I don’t do well at keeping things alive. Giving me a live plant or a seed in dirt is only giving that innocent shrub a death sentence. I thought at first I just wasn’t trying hard enough. I was given some paperwhites and told “It’s impossible to kill paperwhites.”

I never did kill them.

Never got the chance, never even got them to grow in the first place.

I wish I had taken photos of my herb garden FAIL! my front yard perennial FAIL! and all the seeds that the moosh has brought home from preschool. FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!

I’m pretty sure the only reason the moosh is thriving is that she has a very shrill warning system if I forget to feed or water her.

I decided to take on a new hobby this summer, birdfeeders. And I was doing really well, until I noticed how much bird food birds actually eat and I realized we’re not on the type of budget that will allow our backyard to be an all you can eat buffet for gluttonous birds.

It was fun while it lasted.

And a little scary when the food stopped coming and the birds perched on my fence and patio set giving me the stink eye.

I did however keep up with the hummingbird feeder. Hummingbird food is cheap, and guess what? Hummingbirds don’t eat a whole lot. Shocking, I know.

I had my little feeder suction cupped to my kitchen window and I watched as all the local hummingbirds started telling all of their friends about the local hummingbird cantina. Soon I had a whole flock of hummingbirds. (This is where I add in the part that I was the only one in the house who thought they were cool. It came to a point where I would tell the moosh to come! look at the hummingbirds! and she’d roll her eyes and if she knew the term “LAME-O” she would have been using it.)

It started to get a little chillier. The stink eye birds stopped hanging around. Everyone seemed to have gone South.

Except the hummingbirds.

I started to get all nervous. Here I was selfishly feeding these little nuggets of birds out of a completely unnautural feeder in the middle of nowhere (for a hummingbird at least, let’s just say my backyard is a last chance fuel station on the hummingbird Highway 66.)

Should I take the feeder down? Where do hummingbirds go in the winter? Do they fly South? Wouldn’t they tucker out awful quick on a diet of hummingbird Kool-Aid? Should I make them a house, become a hummingbird halfway house? Keep the feeder stocked and rig up some sort of heater?

I was seriously worried about what I had done to those little birds. They had brought so many friends…I didn’t want to be the one to lead to their downfall. (Srsly, there were at least a dozen different birds. Shut up, I don’t have many friends. And I’m in my kitchen a lot.)

Before I had time to worry the bitty birds split. Who knows where they ended up. Wherever they are it’s not my fault anymore.

Needless to say birdfeeding is not the best hobby for me.


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  1. Don’t worry the hummingbirds will move on. They fly south to Mexico in the winter. My mom has about 10 feeders. Eventually the birds stop coming and she takes them all down until spring. The Texas birds are gone by Octoberish, so your’s should be leaving any day now.

  2. I wish I could feed the birds. In my area, you will actually be attracting and feeding bears if you put out a birdfeeder. We can’t even leave out our garbage can or grill for fear that the bears will become regulars. We see bears come through our yard enough and I don’t want to say, “Hey, look here! Food! Please come here when you’re hungry!”

    BTW, I liked it, I voted.

  3. 1. I liked it, I voted.

    2. I liked this post and am thinking about a suction cup hummingbird feeder too. Thanks for the idea!

    Mrs. Whos last blog post..For Fun Friday September 26, 2008

  4. We get them year-round here, and sometimes I get itty-bitty babies in the little tree outside my kitchen window. My kids are tired of me telling them to come look too.

    Hey, entertainment is where you find it.

    threeundertwos last blog post..It looked like a box of junk to me.

  5. I clicked for ya. No big deal!

    Any kind of animal feeding is not for me. Nope. But don’t worry about the birds you were feeding. God will take care of them. They’re HIS animals!!

    Mrs. Wilsons last blog post..I feel busy, oh so busy.

  6. My husband keeps wanting to buy me a pet so I’m not home alone all day. A goldfish. A hermit crab. A hedgehog. Anything. But I don’t want to be responsible for another ANYTHING’s life. If I was that desperate for company, I’d try and have a baby.

    So don’t worry about killing things. I would, too.

    Camilles last blog post..How To Be Self-Taught at Anything.

  7. I voted for you.

    Also according to wikipedia.com (the referance for all thing – unless you are writing an academic or professional paper.) “Most hummingbirds of the U.S. and Canada migrate south in fall to spend the northern winter in Mexico or Central America. A few southern South American species also move to the tropics in the southern winter. A few species are year-round residents in the warmer coastal and interior desert regions. Among these is Anna’s Hummingbird, a common resident from southern California inland to southern Arizona and north to southwestern British Columbia.”

    MrsScotsmans last blog post..Episode Aborted

  8. my neighbours put up a birdfeeder and the birds seem to love it… meaning there is bird crap everywhere and my kids find at least one dead bird a week in our yard. don’t be sad about not feeding the birds…. your neighbours will thank you.

    Andreas last blog post..by popular demand

  9. We put up a bird feeder, and I was worried birds wouldn’t come. It took a few days, and then we were feeding all the birds in Texas, I swear to god, and some squirrels too.

    I can’t keep up that kind of bird feed budget either.

    I love that Moosh has a shrill warning system. lol

  10. I used to have the same worries about hummingbirds as you did. I’m lucky though, the cubicle next to mine houses a bird nerd. (He’s been published and everything.) He assured me that one day, I’d wake up and the birds would be gone. Don’t forget to take your feeder down and wash it out before winter though. I left mine out (scatterbrain!) and by spring the stuff inside had gone bad. No amount of washing would clean it so they would visit again. I had to get a new one!

  11. Yeah…we were shocked by the birds’ eating habits, too. But then we discovered “the squirrel”. The squirrel who knocks all the food out of the feeder with his hands, then runs to the ground and scoops it all into his chubby cheeks. Thief! No wonder the feeder was empty every day.


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