I used to be one of those people who never won anything, wah.

Then came the internet.

If you’re pretty active on the internet and have never won anything?Β 

It’s safe to say you’re doing it wrong, or you’re entering the contests and giveaways I’m busy winning.

I’ve won a personalized book, an apron, a carbon monoxide detector, blabla finger puppets (Thanks Emily!), $1000 gift card, wallpaper, christmas cards, barbeque sauce, a craft book, a $250 shopping spree and oh yeah, A MACBOOK.

And that’s just in the last year. I don’t even go out of my way to win stuff, I just enter when I see the opportunity.Β 


Needless to say I can no longer say “I never win anything, WAH.”

This brings me to the HP Magic Giveaway. 50 sites will be running the contest, including mine. (Some are live now! Check this link with a calender that has links and starting dates to all 50 contests.) Each contest has it’s own set of rules, including mine. Some require you to only leave a comment. Some require a tweet. Some require a little more effort. BUT HELLO? It’s $6,000 worth of painfully awesome stuff, a little work won’t kill you. Maybe this could be your magic win. The end to your losing streak. The contest that could end all contests.Β Hell, drawing on my sink for an hour with bathtub crayons won me a thousand dollars.

Totally worth it.

You could totally win one of them.

If I can win stuff? You can win stuff.

But I need to warn you that your loved ones will give you dirty looks when the FedEx man keeps showing up with boxes of stuff for you. They will also try and negotiate (steal, whatever) your winnings from you. Sometimes they will even hide the stuff from you hoping you won’t notice (I’m looking at you Grandpa Fish.) Other people will tell you “I never win anything, wah.”

And you’ll be all, “If I can win? You can win.” So ha.

So tell me, what have you won? Or are you one of those who never win anything? (Wah.)


  1. I don’t know that I’ve ever won anything on the internet – unless you count killer craigslist deals or freecycle. I’ve gotten dressers, little tykes cottage, and a 8-in-1 climber for so cheap it should be considered free.

  2. I’ve won a few things, but never anything big, wah. πŸ™‚
    I’ve won some fun things though so that makes me keep trying!
    silicon molds in letters and numbers for making ice cubes or cookies is the best one I can think of… oh, and a zoobie elephant for my son!

  3. I win a lot. Not a lot of stuff, but I win a lot of knowledge, win new friends and certainly a lot of stuff by the end of a session on the computer. I’ve won some real prizes, dust collectors really for various endevours. I won a Tshirt at the Spam museum once, and I did win tickets to the Harley Davidson Museum when it opened this summer. Of course last summer I won the golden ticket to ride in the National HOG parade, so yeah, I can win at the little things too. Big things would be cool

  4. caminante says:

    I never win… I try and I try, but never win πŸ™ Boo-hoo me!

  5. Over at the Bilerico Project, we’re giving away 2 copies of Britney Spears new CD, Circus, and 15 copies of her single, “Womanizer.” Our contest closes on Wednesday at noon.

    YOUR contest looks great, Casey. I’m going to enter now. You’re right, if you haven’t won anything free online, you’re not trying hard enough. πŸ™‚

    Bil Brownings last blog post..Better Know a Contributor: Paige Schilt

  6. I won some decorated sugar cookies at Halloween! That was my first win EVAH!

    Merediths last blog post..{Happy Birthday Chance}

  7. When I was a kid I use to feel bad because I never won anything. Then one day my luck changed an I won a cake walk. Imagine my joy in winning a whole cake for myself. I did share it with my family in the end, but it felt good to win.

  8. I’ve won a painting and now I have the blood lust. Must win more!

    Alyson (New England Living)s last blog post..What A (Mayflower) Bastard!

  9. On the internet, I won a cool journal and leatherbound address book. And I actually received it from the blogger!

    Christys last blog post..Great way to recycle those Christmas cards this year!

  10. I won the lottery to be first in line to buy Madonna tix a few years back. Imagine all the glares when they ushered me to the front! The concert was fun, excluding the whole I-wanna-make-my-statement-about-this-country-number. And when I was in the fifth grade, I won a $25 gift certificate to Payless Shoes. I milked into three purses and a pair of sandals, yo.

  11. I won a whole box full of Johnson&Johnson stuff from WeCovet a couple months back! Good stuff (and I was able to share the wealth with my neighbors since my boys don’t need de-tangling shampoo, conditioner or spray!)

