I haven’t showered for three days. No particular reason, just never really crossed my mind as something urgent that needed to be done. I’m considering taking it as personal challenge to see how long I can go without a shower, to see who would have the balls to say something to me.

Nah, not really. I’ll probably go shower after I finish writing this.

So riddle me this. Technically you’re not supposed to wash your hair everyday. Especially if it’s color treated. So I don’t. But come day two most of the time I feel greasy. I don’t look greasy, I just feel greasy. And I feel like I smell greasy. Yet no one has ever said “WASH YOUR HAIR MUCH DISGUSTO GIRL?” Needless to say three days without a shower? No part of me is hot right now.

So how often do you wash your hair? Do you feel not so hair commercial wonderful the next day but just ignore it because you’re “supposed” to wash your hair every other day? C’mon, how many of you have roots that are feeling not so squeaky clean most of the time (maybe at this very moment) but have the rest of us fooled?

I now feel like a dirty dishrag. A shower has just become an absolute.



  1. LOL, ok this just made me realize that it is 11:30 pm and I haven’t showered yet today…opps!

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  2. So I totally am in the camp of not washing your hair everyday. I wash mine every 2 to 3 days. Oh yes, it is greasy FOR SURE by the end of day 2 but hey! That’s when ponytails are SO HANDY!

    Brees last blog post..Will blog for food

  3. Yeah, I do my best to shower and wash my hair every morning. I’ll skip a day here and there, but I can’t stand feeling greasy like that.

    AGs last blog post..Kaleo’s Chemo Decision

  4. Okay, I’m going to let you in on my secret because I like you (and because I lurve your hair)… I wash my tresses every three days and in between to get that “I just shampooed” freshness, I wet my hair in the shower and condition only. (you do have to shower though so this may not apply to your stanky self). Anyway, assuming you do soap up once in a while, conditioning makes your hair b-e-e-u-t-i-f-u-l and don’t strip the color none. Try it. You can thank me later. Or sooner. Whichev.

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  5. I shower every day but I definitely do not wash my hair that often. If I wear my hair straight I wash it every 3 or 4 days, however…if it is curly I was it every 5…or 6….or sometimes more.

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  6. I shower every other day. I’m prone to dry skin and have really long hair, so my skin AND my hair say, “Hey thanks lady!”

    That said, by the end of the second day I’m dying to get in the shower, as I just feel grubby and greasy. Even though my hair usually looks fine, it feels awful to me.

    Anths last blog post..Breaking Dawn

  7. I usually shower every other day. BUT .. that is because I am lazy…not because I care how often I should wash my hair.

    The day with out the shower….icky. I feel as if even when I just walk out to the car and back, I come in smelling like a sweaty school kid (you know the smell… not BO… just sweat and dirt on little kids after recess? yuck) No matter how many times I wash my hair, my finger nails get dirty. My hair is completely dull and flat. My face feels greasy…. even if I wash like normal. I just can’t believe I can feel THAT dirty after only one day with out a shower.

    EmilyPies last blog post..Not Quite a Woman

  8. The daycare ladies at the gym DO NOT recognize me if I show up for my kids without a ponytail. That tells you how much the “plan B” of long hair is executed. My hair, since motherhood, is less oily so I can get away with an every-other-day routine. Of course, with little ones running around, it’s not like I have a choice!

  9. If I don’t want to be gawked at as an oil-spill-refugee I will go 2 days without washing my hair because, why was IT when I didn’t wash the rest of me? But to look anywhere near the spectrum of groomed, it’s a daily effort. Of course, if I’d stop hanging around online until 2 AM, I might wake up in time to bathe EVERY day. Oh well.

    Anissa@Hope4Peytons last blog post..What can you give?

  10. Yeah, I should have showered today. I didn’t. Am feeling greasy. But yes, normally I am an every other day sort of gal. My hair “behaves” better when I do. But I’ve been pushing it three days lately as well and… I need to stopit.

