Maybe you’ve heard of Jessica Gottlieb? She was my gracious host in L.A. We’ve gone our rounds. She makes really good ribs. She describes herself as prickly. I describe her as brutally honest and just plain lovely.

If she were ever made into a superhero?

She’d totally be Scarlett.

“Scarlett is confident and resilient… it’s remarkable that a person so deadly can still retain a sense of humor.”

(Cody is so proud he spent all that money for me to get a design degree so I can do things JUST. LIKE. THIS.)


  1. You are not only a great photographer but a photoshop expert extraordinaire. You should totally have a “superhero mommyblogger poster maker” side business. And if so – sign me up! All moms are super heroes:-)

  2. Jessica says:

    I just cried a little.

    That was a horrible visit and you were wonderful. Beyond wonderful to Heather and Mike.

    Astounding even.

    You are kind and wonderful and giving me a fantastic photoshopped arse is just the frosting on the cake.

  3. Oh my gosh, dude… that is amazing! When I first popped over, I thought, “Hey… that chick looks like JG!” Very cool.

  4. Because I am a geek – if I had my fantasy poster it would be Angelina Jolie in Hackers (one of my all time favorite movies):

    Even though I don’t look anything like Angelina Jolie.. I do have twins like she does..But she obviously did more situps then I did after the twins.

  5. Jessica says:

    and more surgery…

    just sayin

  6. I see Mariah Carey for some reason…

  7. So why won’t you Photoshop my head on Avril Lavigne’s body for me to use on cold, lonely nights, hm?

    Casey Reply:

    @Avitable, Paul Blart? Maybe. Avril? Not so much.

  8. Oh yeah. Worth. Every. Penny.

    Casey Reply:

    @Carissa, Good. Think I could send Jess a $15K bill for the poster?

  9. Gunfighter says:


  10. This is teh awesome!

  11. next up: my face (minus a chin or two), halle berry’s body

    ready. set. GO! 😉

    Casey Reply:

    @Biddy, I’d take hers too, but I’d go for a mid level skin tone. Mix us together. Milk chocolate.

  12. Can you give abs….puh-leaze? And maybe a C-cup?! xoxo

  13. Nice! Do you freelance? If not, you should. You’ve got skills!

    Casey Reply:

    @Elizabeth Kaylene, This, my friend, is the extent of my freelance.

    Elizabeth Kaylene Reply:

    @Casey, I’ll do the coding for that WP theme you want, if you do the images. Then we can put it up for sale on some premium theme site and we’ll be rich, muahahaha!

  14. This. is. EPIC.

  15. Not only have I heard of her, I know her. Only she doesn’t know that I know her (and her kids).

    Whoa. That sounded way creepier than it was supposed to. I just happen to work at the same summer camp her kids go to. Her kids are lovely too.

    Casey Reply:

    @Overflowing Brain, Her kids are adorable. We giggled a lot.

  16. I agree your degree is worth it for this kind of stuff! Who knows, it could go viral and bring you all kinds of exposure!

    Casey Reply:

    @Rabbi’s Wife, Good thing I’m happy with just a few giggles!

  17. So I’m thinking that my face photoshopped on to a bottle of tequila is not going to look as glamorous.

    Casey Reply:

    @Ohh Betsy, How about your head on the Gray Vodka Goose?

  18. Well he should be proud, because it is awesome. 🙂