog post..A Jedi Car, Purple Grass & A Bad Mom

  10. baby #1 36 hours labor, 45 min pushing

    baby #2 7 hours labor, 10 min pushing

    Baby #2 and I bonded faster. Go figure.

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