If you’re reading this it means that I am in the backseat of my car being driven to Ann Arbor Michigan to watch Utah hopefully beat Michigan at football. If Utah can win in the Big House it means that today will be one of the greatest days of Cody’s life.

Look for me on ESPN, oh, wait. That was last year.

Just know that on the long drive I won’t even need to take Dramamine to help me sleep.

Two law students will be in the front seats.Talking. About law school stuff.

I’ll be asleep before we leave our zip code.


  1. oh I HATE Michigan with a raging passion. We’re going to the Michigan vs. Michigan State game (in the big house) mid October.

    enjoy Ann Arbor, if that’s possible.

    designherMommas last blog post..you’re gonna miss this…

  2. I didn’t realize college ball started today until my hubby informed me. So, I’ll end up watching the Texas Longhorn tonight with all the males in my household. I’m outnumbered.

    Have fun!

    Rheas last blog post..No monkeying around

  3. Sorry, Hon; Utah is going down and they will be going down hard. While I’m a huge Ohio State fan, I’ve gotta cheer on the Wolverines today – the Big Ten is the best!! I’m so happy college football has started again.

    Put on lots of sunscreen, every time I’ve been to the Big House I’ve gotten fried!

  4. Hubs is from MI, I’m from Indy..I live to torture him that I’m sending the kids to Notre Dame. He gets all red and frothy at the thought. It makes me giggle.

    Anissa@Hope4Peytons last blog post..I was sort of hoping for a doctor or an engineer

  5. A bunch of the Ute fans at my husband’s office flew out there just for that game. They are so excited that Utah may beat such a great football program.

    I honestly don’t care if Utah wins or loses….as long as they lose their last game of the season.

  6. I know this doesn’t have much to do with your post, but all I can say is Go Cougars!

    Erikas last blog post..Fun at School

  7. Ah dang. If I’da read this earlier…
    There IS more to Michigan than The Big House.

    It’s called Zingerman’s.

    Antonettes last blog post..School Daze

  8. yup Utah beat Michigan but save the greatest day for Cody when his first kid is born! You people and your sports! It supposed to be fun not a Religion! Think about it!

  9. hey, you were in my town! πŸ™‚ hope you enjoyed the game!

    kristins last blog post..Protected: phew.

  10. Go Utes!!! Looks like it could shape up to be a big season. Way to start things out on the right foot.

  11. Ooh I agree with Antonette. If the Big House isn’t the best part of that town, it’s definitely Zingerman’s.

    Looks like Cody got his wish!

    Lauryns last blog post..Oh No I Di’int

  12. Wooo hooo WTG Utah. I will cheer for anyone who is playing Michigan. Rich Rod is going down!!!

    Jesss last blog post..Updates Get Your Updates….

  13. Um, I take back my comment. Didn’t realize how awesomely craptacular UM would be this year. It was like watching a High School team.

    Congrats to Utah!

    ikates last blog post..An Amzing Failure

  14. How was the game?

    Rheas last blog post..Coffee Beans Mid-Air

  15. Cody! Celebrate big time, my friend! Great job by the Utes (and not in the My Cousin Vinnie way).

  16. i think your hot day 31 post should include me…since it’s my birthday and all πŸ™‚

    ok…and i’m a comment fiend

    Biddys last blog post..happy birthday to biddy…

  17. ack. congrats on a win. the maize and blue were bad, though.

    megachicks last blog post..picnic weekend

  18. As a former law student, I apologize for the boring discussion you must have suffered through. And congrats on Utah winning! The Prof and I enjoyed going to the games when we lived in SLC!


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