    Marilyns last blog post..I’m so not ready for this

  11. I take a shower usually every day or I just think I smell funky! But I only wash my hair every other day, unless I’ve been out running or swimming in a pool or something. And if the hair is just funky weird on an in between day then do what merlot mom suggested, just rinse and use a bit of conditioner! Works great!

  12. Every other day, but more often when it’s hot out.

    Nanettes last blog post..Spa and sweets

  13. I DO NOT feel clean unless my head feels clean. Even when I don’t wash my body, I wash my hair. I think my hair dresser is fairly appreciative of my bad habits that send me to her chair more often but since I’m nearly 32 (yikes) it’s not a habit that’s likely to change.

  14. When I had coloured hair, as in pink or purple, I would shampoo once a week and condition every day or every other day. Whatever, the conditioner cleaned it, and shampoo strips colour! Now I usually do every other day, by the third day it usually feels icky!

    Megs last blog post..Mind Shift!

  15. Daily. I have extremely oily hair- If I shower at 8am Monday, by noon Tuesday I feel nasty and by 3pm Tuesday I look like I’ve pomaded my head.

    It is insane and unfair. No idea why I’m so darned greasy.

    I also only use conditioner about once a month- it makes me grease up extra fast and weighs my hair down.

    So there you go. The dirty, greasy truth. Shower is a must if I want to feel at all attractive the next day.

  16. I usually wash my hair every other day. Yes my hair is color treated and I should probably only wash it every third day, but then I feel yucky.

    The longest I have gone is four days and I just felt so gross, like my hair should flame up on its own because it had so much hairspray and yuck.

    a.mens last blog post..A Quick Trip, Les Miserables, Shopping, and Face Art…OH MY!

  17. Hey today was MY third day too! (until mid-afternoon anyway…)

    My hair is color treated and I usually manage to wash it every other day, but only because I’ll take a shower in the evening on Day A and then in the morning on Day C. So it’s really only a day and a half in between… and yes, I always feel like the Queen of Nast.

    Reeses last blog post..Steroids

  18. I wash my hair every other day, and skip even that, but only when I intend to stay inside studying all day.

    My secret on the days that i don’t wash is to wash/wet and blow dry just the front bang section of my hair. Totally looks better!

    Debbies last blog post..We’ll always have New York, we just didn’t have it this summer…

  19. I feel rather strongly about this. It is BAD for your hair to wash it every day. If you stop washing it every day, your hair will get used to it and your scalp wills top producing as much oil.

    I wash my hair every 2-3 days. The great thing is, that on the day that I wash it, if I also blow-dry and style it, I won’t have to for the next two days. My hair is amazing like that.

    Sherrys last blog post..New Look

  20. Daily, hair be damned. I have fine/thin hair that turns greasy as soon as it approaches the 24 hour mark without shampoo.

    I really think it takes a certain head of hair to go a couple days without washing.

  21. Every.Single.Day.

    If I don’t, I end up with greasy, flat hair. And despite washing it every day, hairdressers always tell me I have ultra-healthy hair. (and yes, I color it).

    Robyns last blog post..A Baby Story

  22. My hair is color treated and I do wash it every day. I tend to apply the hair spray liberally (hey, I was a teen in the ’80s) and don’t like what I see on top of my head when I wake up in the morning. It has to get washed.

  23. I guess I am a rebel. I wash my hair every day. with shampoo and conditioner.

    D’Raes last blog post..Friday

  24. i try to shower every day…because my hair TOTALLY needs it…but on days that i’m way too lazy to get up, my hair gets put up in a clip, and i just pretend my hair looks pretty 😉

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  25. Savannah says:

    Every other day for me!

  26. I have to shower every day, or else I feel super icky 😉 I wash my hair every other day though.

    Nicoles last blog post..New Recipes with Nico: Coconut-Orange Candies

  27. Hair every other day unless I get vomited on by a kid. The Oscar Blandi dry shampoo is a miracle for day 2 hair.

    I cannot tolerate even 1 day of underarm hair growth, so yeah, daily shower.

