I am not a small town girl.




  1. yay for big cities and for me being the first one to dazzle!!

  2. I, apparently, am. I was in Salt Lake and Provo last weekend, and all the people and cars and just craziness of it all drove me nuts! I didn’t think I could find much to say about small towns, but I guess I’ve grown fond of living in one.

  3. i am with ya. I LOVE big cities. I wish I could have a chance to go to NYC!

  4. Wondering how Friday is looking for you?

  5. Another big city girl here. I loooove living in Manchester!

  6. Well, I guess I am a big city girl…since I live in NYC.
    Are you here? Do I need to commence stalking for Moosh in the City?

  7. If you are coming to NY, you better let me know!

  8. I like living in the big city. Everything is so much closer, it makes Christmas shopping easier. Best of all we both work 15 minutes away from where we live. So we get to spend a lot more time together. I loathe the small town we grew up in. Our parents still live there within a mile of each other and nearly every time we see them they ask, “So when are you moving back?” “We’re not.” They are going to think we have lost our marbles when we buy a house in the city.

  9. I’m jealous! I miss going into “The City” during the holidays! Radio City, Rockefeller Center, Time Square! But at least up here I get a White Christmas!

  10. Good. Cuz when we’re stuck in a big city together this summer, I can just hyperventilate and know that you’ve got things under control.

    Cuz anymore than a hundred people and I start rocking in a corner, humming with my eyes closed.

  11. I hear there are a bunch of rude a-holes up there.


  12. Indianapolis must drive you bats, then. It might be large in size, but it’s a very small town underneath it all.