Addie, Vivi and I spent the morning playing with some new toys courtesy of Infantino.

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

Addie’s favorite were the foot rattles.

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

Vivi’s favorite was anything she could get into her mouth.

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

My favorite was seeing my little girls playing together.

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

COMMENT TO WIN a 3 piece Infantino Comforting Play collection by simply leaving a comment telling me about your baby’s favorite toy. (Or yours, since you probably picked it out and you are probably your baby’s favorite toy anyway.) Winner will be chosen August 15th at midnight EST.

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

DISCLOSURE: I am a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.


  1. My favorite toy of my daughters is her “tigger” who sadly is missing. I think I am more upset about it than she is. My daughter is to old for these toys but I would love them for my pregnant sister 🙂

  2. Lamaza Freddie the Firefly. He’s brilliant I think I love him more than the babe.

  3. Charlotte Anne says:

    An empty chip bag. Abby (my niece) loves the sounds they make

  4. Maybe my son’s WOW firetruck…the lights, noises, ladder and men are entertainment for hours

  5. My 3 month old son’s favorite toy is his 2 year old brother!

  6. My son loves this tiger teething toy my mom sent him. Ooh and his Razbaby Razberry teether. He loves the teething toys!

  7. Keri Always says:

    Baby Girl isn’t here yet but if she’s like my other two, she will like those plastic rings that link together and will hang from strollers and are great for sore gums.

  8. Grant loves Sophie the Giraffe. He just got his first two pearly whites so Grant and Sophie have been inseparable.

  9. My favorite is the bouncy seat (we call it the buzz bucket). Ours has some little hanging animals on it. For some reason the giraffe makes my son ridiculously angry. He gets this mean look on his face and swats it away. Hours of fun! (For me, of course)

  10. The Ouchie Pal is so cute! Baby Elise doesn’t seem to have a favorite toy yet (8 wks), but does seem to enjoy chomping on her fist!

  11. I would say a favorite toy around here is anything that is off limits…cell phone, remotes, etc.

  12. The baby LOVES the saucer full of toys he can chew on–but mainly he loves to bounce in it and watch his brothers.

  13. My son’s current faves are anything kitchen. Spatulas, cookie sheets, whisk, you name it. I just found a couple tea bags in the toaster this morning… LOL!

  14. My son’s favorite toy at the moment is a really weird looking stuffed rattle-y wolf that his uncle gave him. I mean, really bizarre. This thing has plaid feet. But he loves the hell out of it.

    That and cloth napkins. OH BOY. Chewing on a cloth napkin is WHERE IT’S AT.

  15. don’t count me in the giveaway, just wanted to say that Vivi and Addie are adorable as usual and that Wyatt is still sorry about the poop incident.

  16. rachel taylor says:

    our rat terrier, alice. hours and hours of fun.

  17. My girl’s favorite toy at first was a frog that could clip on her stroller/carseat/etc and when you pushed his belly he played music and his cheeks flashed red. I picked that one out for her (my Dad gave it to her). But she did love and prefer it most of the time. When she got a bit older she picked a Lion that also clipped on and all his feet made different noises. She looooved him. That an taggie blankets, she adored those too. 🙂

  18. When my little guy was little Mr. Whoozit could always get a good laugh. Parts of that toy are worn out now.

  19. As a newborn Theo’s favorite toy was this stuffed butterfly thing that played music. It was the first thing he took an interest in and it warmed my heart so yeah, it was my favorite too 🙂

  20. My grandson loves his foot rattles. I would love to get some more to add variety to his foot rattling goodness!

  21. He likes pretty much anything he can chew on – teething rings, links, stroller straps, but most of all, HANDS! 😉

  22. My girls (3 & almost 2) are in a baby doll kick. It’s so cute to watch them push them all over in their strollers and feed them little bottles. It took a very long time for the girls to play nicely together. Baby #3 will be here in a few weeks and I can’t wait for her to join in the fun!