    You have won the best stuff, by FAR.

    pgoodnesss last blog post..Buh-bye NaBloPoMo!

  12. I’ve never won anything besides a tennis match!

  13. Oh man. I would hug and kiss the UPS man if he brought this to my house! πŸ™‚ Seriously. OK, back to the question…I can’t say I haven’t EVER won but definitely far and few between. I did win a scrapbook and page protectors at an overnight scrap a few months ago. . .and before that, I really can’t remember. Definitely nothing memorable or glorious. Here’s to breaking that streak. Crossing my fingers. Please. Please.

  14. On the internet – I won dryer balls (cool, but not that cool). It would definitely be so much more cool to be able to say I won great HP stuff!

  15. What have you won,
    Have there been two,
    How about three,
    Or many, for you?

    One won one once,
    One won two, too,
    And of course it’s, too, possible
    One won like you!

    One,too, knows many
    Too many to know,
    How many one wins
    How too many know…

    So, what has one won?
    I won once too,
    Somewhat like you won,
    A few things to know, too.

    Now, one more thing,
    One needs to say,
    Good luck every-one,
    There’s one won-derful win to be won!

  16. I won an essay contest in 5th grade & received about $500 in savings bonds. The next year the prize I won was upped to a full college scholarship. Looks like I was a little *too* early!

    Daisys last blog post..Stuff It

  17. Haha I guess this is my chance to win something big! (I never won, but who’s complaining?)

  18. I tend to win things here & there… last week I won a $100 Home Depot gift card. Too bad they don’t sell shoes at Home Depot.


  19. Nope. I really never win anything. WAH.

    Miss Britts last blog post..How Twilight Changed My Life

  20. Rebecca Johnson says:

    I won a Motley Fool CAPS contest once πŸ™‚ I’m proud of that one, because it was supposedly a result of skill, not just random luck… but in reality I have to give a lot of credit to luck, on that one. The prize was a subscription to one of their newsletters, which is very nice. Cash would have been nicer, though!

  21. Can’t say I have won much of anything. I won a $5 gift card to Sears about 10 years ago and a small bike light 5 years ago. Can’t say it has been a bust but I don’t have a bike, and can’t buy tools with $5 so it was a bit rough. I think it is fun to get entered though…the feeling that you might some day win…that you might be the one to have the UPS truck show up with a truck full of fun. I am sorry, I blacked out for a second, what were we talking about again?

    Craig S.s last blog post..Interview Season

  22. I enter a lot of contest online this year and never won a single thing. Hopefully i win something this year It would be nice to kind of show my family that i’ve won something online.

  23. I’ve only won one thing…ever…and it was this year! I sent a comment to a blog I read about how my 9 year old Down’s Syndrome patient, and his little sister love Elmo. BlackBeltMama sent me one of these cool Knex toys for “my kiddos” to play with! http://www.blackbeltmama.com/bbmreview/2008/09/sesame-street-k.html They have enjoyed it and now there are arms, eyes, legs and other pieces and parts spread all over the house. WAH!

    NurseBettyLBoops last blog post..Some recent crafts

  24. Milcah Syner says:

    I would share these prizes with some women who are dear to me. One who runs her babysitting business from home and wants to do school from home and another who is newly no longer with her husband and has 3 children under 6, for whom she works and is going to school to make a better life for her family as a single mom. I would simply request that you send a laptop to each of their addresses, or maybe a desktop to one and laptop to the other the printer to one of them randomly and hopefully something to me too, because hey, birds of a feather flock together huh. I could use an upgrade myself. Thanks.

  25. Cool, entered your competition!


    Wish me luck and thanks πŸ™‚

    Matthew Kempsters last blog post..HP Magic Giveaway

  26. I posted an entry on my blog:

    I hope I can win because I never win anything!

  27. The HP TouchSmart IQ816 PC would go to my father-in-law who recently had a stroke and is unable to move his left side. The touch screen would be ideal for him.

    The HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC would go to my grandmother who is now widowed. It would allow her to see out the “digital window” to a whole new world.

    The HP MediaSmart Connect and HP Pavilion Entertainment Notebook PC would probably stay with me.
    The HP Mini 1000 can be donated to the guy or gal who just missed winning any of the 50 contests.