    Laurins last blog post..I Feel Bad About My Face

  28. Everyday.
    I have to shower every day and wash my hair. It’s way too thin and greasy if I don’t.

    Maybe it’s because I work as a nurse and just feel “cleaner” doing so, but sometimes I shower 2x a day!

    crookedeyebrows last blog post..JC and the game

  29. Lisa in TX says:

    I’m usually “way too busy” with the kids to shower every day. Or even every other day. Sometimes longer :[ My hair is the fist thing to remind me that I need to freshen up. Maybe if I could sleep I’d get up in the morning… Even if I had the time and will, I still think I’d be 2-3 days, even if I start to feel the oil at 1 1/2.

  30. Shower and wash hair mostly every day. I need the water going over my head to really wake up. I’ve tried every-other day shampooing but I get really greasy by the end of those days if I don’t.
    Also? My hair gets pretty gross if I’m working out daily and don’t shampoo afterwards because I sweat big time.
    (Of course I haven’t worked out more than 2-3 times a week in more than a year…)

    Must Be Motherhoods last blog post..The One Month Countdown

  31. I wash my hair every other day because I know that is what is healthiest for it.


    I loathe Day 2 Unwashed. HATE IT.

    cageys last blog post..The Dark Knight

  32. I have to wash my hair everyday or I just can’t stand myself. I’d give ANYTHING to have hair that didn’t need washing everyday.

    Anna Maries last blog post..Phone photo of the Day

  33. I must be one of these freaks that has to wash my hair every day. I’ll be a grease monkey with in hours if I don’t. My hair is so fine and lifeless as it is..it needs that extra boost. Plus work probably appreciates my not so grease monkey self. 🙂

    jeans last blog post..Test…123

  34. I have to shower and wash my hair every day. (well, except yesterday when I was cleaning all day…).But USUALLY every day.

  35. Washing my hair everyday is a must for me. Unless I am not leaving the house, I have to shower. My hair is baby fine, so most days my hair is greesy by the end of the day, no matter when I showered.

    Megans last blog post..The sky is falling!

  36. I have very fine hair, so I have no choice but to wash every day…but, I have some friends who have used “dry shampoo” on the days they don’t wash their hair. I think it’s just a powder you put on your hair that kinda soaks up the residual grease and makes it look soft and bouncy on the days you don’t wash.

  37. Do you want to know? Do you REALLY want to know? I haven’t washed my hair in five years. Seriously! You won’t believe it, but it’s true. I don’t have dreads, but I have naturally curly hair. And I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone who does not have curly hair. Curls need the natural oils your scalp produces, but straight hair does not. I condition every time I shower (usually daily!) but that’s it. Sounds gross, but my curls love it and my scalp only occasionally need the tiniest bit of shampoo worked in. This wasn’t my idea though: check out the book “Curly Girl” is you’re curious. (And it was the weirdest feeling to get used to! I felt “greasy” but my hair looked great, so I persevered.)

    Kates last blog post..Right Under Your Nose

  38. EVERY DARN DAY. Otherwise I’m scary. And that’s not fair to the kids.

    Kristins last blog post..Something to talk about

  39. Delurking to say I’m with merlotmom (and possibly others, sorry, didn’t read all the comments!) in that while I don’t shampoo daily, I do feel greasy on day 2 like you, so I wet my hair in the shower and condition it on non-shampoo days. Keeps the hair from drying out, me from having the greasy/grimy feeling. It’s a win win!

  40. I have fine hair, but a lot of it so I wash my hair every other day. My hair is fairly curly and it is does better when I don’t wash it everyday. It doesn’t usually look as nice the second day, but it is not sticky, greasy or gross. Last week I dyed my hair back to its natural color, which to my surprise is brown. My kids are light blond, almost white and I was blond as a child and growing up. I just can’t afford to highlight anymore and as frequently as it needs to be done to look good (to keep no roots). I guess it is just one more thing I have to accept about my post-pregnancy self (man do I miss my old pre-mom self).

