Leaving Indianapolis, 1:00 am.

Headed out of Indy.

Crossing the Mississippi (4 am maybe? It’s all kind of hazy.)

Crossing the Mississippi A random hallway in Hallmark headquarters, Kansas City. (10 am.)Hallway in Hallmark, Kansas City.Kaleidoscope in Kansas City. (10:30 am)Kaleidoscope at Hallmark Sarah, Addie and Molly…our Hallmark lovelies. (12:00 pm)Sarah, Addie and Molly at Hallmark headquarters.Hot dinner in Kansas. (5:37 pm)Kansas Heat.Kansas was boring, but the clouds were dreamy.  (7 pm)in Kansas.Cheryl saying hi. (hopefully the rest of my life.)Kansas Clouds. Sunset in Kansas. (9 pm-ish)

Kansas sunset.

(Photos of Colorado should be here. But I forgot to take pictures of Colorado. Sorry Colorado. If you’re curious what Colorado is like imagine the following pictures of Wyoming married the following pictures of Utah and they had a baby…)

Wyoming. I don’t love Wyoming. Sorry Wyoming. (10 am)

Wyoming. Boring.

Wyoming wind farm. (2 pm)Windmills in Wyoming We finally made it to Utah. Gosh Utah is pretty. (4 pm)

Keg Runner Freeway (Utah.)

Home. Finally. Well, yeah. It’s home. (5:34 pm exactly.)
Finally home.
Driving across the country (well, 7 states) is not for sissies.

But when you’re able to sit outside under the stars with all of your family in one place for the main reason of celebrating one of the greatest people in all of our lives?

It’s totally worth it.

(If I haven’t returned your call or email? Please be patient with me. xx)


  1. Beautiful captures along the way. (jealous of the hallmark stop!)


  2. Absolutely beautiful photos! My favorites are the kaleidoscope of colors and heavenly clouds. Welcome home!

  3. You are an absolutely amazing photographer. If you published a coffee table book of your photos I’d buy it!

  4. I recently traveled to Utah for a funeral. I went by plane because I am from DC and had to take three kids by myself so don’t judge. And I totally agree that it’s worth it to be with family for the right reasons. Hope your stay is nice.

  5. I’m not really here to redeem Wyoming in your eyes, just to tell you that you drove through the awful part of it, that’s all.

    Wyoming has my heart.

    Pretty pictures, and yay for home.

  6. Cheryl saying hi is amazing.

  7. Lovely travel pics and what a wonderful way to see someone off- celebrating under the stars with family.


  8. Question: is it possible that you crossed into Missouri and not Mississippi? I’m not great with maps, but having driven through Mississippi a few times now, I’m like 90% sure it’s not between Indiana and Utah.

    Either way, hope the remainder of your trip is safe and easy. Much love to you guys.

    Emily Reply:

    @Overflowing Brain (Katie),
    I think she mention crossing the Mississippi River


    Overflowing Brain (Katie) Reply:

    @Emily, Ha, well to be fair I did say I wasn’t so good with maps. I guess we can add reading to the list too, eh?

    Casey Reply:

    @Overflowing Brain (Katie), aww. I blame your tiny skull.

  9. Love the photos. The furthest I’ve been from home — Connecticut — was Key West. I hope to someday make it out to the Midwest.

  10. SLC, FTW! Have a Crown burger for me while you’re in town.

  11. Gorgeous photos… love all the open spaces

  12. love the photos!

  13. I’ve just been catching up with you, reading back a few posts.

    I’m so sorry for your loss in this life, and so inspired by the sincere faith you have in the next.

    Peace. (and gang signs)

  14. The photos are stunning.I just stared at the big bright cloud one forever. I’m glad you got there safely. Good luck driving home. :O)

  15. I have done the drive before…it is a killer. Great pics along the way! Wish you would have stopped by my place while you were in Kansas!!

  16. What a beautiful drive. I’m glad you are with family now. <3

  17. Oh, Casey! It was so great to see you and meet A and C! I’m still chucking about her waiting her WHOLE LIFE for a pillow whatchmacallit. I hope she continued to enjoy it!

    Thinking of you this week.

  18. It is home for me too!

  19. Goodland?! I live 30 miles from Goodland! You must stop in Burlington, CO on your way home. I would love to buy you a coffee and show you the amazing farm fields. At the very least, honk as you drive through the last town in Colorful Colorado before entering the boring state of Kansas!

    Gamanda Reply:


    We also have an over 100 year old Carousel that was all hand restored. It photographs very well 😉 Just saying.

  20. “…If you’re curious what Colorado is like imagine the following pictures of Wyoming married the following pictures of Utah and they had a baby…” As a proud CO native, this probably should offend me, but it made me giggle instead 🙂

  21. You forgot Colorado for 3 reasons.

    1. You were too excited to see me.

    2. You passed through in the middle of the night.

    3. See number 1.

  22. Did you know Indiana has a wind farm? Cause I for one did not. And I felt a little gipped that I didn’t know about it. But maybe that’s just me.

    Kim Reply:

    @ClassyFabSarah, There’s one on I-65 (well, obviously not on it but it borders it) between Indianapolis and Chicago…is that the only one or are there others? It’s so cool to drive up onto those HUGE windmills. They look tiny from the distance.

    ClassyFabSarah Reply:

    @Kim, Yeah, that’s the one I’m talking about. Apparently I’m the only one who didn’t know it existed.

    But seriously, it’s SO cool. They are WAY bigger then I expected them to be!

  23. Wow. Truly beautiful pictures! I love to drive, if nothing, else, to just look around at somewhere different from home.


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