So I feel I’ve already leapt the most awkward hurdle of the next 24 hours.

per vagina

I’ll just let you know that administering two pills per my ONE VAGINA involved some advanced yoga moves Wii Fit doesn’t even know about and a MacGyver rigged tampon.


My belly is marked, the winning submission was “Please leave cleaner than you found it.” followed quite closely by “I won’t hate you if you take out 10 lbs.”

@drsallyforth plz set @uterus straight.

(spelling on your belly is hard, yo.)

On a more serious note (meaning one that doesn’t involve my vagina or drugs in any direct way) back in February during the Coyote Ugly Bar Dancing Extravaganza Blissdom ’09 I met a little lady with a Suhthin’ drawl named Rachel. Cute as a button I declared that we would be friends immediately. And so we were.

On the closing night of Blissdom, Rachel and I were at a GNO shindig where they gave out some lovely door prizes. When they announced that one of the giveaways was a lavender pearl set from Peachbutt Design Studio I believe my exact words were “SHUT UP.”

Rachel and I bonded over our mutual love of pearls and how fancy they make us feel.

Rachel’s name was picked first for the giveaway.

I watched her walk over and pick out the lovely pearl set.

“Good! I thought. They’re going to a PROPER pearl lover. The only place pearls truly belong.”

Then I watched as she walked towards me and shoved them into my hands.

Southern Fairytale passing along the pearls to a disheveled moosh.

(Totally awesome picture of both of us by mom-e-centric. But don’t look at us, look at the sentiment! OOH! SENTIMENT!)

The day after I arrived home from Blissdom I had my first official “infertility appointment” with my new doctor.

I wore my new pearls.

peachbutt design pearls.

I have since worn them to every fertility related appointment since. I rolled them in my fingers during my ultrasound. I held tight do them during my hysterosalpingogram. Today will be no exception. Well, except that I can’t wear jewelry during surgery so my darling Ami will be wearing them for me in the waiting room. Also? I can’t wear makeup. Not even a dusting of powder or a smear of mascara. Boo.

I figure if the pearls started out their life already being payed forward twice after being handmade? There’s got to be something to that.

And you’d better believe I’ll be wearing them the day moosh 2.0 comes spewing forth from my loins.

Thank you for all your virtual hand holding. Britt had a request to see #caseysuterus as a trending topic on twitter today. If that really could happen? It would probably be the most awesome thing ever. (You know, next to shiny clean ovaries and what not.)

xoxo my lovelies.

(Oh, and P.S. to my little kid. Thanks for letting me take your Pooh Bear with me today. And no, they won’t actually tear my tummy open and yes I’ll ask for Hello Kitty band-aids and no, anesthesia is not the same as medistasia (medicine + Cinderella’s wicked stepsister.))


Oh! And while I’m off zzzzing why don’t you enter to win a bedtime kit worth over $250!



  1. Oy, misoprostol. Somehow I came here from Twitter…Here’s hoping the two you have to take doesn’t hurt as much as the FOUR I had to take.

    I hope everything works, clean uterus and all. And I will go ahead and leave sticky baby dust for hopefully the very near future.

  2. Everyone is so nice, you are so nice and brave and I have already read your drugged twitters and see you are ok. Good for you! I have been there too, and I also brought my Pooh.


  3. I love that Moosh let you take her Pooh bear. I would have done the same thing except Pooh would have been a stuffed T-Rex.

    Per vagina? Ha! Sounds like something a pervert would command…”Purr, vagina!”

  4. I’m sending such big, virtual bear-sized hugs your way. *squeezes*

  5. I love me some Rachel.

    I’ve been thinking about you and your uterus all day. Enjoy your meds. You deserve them.

  6. who has more than one vagina? why are those instructions necessary? so confused, and i’m going to consider myself an expert on vaginas… not just because i have one, but because i see them all day at work. i’ve only ever seen ladies with ONE.

  7. Good luck with your New & Improved Uterus 2.0! I’m pulling for you! Love ya!

  8. Good luck with your uterus remodeling! 🙂 I’m praying for you!

  9. I was at work all day with very minimal internet access (even the iPhone has troubles in the hills of Bel Air yo), but I was thinking about you all day.

    And also? That pill bottle is the BEST typo I’ve ever seen. Except maybe the one on your stomach.

    I hope you’re feeling alright tonight and remember, one week per hour of anesthesia to recover. I’m totally serious. Rest, relax and take it the hell easy.

  10. I’d imagine that now you’re all drugged up, make-up is the least of your worries…

  11. Hugs to you, hon.

  12. Oh how I heart you…and those pearls…wowza.

  13. You never know. Maybe somewhere, somehow, some poor girl is picking up her prescription and thinking, “Crap. I gotta take FOUR!”

  14. Hey, I’ve had 9 of those lap beauties…from age 16 through 34 I had them every 3 to 4 years, took ever drug, experimental or not, lupron being one of them and then….still no baby.

    Then, one day, doctor said, let’s do one more lap and I’ll clean out your tubes too….that was in Jan. of 2004, in Feb of 2004 I planned an awesome getaway with the husband for valentines and in Nov of 2004 I gave birth to one pre-mature but healthy as a horse 6 pound and 6 oz little snoozing babydoll……….

    so the key here is………you know, you gotta do it, the Big IT…you know you have to …well you know right……it’s your body that’s confused not you….you have do more than just snuggle…you get it the BIG IT, gotta get busy, even if there are exams to be taken… gotta get bizzzzie

    Casey Reply:

    @Jerri Ann, I am well aware of this fact. Thank you. I do know how babies are made and have been well aware for the past twelve years.


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