It’s no secret that I don’t love facebook, but given what I do it’s a necessary evil. I consider facebook my Internet equivalent of a nasty rush hour commute. It has to be done if you want to keep your “job.”

I think it’s messy. And yet it’s kind of the best way to keep in contact with the people in my life who don’t blog or who don’t want to come to my blog and risk seeing pictures of my internal organs.

Also it just felt strange when my Grandma in Law who is older than a lot of things on this planet showed up in my friends list right next to Tanis. Something just felt off about that.

So last night I performed a facebook intervention. I kept the people I’m related to, the ones who knew me before Cody, the ones who were at my wedding and the ones who have seen me do the ugly cry. If I hurt anyone’s feelings I’m sorry, it’s nothing personal. Truth be told I was never on facebook much, every time I clicked over there it was “GROW CORN!” “MAFIA WARS!” “SARAH SENT YOU A DRINK!” (and truthfully if “Sarah” was really my friend? She’d know not to send me dirty martinis, same goes for you “Jenny,” if you really knew me? You wouldn’t send me growing gifts. Truthfully I’m the only person I know who can kill virtual plant life.)

The poking, the quizzes, the likeness, the so and so became a fan of toe fuzz and suggested you become a fan too!


So here’s what I’ve done.

I made a moosh in indy fan page. Where I can keep all of you my lovelies. Where I don’t have to worry about my frail little grandma reading about my latest escapade with a syringe full of menopausal death.

If you feel so inclined won’t you please be a fan of moosh in indy? (Fan sounds so strange. But whatever, apparently if facebook were a country it would be like the fourth largest country in the world and I’m guessing that it would be a little heavy on the dictatorship, so if facebook says fan, I say fan.)

And also, how do you use facebook? Do you think it’s kind of messy? Like myspace graduated from college with a generals degree yet never amounted to anything much to the disappointment of his parents (who ironically were just college kids themselves?)


  1. @DWJ, Phew. I’m realizing that a lot of people don’t love the facebook. Why don’t we all quit and leave it to the farmers?

  2. @Katie, Thanks! And facebook is happy that you still like it.

  3. @Mim, Ooh, I want to be a fan of Mrs. Papadakis (my second grade teacher.)
    I wonder if she’s on there…

  4. @mpotter, Don’t do it. There’s another girl up there who doesn’t facebook or twitter. Really, it’s better that way.

  5. @Tice, *POKE*

  6. @Issa, I prefer bratty step child. The one you’d like to ignore.

  7. @heather, Doesn’t that sound so bad? DEFRIENDING?
    There needs to be a simpler term.

  8. @heather, never ever.

  9. @Miss Grace, I thought I was following you! Blergh. Bad blogger. BAD.
    I am noooow!

  10. @Tiffany, I’m only 50% Mormon on facebook, so, you know, not so accurate.

    Tiffany Reply:

    @Casey, take your 50% and my 75% that would make us 125% mormonbilly and that’s better than being nothing I suppose;)

  11. I love Facebook, but I’m kind of a snoop and you can find out some really good scoops on Facebook.

  12. I get what your saying but for me it’s not like that. I have “found” many friends I have been wanting to get in touch with over the past 25 years. I now see their kids grow. Laugh and cry with them. Oddly enough a few were near my all along and because looks change and people change, we had no idea. Now I find they are my kids friends parents and I couldn’t have chosen better friends for my kids.
    Also, family members otherwise no contact with, now Family reunions are not just once a year or only in the summer and when we DO get together for a real reunion, it’s not ackward, even with those from out of state or out of country cuz we are already friends on FB. Just saying.
    If I were famous like you, FB would be a totally different experience. Yes I just used famous and you in a sentence cuz they relate. Accept it sista, on the net- your famous.

  13. All I know is that if one more person asks me to join the FB Mafia, I’m going to hire the real Mafia to take them out.

  14. I just did a FB cleanup myself. It was wonderful. I got rid of the people I’d friended from high school that I didn’t really know that well, and whose updates were totally boring, all about one subject, etc. I hate all of the quizzes, poking, flowers, blah blah blah. I hide all that stuff so I don’t have to see it.

  15. I have two facebooks. SHAME ON ME. One is people that I went to school with, family and really close friends. The other is for internet people. I’ve noticed that the internet people tend to throw more cows at me and want me to grow farms or join their mafia. the real lifers, not so much. They aren’t as into it. I maintenance my real life account, but rarely visit the internet account.

  16. Three things: First, I will be laughing forever that your husband has fake accounts so that he can play himself on Mafia Wars. Because my husband has thought of doing the same thing. He probably already does and just hasn’t told me. Mostly because I wouldn’t ever stop laughing at him. Second, I have un-friended people because, seriously, if you don’t talk to me IRL and you have 456 other friends, it’s just too much. But then they are all ‘whyyyyyy aren’t you my frieeennndd anymore.’ And I have started to have to block people. Third, I had to remove people that I work with because they were talking about me. On facebook. Using my name. Yeah.

  17. @Casey, If hell had a website, I’m pretty sure its page design would look a lot like facebook’s. *shudders*

  18. @Casey, Someone thinks I’m normal – yay!!! Will have to tell the kids that! 😀

  19. I’m totally with you. It’s nice to have a way to stay in touch but I could do without all the invites to throw imaginary snowballs and such…

  20. I’ve been an on-and-off again FB user since 2003 or 2004. I remember when it became open to high school students and I thought it would be ruined. Then I was a Resident Assistant in college and I didn’t want to see what my residents were doing, because I would have had to confront them. “Hey so-and-so, I’m here to confront you about your wild party habits because I saw it on FB and my boss says I can use FB as evidence…” AWKWARD. And everyone would hate me. So I quit. then I joined up again when I left college because some people are appalled at the idea of keeping in touch by a phone call, letter, or email. And I like the person enough to overlook that.

    Now I work full time in college housing and students STILL don’t get it. If I’m your friend on FB AND your boss, why would you post a photo showing that you like to binge drink with minors? Heads have rolled. We put a FB addendum into Resident Assistant contracts. Sigh. It didn’t used to be this way.

  21. I like Facebook except for all the requests I get to join people’s fan pages.

    Just kidding.

  22. I am not sure about Facebook. Somedays its okay. I do like to see what others are doing and seeing the networked blogs, but at the same time, I don’t know. Most of the time Facebook and I battle it out because of errors, but oh well.

    I do use it for my business. Not sure how that is working out yet.

  23. apparently I am going to HAVE to join facebook for some thing that I’m doing. ugh.

    NECESSARY evil indeed.

    I’ll be your fan love 🙂

  24. Facebook is too complex. Whatever happened to calling people or emailing them to stay in contact. The applications make me crazy at times. I only go on it now about once every 3 months

  25. My boss thinks FB will save the world. Literally. Was denied a promotion at work because I just don’t love it. I am just not a mafia wars kind of gal. I can’t take care of my plants at home let alone take care of a virtual garden. I joined in the spirit of corporate digital marketing strategy (we are now spending more on free marketing channels like FB than we are on the ones that charge). And we have 107 fans. That already work for the company. Change the world? No. Give the boss a way to sound uber-trendy in his strategy? Absolutely. Too bad he is a few years too late!


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