Do you ever stare at your various accounts and thing…”Huh, I should really write something.

So you end up writing something that is really just crap hoping to stay “out there?”

There’s a lot of useless crap on the Internet.

I don’t need to give you more crap to read. (However Daniel and I have cooked up a steaming pile of DELICIOUS on you see it differently than me…)

Crap isn’t fair to you.

Besides, people don’t respond well to crap.

And when people don’t respond  you’re left with that whole “WHY DO I DO THIS? NO ONE LIKES ME!” crisis.

Everybody goes through it.

It stinks.

I know I go quiet when my brain is playing mean tricks on me, but I also go quiet when my brain is swimming along just fine.

And you know what? Quiet is okay.

I like it when my brain is quiet, because most of the time it won’t shut it.

And  a brain that won’t shut it is exhausting.

A quiet brain means I can sit in the sunshine on the floor and put a puzzle together with my little kid without worrying about where else I need to be or what else I should be doing.

A quiet brain means I take full breaths instead of short little gasps.

And besides, quiet is much better than crap.

milcreek canyon, utah.

I wonder…do you feel compelled to fill up your empty space? Or do you embrace your silence and let others shine?


  1. A lot of times for me lately, I find that quiet is bad because it leads to thinking. This thinking inevitably leads to scrutinizing the decision I made in May and ultimately making me sad and somewhat down. So for now, quiet is not good for me, at all. When life is going well, quiet is refreshing…just not now, for me.

  2. I think occasional bouts of quiet are good, refreshing even. I seem to go in a random cycle of having so much to say and do and then eventually crashing so I can soak in some silence for a while without all the other noise.

    Unfortunately, when I want to go silent I go all out – shut down facebook and twitter accounts, put all my blog posts private and stop checking my email.

    A little bit of quiet is never a bad thing. Take all the silence you need.

  3. When it comes to blogging, we can’t always be “switched on.” Especially when writing multiple blogs or working on various projects. I definitely suffer from that problem lately.

    But what can really help if you need inspiration is starting an idea journal. I’ve had mine in several formats thus far but a Word doc is working best for me right now. I put down ideas for posts (recipes I’ve tried, books to review, topics that I want to discuss, things I think would interest readers) and then when I have nothing at all to write about, I can dig through there and see what inspires me.

    But there are still some days when I just don’t get anything written. Sometimes I just lack time…and other days I just don’t feel like. The world will understand!

  4. I like quiet times. I work with a minimum of 5 lovely people (sometimes up to 8) in retail and love me some quiet.

    PS Don’t think I could do Garbage Plate (I also can’t do justice to ‘all-you-can-eat’ places. I just don’t eat that much.)

    Michelle Reply:

    @Michelle, Should be 8

  5. Oh I love that: “I wonder…do you feel compelled to fill up your empty space? Or do you embrace your silence and let others shine?”

    I find that when I try to go silent, I all of a sudden have so much to say.

  6. I used to feel compelled to write a post every week day; it was my schedule. Then I noticed I was struggling to find a “good” topic more frequently, and I was posting one of the standard:
    – I’m going to verbal diarrhea here and see if it sounds “interesting”
    – I have no idea what I’m doing (aka stream of consciousness)
    – ask me questions/give me post topics

    And I didn’t like it.

    So, during the summer, I cut it back to four posts a week instead of five, and then last week I was having a hard time coming up with something in the middle of the week, so guess what I did? I just didn’t post. And you know what? The world kept spinning.

  7. I’m with Steph, looove that.

    Usually, I embrace the silence, or at least try to.

    love you.

    silent or rambling.

  8. I do bit of both I guess. I like this post very much. It was honest and not crap.

  9. I am the worst at filling the quiet with crap. Which then makes me feel like crap cause I *know* what crap looks like.

    This post hit me right *there.* Love it.

  10. Funny, I wrote a very similar blog post (my first) recently about (questioning) how to fill empty space. Perhaps the first (or the first after being away for a while) is the most daunting. Casey, How do you come up with fresh ideas to write about when youre filled with the task or desire to post something quickly?
    BTW, I enjoy your postings without words as well, when you just post pictures. Sometimes its true, a pricture is worth a thousand words..

  11. I post every day. EVERY day. Most of it isn’t worth much. But it has worth to me when I write it – even though when I look back on stuff I’ve written – it’s like “What was I THINKING???”

    It does help me learn my craft, though. And that, at this time, is what is important.

  12. thank you for not feeding me crap. i truly do appreciate it and you are right, there is more than enough of it to go around on the internet.

    right now, i am embracing quiet. i do not post anywhere near as much as i used to. i am going through a multitude of things right now that drain me in ways you can not imagine. posting now is too deep for some of my readers and in other ways, i don’t want to share how painful some of it has been. right now, i am in a tender state and being quiet helps me heal. i post when i have something to say and when i want to share that i was able to overcome, in a effort to inspire someone else to not give up. no matter what, do not give up.

