Inspired by my fellow Community Keynote (holy crap!) speakers Angela and Schmutzie. A few things you may need to know before ever hanging out with me. You know, in large social gatherings and stuff. Maybe even one in San Fransisco. Or in Indiana, or even Utah. I’m not picky.

1. I am not the moosh. the moosh is my kid. I am Casey. Nice to meet you.

2. “moosh in indy” rhymes with “push pin Cindy” not “Mewsh fin slindly”. I say this because:

  • A. the pronunciation of “mewsh” bugs me.
  • B. I’m too nice to correct you if you do pronounce it “mewsh”, but I will then know you don’t hang on to every mother loving word I write on this blog and you will be dead to me.

Consider this a PSA. I also hate to be called Case. So don’t do it.

3. I have the voice of a little girl. Of course in my head it’s very sultry and appealing. Alas, out loud it comes off as squeaky and the next telemarketer that asks if my parents are home will be smitten with a sore curse.

4. I’ll be the one with the dent in my left shin. You know, from falling down the stairs in Chicago? If you ask I may let you see it up close, maybe even touch it. Heaven knows I won’t be able to feel it.

RIP shin nerves.

5. If I find out you are Canadian and that you did not bring me Wunderbars I will ignore your existence on this planet, eh?

6. I’m kind of kidding on most of these. Of course if you hang on to every mother loving word I write on this blog then you’d already know that.

7. I made my husband breakfast this morning. It involved raspberries, vanilla and a blowtorch.
Vanilla raspberry oatmeal brulee

Intrigued? Check the food blog, Linoleum Dynamite, and if you ever come to my house I will cook for you.


  1. I too, must admit I’ve been pronouncing it moooo-sh. And I refer to you (to my husband) as “moosh mama”.

    You couldn’t have spelled it mush because then we would all be saying m-uh-sh, the alternative name for oatmeal (which I hate but yours looks tasty).

    I will do my best to see it as push mush moosh.

    “mewsh” to me is all wrong too because I have cats and they say “mew”, not “moo”…

    Mooshgate, indeed!

    Reeses last blog post..Fuzzy Biscuit

  2. I had to share this with you! I’ve lurked on this site for a long time. My husband and I want kids so badly, so we regularly point children we see out to each other. My husband pointed a little girl (maybe 14 months old?) out to me yesterday. I got all excited and told him she looked like a younger version of Moosh. He said, “I feel like she should be offended…” I told him it’s a good thing – Moosh is cute. He got so confused. I finally relented and filled him in on this blog. He didn’t find it as funny as I did. 🙂

  3. O.M.Gosh. That looks divine.

    Sorry, I’m one of those “Mewsh”ers. Now I know.

  4. any breakfast that involves a blowtorch is right up my alley LOL

    Lizs last blog post..

  5. dude, seriously where do you get the time to spend it cooking intricate recipes? what does the moosh do while you are making sure that the oatmeal doesn’t burn?

    megachicks last blog quality drop-off

  6. I totally said Mooosh. Mooshinindy – it’s like one word to me. A four syllable mispronounced word.

    But at least I’m in good company here! I mispronounce a LOT but I’m usually in the minority. It feels good to not feel dumb. 🙂

    And when I speak of you, I say “Ya know, Casey – from mooshinindy?”

    It’s good to know there’s at LEAST a year before I will have a chance to meet you so I’ll have time to get it right.

    Butrfly Gardens last blog post..Answer You Anything! Part Two.

  7. Oh crap. I too was calling it MOOsh in Indy (like the cow says MOO and animals are in a ZOO). Crap.
    But, I am stuck at home with 4 kids and NOT going to BlogHer (not that I have any idea what it is really anyway), so I can say it however I like in my own head, right?

    Kristins last blog post..This and That

  8. 1. I love your name. I wanted it for my kid, but my partner hated it. Except I was going to spell it with a K.

    2. I’ve been pronouncing it “mewsh”. Sorry about that. I will no longer.

    3. I ALSO have the voice of a little girl. I get teased about it ALL THE TIME. I also look like a little girl and sometimes get asked if I’m babysitting my 7-year-old. People say I’ll appreciate it when I’m older. Hmph.

    4. I am Canadian. I LOVE Wunderbars. If I ever meet you in person, I will bring a case with me.

    Mrs. Wilsons last blog post..Duty

  9. I’m not going to say I ever pronounced it “moo-sh” and when I wrote “smooshin the moosh” on my blog, I bet it looked like I was pronouncing it correctly.

    Because when I think of the moosh, I always think I want to smoosh her.

    But, um, I may have introduced you as “moo-sh in indy” at BlogHer to people, as, um, a test. Of, you know, how stupid they are.

    Velveteen Mind – Megans last blog post..Like Tom Hanks but Without the Cash