Last year I took this picture at the Indiana State Fair.


Aimee said she wanted to eat him with a spoon.

Jenny said “The quintessential farming grampa. I would totally guess that he has a bowl of oatmeal in his lap and a bloodhound asleep on his foot. ”

Emily said he reminds her of her grandpa.

This is been one of my most favorite pictures I have ever taken. I only took one of him, and this is what I got.

365 days later guess who was back at the PinBarn with his Ox named Jerry?

my farmer

He was wearing the same overalls, the same hat with the same pin, the same denim shirt, the same lanyard, the same glasses, the same ox named Jerry and the same sweet smile.

His name is Jim.

His wife’s name is Nancy.

Together they own Promised Land Farm in Thorntown, Indiana.

They raise turkeys and train sheepdogs. They offer fresh eggs and collect antique tractors.

His site has a newsletter you can subscribe to called “Baas, Beeps, Barks and Gobbles.

I love him.


  1. that is rather fantastic. I bet he has some good stories. and so does Nancy. I’d like to hear them.

  2. Best part about the pinbarn, Jerry’s sign: “Chub & Jerry.”

    If the fair was smart, they’d offer walking tour headsets with Casey’s people-watching commentary. I bet that would be awesomeness.

    Casey Reply:

    @Katie @ Heart Gone Walking, Thank you! I forgot the other ox’s name!

  3. He is awesome. I want to hug him real bad.

  4. Reminds me of my “Papa” and his massive vegetable garden (read: 3-4 acres) in South Georgia. Spent many a summer in that garden pickin’ and pullin’. Great picture!

  5. I think I am in love! What a cutie!

  6. another reason to love the fair! and an ox named Jerry – a strong name for an ox;)

  7. I wonder if they’d train my sheepdog?

  8. That’s so cool that you found him again! I’m always intrigued by older people, because they have great stories that you should always listen to. I bet this guy has a ton. I wonder if his website has video?

    Casey Reply:

    @Elizabeth Kaylene, Not sure if it has video but it has muuuusssiiiccc!!!

  9. Looks like you’re having no problem teaching that camera who is boss. Incredible captures.

  10. I know them!! Nancy dated my uncle long before she and Jim got married – this was 25, 30 years ago. She and my mom are still friends, and I took my kids there to see them and “Little Baa” last summer. Here’s the video:

    and the posts:

    What a small world! (‘Cause, of course, I know you IRL from Bossy’s visit and from BlogHer).

    The older I get, the more I believe in “Six Degrees.” Truly.

  11. Oh wow… amazing face! Those lovely twinkly eyes and that smile just hovering on his lips. There’s a lot of love, humour and life experiences in that face, etched in every crease. Love him! x

  12. Wow! You know, this is the one picture of yours that I always think of. I loooooved it back then, and I loooooooove the new one just as much.

  13. Adorableness! What character in his face!!! Great capture, Casey and yay to you for finding him again and learning so much more about him!!

    Casey Reply:

    @rachel-asouthernfairytale, I squeed a little when I realized it was him, just the same.

  14. my god, I love him and want to go live on the farm.

  15. Did you ask about the bloodhound?

    Casey Reply:

    @Jenny, Bloggess, No! I know there’s dogs involved and you bet your butt I’m going up to his farm to get my Thanksgiving turkey. Will report on Bloodhound.

  16. I want to HUG him! =)

  17. And the is EXACTLY why I adore the State Fair. I can’t wait for my 2 days (sans kids) next week with my BFF and fellow fair obssesed sister-friend… and then taking my kids on closing weekend (once Daddy is back home).

    Have you visited the coppersmith? We get our kids handprints made into cookie cutters there every year… up in the Pioneer Village…

  18. Love, love the pictures. The story behind it is even better. Honestly, I probably would never had realized it was the same person. Kudos to you for figuring it out! Their website is so cute. I just wish I could order my turkey from them too!

  19. he looks exactly the same. so glad you found your farmer & got his story.

  20. What a wonderful story. Where is Thorntown in relation to Indy? I love stories like that. Plus – he has awesome glasses.

  21. You are close on the oatmeal thing…except for the dog. No bloodhound, but a Border Collie and an Akbash lie at his feet waiting to see who gets to lick the bowl!

  22. What exquisite photos. I have enjoyed looking around your blog.


  23. Mooshness, you have to check out this vid of Tony Kanaan at the State Fair.

  24. I’m just wondering… have you shared his photos with him? They would be nice on his website!
    : )


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