Last week I went to the doctor in hopes of finding something to explain my big mysterious symptom.

Someday I’m going to befriend a doctor and somehow trick him into telling me the truth about patients like me.

And what kind of patient am I?

One that goes in with a symptom of “sleepiness.” Or “fatigue” if you don’t want to sound like such a baby.

“Can you expound on that?” asked the hot doctor.

“I’m really sleepy all the time. I eat well, I sleep well, I drink plenty of water, I don’t really drink  caffeine and yet I could curl up and take a six hour nap if you could just get me a pillow that isn’t wrapped in paper. Sorry dude, but all I have for you is sleepy.”

Then came the depression questions, if you have in your chart that you suffer from depression you know what the depression questions are.

“So do you have any hobbies?”

“What do you like to do?”

“Are you feeling withdrawn? Like you don’t want to be around people?”

“Any thoughts of hurting yourself or others?”

Now I’ve never had the depression questions when I haven’t been “in” for depression, they sounded kind of funny, like “Who would ever want to hurt themselves? And of course I want to be around people! I’m a people person! What kind of questions are these? I’m sleepy, not suicidal!”  And bless his little heart, this was the same fresh faced doctor that asked about my uh, p.., erm, uhh, uhm, er, uhhh, menses. I answered them of course, proving that it wasn’t depression that was turning me into a hibernating bear in the middle of the summer.

I told him I like to write (I left out the bit about “I like to write about my life on the internet for complete strangers” only becase that would have led to a whole other string of questions that I didn’t want to answer. If you’ve ever had to explain to someone that you blog (and sometimes even blog about hot doctors) then you know why I avoided the question.) I also told him I like to hang out with my kid and go on adventures, I like to take pictures, I like to bake, and I like to hang out with friends and like totally hang out at the mall and listen to my new NKOTB CD.

He asked how old my kid was. I told him.

“Well that’s probably why you’re tired, you have a lot going on.”

Oh, well. Now my life has a lot going on to the point of utter and complete exhaustion. Good to know, Cody, did you hear that? Mama needs a break. Now I’m not going to claim my life is easy, but it’s no Deadliest Catch either. I’ve been at this mothering gig full time for a few years now, I was just starting to to think it was getting easier, not harder.

After sucking blood out of me the doctor concluded that I have lovely blood without a hint of abnormalities.

Apparently I just, wait, how did he put it?  “Have a lot going on.”

Guess that’s a pretty fair diagnosis for someone who came in as “sleepy.”



  1. I’ve had sleep issues for years and they’ve never figured it out. I’ve had all kinds of tests and tried all kinds of medications. Nothing.

    I can nap for four hours at a time anytime, nearly anywhere (except, of course, on an airplane).

    Reeses last blog post..My trip…

  2. Sorry to hear your not feeling well.

    Last time I complained to my husband that I was tired all the time, he suggested I get more exercise. Right, because chasing a four year old and a 18 mth old is clearly not exercise!

    Amys last blog post..Shopping

  3. I’ve been having the same problem! The chronic sleepiness, that is. I work out daily (just ran a marathon), eat healthy, don’t drink, and lately I’ve been sleeping from midnight until 9am every day (I work from home)! I thought about going to the doctor to make sure I’m OK, but then I was all, “well what do I tell him? I’m here because…I’m tired?” Glad I’m not alone! Oh, and I don’t even have a kid (just a boyfriend and a cat) so that can’t be my problem!

    Camels & Chocolates last blog post..Confronting My Fears (or How a Shark Tried to Play Finsie with Me)

  4. Perhaps you should have him check you for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    Any of these?

    Because I? Am the harbinger of doom.

    Anissa@Hope4Peytons last blog post..Playing Their Reindeer Games

  5. I sleep great at night, but I feel tired most days, too. My sister is convinced I have a thyroid problem (hyper, hypo, hyper-hypo…who knows?) and all I need is some blood work and drugs. She’s probably right, especially since I DON’T have a kid, OR a lot going on. Hmmm…

    Camilles last blog post..{A Lesson in Self-Assertion}

  6. Being a SAHM is tiring. Being a SAHM with a partner who’s often in school or at the library is exhausting. Hopefully, Cody will give you some opportunities to rest.

    SciFi Dads last blog post..An Open Letter To All Mommies

  7. Those symptoms are totally full-blown around here.

  8. And HOW much did he charge you for that visit? I could have charged you less for telling you that your a mom, so your exhausted! Though you probably wouldn’t have thought I was as HOT as him.

    Mrs. Schmittys last blog post..Out of the loop? I didn’t even know there was a loop.

  9. Ambian helps. At least then I know I got “rest” but yeah sleep issues suck when blood tests are normal and sleep studies day you sleep better than most. Stupid doctors.

    Angelas last blog post..Fall 2004

  10. I totally went into the doctor’s office a few weeks ago for the exact same symptom. Sleepiness. Sleepiness to the point of needing a nap in my car everyday at work. However, that’s when we discovered the blessed anemia. Ahh, how I love my life.

    Olivias last blog post..Perhaps it’s time for more counseling?

  11. I had a doctor flat out tell me to get a new career. Not suggest it. Not hint that it might be a good idea. Basically told me to quit. Yeah, easy for you to say, guy who makes a gagillion dollars at a major research hospital. I almost told him that if he would sponsor my children, I would change to whatever career he suggested.

    Insta-moms last blog post..I’m certain Mr. Peaches wanted to ride the ferris wheel

  12. Oh gosh. I am right there with you. Maybe we should have a nap-in or something. Ugh. Doctors.

    Kristins last blog post..I didn’t have my A game today

  13. I’m there too. I am wondering lately if I have sleep apnea.

    Anemia sounds like a good explanation, too. I think there are a lot of reasons a person can be anemic.