  23. Favorite toy for the moment is burp cloths, aka cloth diapers.

  24. The TV remote control. I am not sure why, but it makes him happy.

  25. I’m pretty sure her favorite toy is my bladder at the moment!

  26. My 3 month baby girl loves this stuffed red hula monkey. can’t get enough of it 🙂

  27. My son loves rattles, anything that makes noise. Did you know if you slam a noisy rattle on an empty bucket over and over, it drives mom crazy?!?! lol

  28. My little person’s favorite toy is the Xbox controller. Not going over so well with DH! LOL

  29. My baby’s current favorite toys: 8″ mini dolls and accessories. But when she was an actual baby baby, her favorite toy was a squeaky purple kitten rattle.

  30. My baby’s favorite toy is anything of his older brother’s…particularly his Hot Wheels! Yikes!

  31. Oh, my…I miss that kid (and you too)!!

  32. Kayley M. says:

    Ava’s favorite toy is a butterfly that clips on with a ring, and jingles when she swats at it. It makes her face light up every time!

  33. Baby isn’t here yet, so I don’t know the answer, but this Infantino collection seems like a good first toy! 🙂

  34. heather d. says:

    I’m not a mom, but my dog’s favorite toy is her Simba doll (from the Lion King) 😉 I’m entering cause my sister’s best friend is having her 1st baby soon 🙂

  35. mommabird2345 says:

    My youngest’s favorite toy is a stuffed Hello Kitty. She loves to take it everywhere and sleeps with it every night.

  36. Like Vivi, Brodys favorite toys are usually anything he can put in his mouth. One of his favorite past times is slobbering on the tv remote controls. Bless his little cotton socks!

  37. My baby is not here yet, so I have no idea what their favorite toy will be! Probably something I make or buy from Etsy I hope 🙂

  38. My baby’s getting old enough to have some opinions of her own. Her latest opinion is that the best toy is anything her sisters have. The older sisters LOVE going to pick out baby toys though, so it works out.

  39. My little girl (who is a few weeks younger than Vivi) is in love with the orange monkey that came with her playmat. She stares at it constantly!

  40. I am due with my first child in November, so I can’t comment on what their favorite toy is just yet. I am getting so excited to meet this little peanut! I am sticking to the advise of great bloggers like yourself to stear me in the right direction as far and the best baby gear! I think the feet rattles are adorable though, would love to try them!

  41. Freddie the Firefly 🙂

  42. My babies favorite toy is the one that hangs on her carseat…soft and squishy, some crinkly, bright and fun. Don’t know what it’s called…but she loves that thing and it buys me some time when she’s in her carseat!

  43. We have quite a few favorites around here, but perhaps the one I thought was the best was a rubber spatula. My daughter would sit and teeth on that thing for hours. Kids are so funny 🙂

  44. My daughter’s favorite toy, I’m sorry to say, has to be me… Any part of me, but especially when I’m feeding! But if I’m not available, she loves looking at her Wee Gallery cards 🙂

  45. A plastic spoon 😉

  46. My girls go nuts for Sophie the Giraffe.

    Anything squishy and easily molded into their mouth works though!

  47. My grand daughters favorite toy was really not a toy but a blankie. She has loved it ever since she was brand new. She now calls them by name – greeny, bluy, pinky and purply.

  48. My little guys favorite (right now!) has to be his big brother and sister! A close second would be ANYTHING he can get into his mouth!

  49. We don’t have kiddos yet but I’m hoping his/her favorite toy is something awesome…and panda-related.

  50. Our second baby (a girl!) is not here yet, but our 5 year old son could not get enough of this loud and obnoxious, teddy bear riding a horse toy that had lights and sang about 15 different nursery rhymes. We went through, I swear to you, 5 of these bad boys. We would find them at our local drugstore and stock up because no matter what we did the little buggers would burn out, new batteries be damned, and our little guy would lose his mind! He’s 5 now and I would give anything to see him play with that thing again like he use to.