  13. My problem is that I always have ideas, but I can never find the time to sit down and write about them – so I’ll go weeks between posts. Then when I do have a little time, I’m totally not in the mood to write about anything on my list of all those ideas, so what I end up cranking out is just an “update” – aka random, aka pointless, aka crap. And it’s definitely done just to “stay out there” – haha for all of my 3 readers or so. So that’s my challenge – trying to find the TIME to do it, and then when I actually have the time, try to be earnest and write about what I want, with a point.

    I also feel conflicted at times about my topic ideas, because most of what is “interesting” in comparison to my daily routine doesn’t feel to me like it would be interesting to most people. Most blogs I have fun reading are people with kids, or folks that are really witty, or people that are active and go places all the time, or photographers with tons of awesome pics to share. I don’t have kids, my husband and I don’t go “out” a lot, and I take lots of photos but never have time to sit and crank them out into a blog. So in my mind, I think a lot of the “topics” or ideas I start to sit down and write about in the mean time turn on me and I end up feeling like they’re not going to be interesting. Hello, conflict.

    As far as being quiet goes, I definitely think it’s worthwhile. I agree about the quiet brain too – it is so valuable to be able to tell your brain to hush. There are so many times, especially at night going to bed, that I wish I had the ability to turn it off, but I haven’t mastered that yet. I go-go-go all day, so all my subconscious thoughts finally come out when I lay down at night (haha, including good blog topics). In perfect timing, a devotional I read last night talked about our lives being too busy, and it really hit my heart – I need to make sure that the things I’m doing in life are the things I was created to do and are fulfilling and fruitful, not just done on autopilot or as filler. Blog included.

    Sarah Reply:

    Well sorry, I ended up writing a book. Haha, that could have been a post! 🙂

  14. I love quiet and space and breathing. I’m glad that you are getting a chance to do that, too. 🙂

  15. I embrace my silence. I used to want to shine, but enjoy watching others make their mark in the world.

  16. It’s funny to me that you wrote about this because its something I’ve been thinking about for the last several weeks and have been quietly attempting to master. I finished my major to do lists and made more that don’t matter but they’re something to do at appropriate moments. My husband had Labor Day off (I know that most people do, but he’s a medical resident and we just expect him to work. Always.) so we had three days together this weekend! We spent it doing fluff that will turn into great memories and then this morning I was bothered that I did “fluff” instead of some of the “things” that I needed/wanted done. The “fluff” is so much better though and I found myself ashamed of wishing I hadn’t done it. When my mind is quiet, I don’t resent the “fluff” and I find that I’m much happier.

  17. “do you embrace your silence and let others shine?” – love that.

    And really, now that there is Twitter, can’t we just throw all our crap there? It’s what it’s best for, right?

  18. i’ve been going through a sort of quiet phase lately. i’ve still been posting, but only sporadically, and i’ve been kind of absent from twitter and facebook. feels nice to live in the world i can touch for a little bit.

  19. YES! If I don’t blog three times a week, I start to feel all anxious and put my blog above my actual work (I don’t make money on my blog–why does it matter???) and just get SOMETHING, anything up there to fill the void!!

  20. I’ve often said (thought?) that I could live the rest of my life as a hermit. I *love* being quiet and alone. I am *trying* to use my writing to be less alone with my thoughts. Sort of like a 365 project but with words instead of pictures (okay, occasionally with pictures). Any crap is the fault of my inability to write rather than a need to stay out there.

  21. I have found that I can be content in the quiet, when for so long I couldn’t. The quiet scared me, it made me feel like I was all alone. The contentment has brought me peace, which has brought me much happiness. Sometimes others don’t understand how I can enjoy the silence, but I think you do.


  22. I am a-okay with quiet. I would much rather not write anything for a few weeks than write crap. I can’t put my name on something that I’m not remotely okay with.

  23. I recognize that I need to embrace extra space, but it’s hard for me. My brain is never quiet. I’m not saying it’s being bright, shiny and intelligent all the time, but it’s never quiet. Sometimes I wish it would shut up.

    Off me, on to you…the bokeh in that shot is delicious.

  24. I can’t wait to be a lizard and lay in the sunshine with you again.


  25. Sometimes I love the quiet. Other times, I just really like to play Here I Go Again by Whitesnake really, REALLY loud. 🙂

  26. I think quiet is okay. I’ve been having a lot of quiet lately, and I’m loving it. And if I really feel the need to “put something out there,” I find that popping up a picture or two is great silence filler, without having to be crap and without having to be silence-breaking. 🙂