  41. I have to wash my hair every day because if I don’t I feel and LOOK greasy. Actually, I look like I just got out of the shower even though I didn’t.

    I wish there was some product (is there?) to apply to my hair on the second day to prolong washing it but that would also allow me to walk into the office without someone asking me why my hair is wet.

    She Likes Purples last blog post..Well That Wasn’t So Bad

  42. I was every day because I use product on it and even if I rinse every day, the product still builds up and makes my hair flat the second day.

  43. I wish I could be dirty! Oh, do I wish I could be dirty! I MUST have a shower EVERY day. If I don’t I feel like I have not woken up and I end up walking around like a zombie all day tripping over random things and saying ALL sorts of inappropriate crap! It’s really a curse! When I used to manage a Starbucks I would start work at like 5am and so would get up at 3:45 so I had time to shower! RIDICULOUS! I’d get there and everyone was all “What do you mean you showered? Are you on crack? Are you drunk right now?” Yeah I SUCK! I only use shampoo every other day but I do always use conditioner.

    Nikkis last blog post..Finding My Religion

  44. Kortneigh says:

    my sister washes her hair every 5days ish. and her hair always looks great!! i am so jealous. but me?? oh no no! i can go about two days. i really enjoy reading your blog :] my sister introduced me to it. now i am hooked!!!

  45. I’ve heard the same thing about not washing your hair every day if its color treated, it supposedly strips your hair of its natural oils and dries it out. I wash mine typically every other day, and the days I don’t, its a bobby pin or ponytail day. And when I can get away with my frizzy mess of hair, I try not to blow dry it. Ideally I’d like to keep this head of hair as long as my genes will let me 😉

    Kimberly Keiths last blog post..Baby Fever~!

  46. I wash my hair every day. It’s really short and fine so if I don’t I’m a literal greaseball. Besides, I don’t function if I haven’t had water in my face.

    Dawns last blog post..Someday, I’ll Laugh

  47. I have spent most of my semi-adult life with colored and/or permed hair (don’t worry, it’s a cute perm). In addition to all that, my hair apparently thinks that it should flee from my head as often as possible and I shed like a dog. So, I personally wash my hairs about every three days. I also deep condition once a week and use strengthening hair products. No visible difference as of yet, but I have hope.

    Ally Oopss last blog post..August

  48. Three days is about the longest I can go without a shower. I don’t really like to shower, but after three days, I really start to feel gross.

    I wash my hair every other day because any more than that, and mine is greasy.

    Kristabellas last blog post..Job Interviews Are Fun!

  49. I wash my hair every 3 or 4 days. Before getting pregnant with Princess it was at least every other day. But since then it will start to look like a hay stack if I wash it more often.

    I think my hair looks and feels the best on day 2 and 3. It settles down a bit and just looks nicer. Plus I don’t use much in the way of styling product so I think that helps reduce my need to shampoo.

    By day 4 my scalp needs a good cleaning and I wake up to discover that an oil spill suddenly broke on my head overnight. That’s when it gets washed.

  50. I wash my hair every 2-3 days, but shower every single day, sometimes more than once a day. My body and skin has to feel clean or I’m just squicked out. I rock the ever so awesome shower cap. Glamourous, no?

    My hair can sometimes feel a little greasy, but this I swear by: corn starch. Regular old kitchen corn starch. A little on the hands and run them through the roots of your hair. Then just brush your hair like normal. On that second day, it can make your hair less oily and more manageable. Works like a charm. (For the record my hair is color treated, very dark brown, and the corn starch doesn’t leave any trace of white or powdery color.)

    If you look at some of the higher priced “dry shampoos” or hair powders, their #1 ingredient is usually corn starch. Just sayin’.