(For those of you who are not from Indy, could care less about social media and/or the Super Bowl, please bear with me, I plan to get very philosophical towards the end.)

Through a very convoluted process, 46 people in Indiana were invited to be a part of a group to help promote the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

I didn’t think much of it, I saw one passive aggressive tweet here, one snarky response there…then I started to look into it. I’ll admit, when I found out the group was selected using Klout, I was a little confused. While Klout may be considered a bit of a joke in the social media community, my Klout is pretty darn high (70/100) so that I didn’t make it into a “Klout thing” with such a high Klout score? It felt like getting a 34 on my ACT and not making it into the college of my choice.

There was a lot more involved in selecting the 46, however the explanation of the entire process left many social media people in Indy reeling. One of my most favorite things about Indianapolis is how tight our social media community is. Everyone watches out for everyone else and very rarely is there contention.  The Indianapolis Social Media community helped me win $5K from Quaker for Gleaner’s Food Bank. We have an entire group of girls that gets together on occasion to do various dorky and amazing things. No one is excluded, if you can make it? Great! If you can’t? Maybe next time! Didn’t know about it? We want you to join us!

Back to this 46 thing.

I infiltrated.

Dear Ex-Boyfriends, NEENER.

Instead of stewing, I found out who it was that I needed to talk to. I composed an email with links to posts on my blog about events I’ve photographed and attended in Indianapolis.

I know what I’m good at.

I’m good at taking pictures of things and I’m good at telling a story with them.


Apparently it worked. (Or as one of my friends commented “I guess all that stuff you speak about at conferences about selling yourself actually works.“)

If you think you’re perfect for something but were overlooked? Don’t get mad, get active. Find out who’s in charge…tell them about your interest. You may not be included right away, but you’ll be on their radar.

In 1989 my dad said I should work for Hallmark and I truly believed him.

In 2007 I wrote a post about how fantastic Hallmark is, at the end I suggested that one day they should hire me and that they wouldn’t regret it. I emailed a link to my post to Hallmark Customer Service.

In 2009 I got an email inviting me to Hallmark world headquarters.

In 2011 I worked with them on six month campaign.

In 2012 I signed a contract to work with them for another year.

If there’s something you really want? Grab it by the (proverbial) balls and (nicely) tell it why you’re the best choice for the job.

Believe in yourself.

Because I believe in you.

The Super Bowl in Indy is going to be amazing because the people here are amazing. All 781,870 of them.

I hope you can make it here one day, because this city is amazing.

(Now if someone knows someone who could get me a real! live! media! pass! to the Super Bowl? THAT would be my ultimate success next to tricking Cody into marrying me.)

((One more request, there’s a local all girl rock band I really dig called Neon Love Life that has a chance to get into the Super Bowl/Rolling Stone concert line up but they need our help with votes. Even if you’re not local...could you spare a vote for them? They help with a girls rock summer camp in Indy that Addie will hopefully attend next year.))



  1. Awesome post … and so true! Congrats! You’re a perfect addition to that team. So glad you went for it!

    Casey Reply:

    @Pamela Reilly, Thanks Pamela, and even bigger thank you for always helping me with all of MY questions.

  2. GO YOU!

    I know I’ve already told you this but it is my dream to work for Hallmark.

    I already got invited to their headquarters. So who knows, maybe a contract someday?

    But I did not get a 32 on my ACT. Not even close.

    Casey Reply:

    @molly, You’re one step closer than me actually living there!

  3. You know what means more than Klout? Getting your Twitter account linked to by @mooshinindy Good job, worst they could’ve done was say no.

    Casey Reply:

    @Chris Theisen, Pfft. I have a feeling I had your unending admiration at ‘Camaro’ in 2009. 😉

  4. I love having smart friends.

    Casey Reply:

    @Shireen, I love having you as a my friend.

  5. Fantastic post. A few years ago, my GPA was only a 3.1, I *still* applied to Wellesley College, and was literally laughed at by the admissions interviewer. I didn’t get in, but I’d still go back and try again. No one should be afraid of trying to reach what she/he wants. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Cathy @ Savory Notes, You let me know when you get in and I’ll eat cake in your honor.