  14. hey …brand new to the blog ..but wanted to stop by and say …”sleepy” can definitely be a pretty significant symptom. I’m a nurse practitioner and specialize in sleep medicine. It saddens me how often that complaint gets blown off in the doctors office. You need a sleep and nap study, honestly …for two reasons …one to find out what it is …one to find out what it’s not. It makes fixing and/or treating the symptoms a lot easier. So ….request a “Polysomnogram with MSLT.” Heheh…and …we love patients like you 🙂

  15. It “sounds” like it could possibly be chronic fatigue syndrome. Of course I’m no hot doctor and I have my on ummm errr menses, thankyouverymuch.

    Darla – UltraBeautyBoutiques last blog post..Got my free Swiffer, $23 ebates check & free dog food!

  16. Why is it our bodies shut down and sleep a lot when we’re depressed? I’m the same way.

    You have a hot doctor? I used to. I miss him. He was so sweet and so awesome. And a really GOOD doctor.

    Rheas last blog post..Grand Master D

  17. Your just bi-polar and kicked out of your rapid cycling mode, then you popped into the SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) from not getting enough sun! 🙂 Easy diagnoses… Opps that’s me … Ok Ok take off the sun glasses and get some real sunlight and you’ll be a OK! That’s free and I am hot for 50!

  18. And I have compelling eyes! Not bad for 50!

  19. Just get a anti depressant or go take some Saint John Wart which ya can buy at Wall Mart! Be a woman and take pills by god! Or eat right (no more hot dogs and slushy’s from Speedway)work in your yard (ya got a yard don’t ya?),fire up the grill (Chicken not brats) and stay away from Caffeine and you’ll be ok! Ship the kid to Siberia if you truly want to be free!

  20. I’m a refugee from Ruth Holladay blog, not much in fun happening over there at the moment just politics ;( Kids will drive a woman (I have 3 boys) crazy! Your in the easy stage wait till Cody becomes a teenager, then the fun begins! Enjoy the little guy that’s the easy part! When he’s old enough go out and coach his sports team and drive all the win at all costs dad’s crazy by having fun in sports! Now those will be some compelling pictures!

  21. Here’s one of my favorite quotes for all you depressed people out there: It is important to recognize the power of our emotions — and to take responsibility for them by creating a light and positive atmosphere around ourselves. This attitude of JOY that we create helps alleviate states of hopelessness, loneliness and despair in our life. Our relationships with others thus naturally improves, and little by little the whole of society becomes more positive and balanced! Gotta love those Crazy Buddhist they truly understand the very fabric of the Universe! Hmmm don’t women hold the Universe together????

  22. Ok Moosh here is a cartoon video to cheer you up! You are pretty cute! Hmmm are you cute when your angry?? Ok you can have your blog back! Let your son watch it he’ll like it!

  23. So, did he check your thyroid.

    I had a doctor tell me for two years I was just “stressed” or needed to “lose weight.”

    Turns out I had thyroid disease (hashimotos)

    I don’t mean to be that annoying person who has a disease and is all YOU MIGHT HAVE WHAT I HAVE, but! I found that my doctors were so dismissive of my fatigue and it’s caused me a lot of problems. So anytime I read this kind of thing, I can’t help but be all “have your thyroid checked!”

    Ys last blog post..Life Changing Words, Indeed.

  24. I went to my doctor with similar symptoms, and after asking me a gazillion questions, offered me a prescription for sleeping tablets!!! I don’t have a problem sleeping, I have a problem staying awake (I have also had insomnia all my 41 years, but never the tiredness all the time). Threw the script out and have no shame in taking a ‘nanna-nap’ on my two days off, if I can. That extra 1/2 to 3 hours sleep on those days makes a HUGE difference. My kids are 13 and 14 and at school on my days off, doesn’t help you much with the Moosh, sorry

  25. the last time i went in for sleepiness that wasn’t depression related, i found out i had mono. again.

    oh yeah, i’m the freak that gets mono more than once

    biddys last blog post..Virgo Baby

  26. Sleep Study! Really. Have I missed it, and you’ve done that already? If so, ignore me. If not, then go in and let them hook electrodes to your brain and stuff to your face (which is all very relaxing) and find out if you are really getting rest while you’re asleep.

    Wow, I am proof that once you pass the age of 40, you are just free and easy with the assvice!

    Belindas last blog post..Starting Kindergarten

  27. Try massage therapy! If ya don’t want to spend the cash get a book at the library or check out the internet. Hey you teach your son to do it , it will make him a better partner for that some one special down the road in his life!

  28. Look how I join everyone in telling you what happened with me! I spent years feeling sleepy all the time. I started taking a complex vitamin B capsule every day and I felt like a new person.

    I’m a vegetarian though and I understand that we can sometimes have B deficiencies. When I told my Mom about it she tried it and got gout so it doesn’t work for everyone.

    Good luck and I hope you find something to help soon.

    Amys last blog post..Keep me from those other boys

  29. Excessive sleepiness is always a symptom of something. I’ve been brushed off before, too, and told it’s just depression. My blood work all came back peachy.

    It is frustrating, but saying “oh, you have a toddler” isn’t really a diagnosis. Or if it is, I want a prescription for occasional babysitting.

    Christinas last blog post..Haiku Friday: Labor Day

  30. Thyroid? Have them do both tests, many people don’t show up right with just the TSH test…

  31. I ALWAYS FEEL TIRED…ALWAYS…have been to the doc countless times like you…thinking I have some fatal disease…or cancer…never anything. Sorry we are in the same row boat.

    Kims last blog post..So, um this one time…