For some reason these cats think that right behind our feet is the place to be.

Especially when we’re in the kitchen.

Wink gets a 50% pass with the whole one eye thing, but Percy…Percy’s sneaky and fits right in my blind spot.

Percy the Reindeer

I nearly tripped on the darn cat twice, which caused me to step far wider than my thighs are okay with and in wool socks on a hardwood floor that meant I did some dramatic sliding to the floor onto my rear end.


Guess how boring life has been with these two furballs around?

Addie tucked Percy in

Not very.

Especially since Percy may have been a ninja in a former life, which is funny for the humans but highly unfortunate for the one eyed cat who is blindsided by a brown tabby who appears as if from nowhere and runs away so fast Wink is never really sure what just happened.

wink rests his mitts.

We think Wink may be older than the Humane Society told us, his back leg is a little goofy so when he walks away it looks like his pants are falling down.Β  Yesterday he saw a squirrel out the window and nearly knocked himself out trying to keep his one eye on it andΒ today as Cody was making a tuna fish sandwich his heightened sense of smell almost got him stepped on several times by three people.

wink and the pie

In other news. THIS BABY IS SEVEN MONTHS OLD. Remember when she used to be sad baby? NOT ANYMORE!





  1. So, I’ve been reading along for a while and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Maybe it’s the holidays, maybe it’s the antlers on your cat or, let’s face it, the pictures of quite possibly the smileyest baby ever. I also live in Indy. I’ve also been through my own version of depression issues, fertility gunk, etc. I really just wanted to say thanks for sharing your world. When my little RSS feed shows I’ve got one to read from you, I get a little bit giddy like I did when a new Nancy Drew Case Files book would come out when I was 10 years old. Enjoy your holidays with your one-eyed, multi-toed and ninja-like cats. Love up on your husband and squishy, happy girls. Give yourself a fist-pump in the air for being pretty rad. You’re great at what you do and I’m thankful to enjoy a piece of it.

  2. So glad that your cats are feeling comfortable with the family. πŸ˜‰ My cats think they have to guide my feet down the basement steps at the butt crack of dawn everyday so I can feed them is their job. I am barely awake, my eyes not quite open so I feel my way down the steps by kicking lardo cats. πŸ˜‰ I am so glad that someone else is cat crazy like me. I knew I loved you for a reason. Yeah Happy Baby. She is too freaking cute.

  3. The open-mouth, full-face baby smiles are my FAVORITE.

  4. All your children (both human and non-human) are absolutely adorable. Keep those pictures coming! I write this as a sweet fluffy, orange tabby has pushed her way between my rear and the back of the chair. πŸ™‚

  5. I have many times accused our boy cat, Boo-Boo, of trying to kill me. He hasn’t actually tried to trip me at the top of the basement stairs in a while … but recently he jumped on the printer, which is on a rolling file cabinet. There was a stack of newspapers on top of the printer, so he slid – right at me. And you know that thing you do with your arms when you are falling, to try to catch yourself? When a cat with claws does it and grabs you on the breast, it’s quite painful and not that funny (at the time, okay?).

    He and our other cats have also jumped from one place around to another around where I’m sitting (computer chair, toilet) and missed, grabbing with their claws at whatever is handy (my thighs, for example) and left their marks.

    On the other hand, they are great sources of amusement. If I were to use the blow dryer on my wet hair right now, I could have them swatting at shadows in their terror. As a matter of fact, I do need to leave the house and the temperature is about 20F, so I really should dry my hair before I leave …

  6. Your cats and your baby are so cute. Hooray for kitty and baby endorphins!

    I swear our cat Apollo is out to kill us all. Really he’s just chubby and lazy, so he just kind of plunks himself down wherever, but usually it’s where we’re trying to walk, and we’re always almost tripping over him.

    Squirt just likes to try to trip me when she wants my attention, and it’s usually at night when I’m too tired to remember my name, never mind navigate a dark room while a tiny cat flits around my feet.

    I love my fuzzies.

  7. She is a cutie patootie!

  8. KABLOOM! That? Was my head exploding from that gorgeous baby, cute kitties and beautiful, leafy pie. The awesome in this post is too much.

  9. your posts about cats WILL be the reason i get another one someday. and then you will have to answer to Cort. Get ready for that one.

  10. This post was absolutely hilarious! It’s late here and my son and husband are sleeping next to me (snoring loudly) and my gosh, I was laughing out loud. I look forward to reading more! I found you from a great book called the digital mom handbook…awesome bloggin’ lady! πŸ™‚

  11. She totally looks like you. And oh my god, so adorable.

    My cats are infuriating and absolutely adorable in equal measures. Right now, one is purring behind my head, and the other is yacking up some more Christmas tree.

    Yeah, life is never boring with these two…