Dude, it was 101 degrees. We stayed for four hours.

IT. WAS. AWESOME. (and hot, holy crap it was hot.)

Indianapolis Air Show
Can you see me?
War Birds
BANG! (WW II aircraft gun barrel)
Frank Luckman, WW II veteran
Indianapolis Air Show
B-17 girl.
Can you see the insurance liability?
WW II Veteran B-17 Crew
B-17 Bomber
Indianapolis Air Show


  1. Gorgeous pics – LOVE the Avfuel

    A Whole Lot of Nothings last blog post..Sorry to Skeer You

  2. I love air shows! When we lived in Chicago, we used to get to see a lot of the practice flights the participating teams took. I really missed being able to do that this year. The best part was when the Blue Angels or whoever the precision team was would buzz the skyscrapers downtown. I used to work on the 30-somethingth floor and it was freaky to see a fighter jet that close to your building. I think they stopped letting them do that after 9/11, which I get, but it was still pretty awesome! Great pics!

    Jills last blog post..Fashion Show

  3. lovely shots girl! Yr an ace with that camera.

    amys last blog post..It’s just another Sunday in a tired old street

  4. Damn, what kind of camera do you have? I need to know so I can ask for one for Christmas. 🙂

    Erins last blog post..My Randomness, in a Nutshell

  5. You know I love really old guys. They’re “hot!”

    Really though I think its just recognizing the history and experience there. And in a lot of cases that they’ve realized and accepted that somethings just doing matter. They can comfortable say “To hell with ya!”

    Angelas last blog post..Playing in the sprinkler

  6. Fantastic pictures. I smell a winner. No Casey, not a wiener, a winner.

  7. Isn’t that fun? We live nearby, so we just watch from our backyard. It makes me get a little motion sick just thinking about being up there though! Great photos…

    Katies last blog post..100 Things – In the beginning

  8. Superb!!

  9. varangianguard says:

    What!?! No comment on the F-22 Demo flight? Holy-moley, Casey, that jet can do everything except cat herding. Didn’t you see her turn a complete circle in about a 1/4 mile DIAMETER? That will get the old pressure suit pumping, I’m guessing.

    For an “old dude” WW2 buff, the Warbirds show was fabulous, too.

  10. Great pictures, Casey! We used to visit the local air show in the summers back when my husband was into building model aircraft.

  11. Glad to see you are enjoying the summer.

    Before long it will be cold again. 🙁

  12. Glad you enjoyed yourself and grabbed some great photos. I want to see the whole set of 500+ though. Come on. Don’t go light on me!

  13. Absolutely STUNNING photos. Do you do this professionally? Because, seriously, you’re so talented!

    Alysons last blog post..The Berkshires, Part 2 Tyringham

  14. LOVE THEM, Casey! Absolutely LOVE them!

    I really miss going to air shows – this made my day. 🙂

    Butrfly Gardens last blog post..One of Us

  15. I’ve never been to an air show. I’ve heard they’re a lot of fun…I bet my boys would love one.

    The picture off the reflection was very cool. Great photos!

    Rheas last blog post..A Jedi Car, Purple Grass & A Bad Mom

  16. Awesome pics! It has been one of my lifelong dreams to attend an airshow, and I’ve never had the opportunity.

    You made me feel a tiny bit better about it! 🙂

    Reeses last blog post..My trip…

  17. Some cool “A” friggin beans. WOW.

    Kims last blog post..WOW.