    Jenny Reply:

    That would be worthy of a home baked cake

  6. So excited for you. And you are spot on. Also- I am going to see Jimmy Fallon on SuperBowl night in Indy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder who is musical guest is…. ?


    Casey Reply:

    @Adventures In Babywearing, Oooh, it’s going to be so fun. I’ll watch on my TV and pretend I’m next to you.

  7. This is amazing–I’m so happy for you! I love the whole philosophy that “If you don’t ask, it’s not going to happen.”

    Casey Reply:

    @Camels & Chocolate, I figured the worst that could happen is they could say no or ignore my email, not like that hasn’t happened before.

  8. I dont understand? Why couldn’t you have just let those select few be apart of that? Just because you felt left out, you had to worm yourself n?

    Ashley // Our Little Apartment Reply:

    @Emily, I think Casey was fighting this exact mindset. She was saying that she KNEW she was perfect for it, even if other people couldn’t see it.

    It’s not about worming your way in out of pure stubbornness and a sense of entitlement – it’s about worming your way in because you KNOW you will rock at this gig. 🙂

    And I? Think that’s awesome, Casey!

    Casey Reply:

    @Emily, I certainly don’t feel as though I “wormed” my way in, I have a particular talent that lends well to such an event so I asked if I could participate as well.
    They said yes.

  9. I think it’s fun to see how the city has grown on you — and truly become your home. Also fun to look back and see how things fall into place. It may not always happen as quickly as we would like..which is a reminder I needed today.

    Casey Reply:

    @Sunshine, Remember when I hated it here? OH MY. Now the thought of ever leaving brings me to tears (not that I’m planning on leaving.)

  10. Bam, Indiana is awesome.

    Casey Reply:

    @ClassyFabSarah, BAM, and you’re one of the reasons why.

  11. Personally, I want to be NO WHERE near downtown during this event. Although- all of the super bowl village does have me a bit curious- I may venture down there (MAY- as in MIGHT, as in Probably Not). Congrats to you! Very exciting stuff!

    Casey Reply:

    @Mynde, I don’t blame you one bit, it will probably be crazy, but crazy exciting as well. Have you heard about all the satellite events taking place all over the city?

    Mynde Reply:

    @Casey, Satellite Events? Great, now I’m certain I won’t be able to avoid all the chaos : ) I’m planning to just hole away here in Han**** County until the superness blows over.

    Mynde Reply:

    @Mynde, HA! Look how it changed the last four letters of my county thinking it was a ‘bad’ word- that is too funny! At first I thought it was protecting me by not putting my location, but now I think it is blanking out the ‘****’. too funny!

  12. congrats, casey! your determination is an inspiration!

    Casey Reply:

    @sara, well thank you, I know I’ve missed out on a lot because I was afraid to ask, a lot of people probably have.

  13. Hockeymandad says:

    Do you watch the TV show the middle? If not, you should totally look up the last episode. They live in Indiana, and the last episode was all about the super bowl and they even had those scarves on like in your picture. Good luck getting into the game.

    Casey Reply:

    @Hockeymandad, I don’t watch it but I know that it supposedly takes place in Indiana, the story behind the scarves is crazy, some were knit by inmates and some by tiny elderly ladies.

  14. You make me feel like if I want it badly enough, I can make it happen. This was the ultimate pep talk!

    And I’m going to vote for them right now, ’cause you’ve got me believing in magic this morning.

  15. What an inspiring post. Thank you!!

  16. Envy! You’re there and I’m not. All my FB hometown friends are a-buzz about SB happenings.

  17. Robin Plemmons says:

    Ballerrrrrrr! You amaze me. I just love ya.

  18. Good for you!!

    Don’t forget to plug the Lego store and Abuelo’s. Indy rocks!

  19. yay you.

    can i have half of your (proverbial) balls?


  20. And THAT is why you rock. Ask, and you shall receive. Thank you for the reminder, and have a BLAST!

  21. I wonder how I could go about convincing Nick to move… just so I could be an indy geek girl.

    I suppose what you’re already telling me is that… if I want it badly enough… a moving van is in my future? heh

  22. BAM! Sometimes you just have to ask. LOVE! xo

  23. Thanks, is a great post. Is an inspiration 🙂

  24. So, um…do you need someone to hold your camera or something? Because my BOSTON TEAM is in the Superbowl! Goooo Patriots!


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