I need to say something and I hope you’ll listen with an open heart and open mind.

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, LDS or Mormon for short.

I believe in Christ. In God. In Jesus Christ.

I know He is my Savior and He died for my sins.

I would never ask you to look to me as a perfect example of an LDS woman. Nor would I say I’m a perfect Christian.

But oh how I try. Oh how I want so badly to make my Heavenly Father proud.

I say prayers with my family every night, I say prayers with my husband every night and I say my own prayers every night and in my heart constantly. I pray for my friends. I pray for my family. I pray for my little kid. I pray that I won’t screw up. I pray that I’ll be safe. I pray that I will be able to help even one person that comes into my life.

Talking about God makes a lot of people uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable.

I didn’t grow up talking about God, let alone talking to God. When people brought religion up around me I always looked for a way out. Even now I assume that this is how other people feel about religion.

So I stay quiet unless someone asks me.

It doesn’t seem very fair to God. He’s given me all these blessings and I keep quiet.

I am happy.

I am so, so happy.

And it’s because I have my church and its teachings in my life.

I’ve known since the moment I hit my knees to pray for the very first time that there is a God.

And I could never, ever deny that He knows me and loves me.

Thanks for listening.

As you were.


  1. I love this. I am a Christian. On purpose. And I too, like it.

    Thank you for being brave enough to say it. Someone needed to hear it, and God used you for that.

  2. I loved this post!

    I’m a Christian, too, and I don’t tend to mention it much in my blog–especially since my blog morphed into a beauty and style blog.

    Maybe I should do a post called “Makeup for Sunday Morning, or, How Not to Get Lipgloss on the Chalice.”

    (Sadly enough, I’m only partly kidding)

    Jesus loves you and so do I.

  3. It is refreshing to hear someone just say how they feel about their religious beliefs. I feel like I always have to be so careful about what I say when it comes to religion…don’t want to offend anyone. I am a Mormon too and I would be LOST with out my religion in my life!

  4. I am not Mormon, or Catholic (anymore), or Lutheran or Baptist or any of those things. I AM a Christian. And Christ taught me this – and this is how I lead my life: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” And “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.”

    It’s all just that simple.

  5. I love this post as well…comments included. It made me feel warm inside:)

  6. I loved reading this post! One of the many things I enjoy about your blog is learning more about what it means to be Mormon. The church I grew up in claimed that LDS was a cult, and I’d like to apologize for ever entertaining that thought, even as a teen. I find it incredibly sad how people treat others that don’t believe exactly the same way they do.

    I switched denominations when I married a Methodist pastor’s son – not because he forced me too, but it seemed like the correct decision for us. It’s lovely to find out that we are so much more alike than we are different! The important thing is we are all in love with Jesus, not all the little things we let get in the way.

  7. i just love your blog & honesty, casey. thank you for sharing your heart.

  8. I didn’t realize that you weren’t raised LDS. I love that you’re able to embrace who you are and all that entails. I’ve typically been one who doesn’t put my faith “out there” but I’m starting to become more comfortable in just being me.
    I’d love to sit down and talk with you about what being LDS means to you and discover how it’s different from my own faith. I’ve always been curious (yes, I know I can read about it – but I’d rather hear your story)! 🙂

  9. I think I blogged on my original blog for two years before I finally said, okay yes, I am. (People asked). Here I am, 6 years later and it still makes me a tad nervous. For the same reasons. I’m not an in-your-face Christian because I’m respectful of all faiths, all beliefs, all struggles, all doubts, all questions, all confusion. Had I gone on a mission I would have really struggled with how to teach/preach without coming off all wrong / too strong.

    You’re awesome.

  10. Lovely, Casey. I am a Christian (completely and utterly on purpose) and it makes me extremely happy when someone can say out loud that they love Jesus. Good for you. Good for you.

  11. Aside form the Mormon thing, I agree, I agree, I agree.

    I’m a United Methodist by way of Lutheran (Missouri Synod). But I know 2 truths:

    1. God is very real.
    2. God is love.

    The variety of faiths and practices and religions are a lot less important. The reality of His existence and of His love- that is what matters.

  12. I’m fascinated by people’s faiths. I’m so indecisive in general – I honestly don’t know what I believe. I pray, yes, and I have Hebrew prayers I grew up with. But to have such a strong, unwavering faith and knowing is a gift. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

  13. I would never judge you for that. Though I never made the jump I went to church for a while and some missionaries are still some of our fav people.

  14. I love this post, Casey. Just like I love you.


  15. Amazing (you…that is)…

  16. this is amazing. and such a testimony. i’m a christian as well. a baptist. and i, like you, sometimes find it uncomfortable because people don’t understand. and i fear they’ll think less of me when they find out that i serve God. but at the end of the day, Jesus did SO much for us…i should be able to stand proud as you are today. thanks for inspiring me!

  17. http://blog.cjanerun.com/search/label/Men's%20Week

    If you want a couple good blog reads regarding, adoption and infertility from a couple of LDS men. Check out the link.

    Loved your testimony BTW, and your awesome. 🙂

  18. Elisabeth says:

    Nice testimony! 🙂 I loved sitting in church last Sunday and listening to everybody give their testimonies. And the ones in RS? Super amazing! And now I just got to listen to yours…yay! So glad you said it!

  19. Congratulations on your faith. It’s a valuable thing to have.

  20. I think that’s so cool. I’m Pagan and I like it too. I just have to say one thing about Mormons. There are a lot of you who blog! I never knew one single Mormon my whole life and then I started blogging about 40% at least of the blogs I follow are written by Mormon moms. I love following and learning about your religion. I’m so glad you spoke up and said something. Maybe I should make a special section under Blogs I follow that are written by Mormon moms.

    Kris Reply:

    @Melodie, It’s because we have so many kids. What else are we gonna do while they’re napping? Besides save the world, of course 😉

  21. You rock, girl! I’m a believer in Jesus Christ as my Savior. It takes faith to believe, but it also takes faith to not believe.

    Casey touched my heart in 2006 when she was the first person to comment on my blog. She is honest. She is real. She is lovely. And she is broken like we all are.

    We live in this world together & need to love each other well. No one is better than another. We are all children of God.

  22. awesome post.

    you rock! and i’m a Jesus freak!


  23. Good for you! I know how you must feel. We aren’t religious and we like it that way. Makes us the odd ball out in Indiana so we don’t talk about it and cringe each time someone tries to get at what religion we are.

    Regardless of our beliefs, churches, etc we are all still decent people that are part of the community. Shouldn’t matter what church we are a part of.

  24. @Karin,

    Regarding the nazi Christians and whether Jesus would approve of their behavior… I’m right there with you and I AM a Christian. Many of them would also be glad to tell Casey she doesn’t really know God and is going to hell because she’s a Mormon.

    After growing up in a fundamentalist church, I’ve come to see people as less churched/unchurched as much as decent/well… not, and Christians range the spectrum just as much as anyone else. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Casey. This is a good place.

  25. Thanks for being brave enough to “just say it.”

    I especially liked this line: “Talking about God makes a lot of people uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable.” Me too. 😉

    I’m glad you started this conversation…