Pardon my absence but I’ve been making out with my kitchen gadgets.

I missed them.

And did you know that you forget about what clothes you left behind when you live out of a suitcase for two months? It’s like coming home to a whole new wardrobe of stuff you’d actually buy for yourself. (Well, because you did, but that’s not the point.)

And I haven’t had to put lotion on in four days. No more squiggling around on the carpet or against sharp corners trying to soothe the itch that is caused by the desert in winter, or summer. Or spring or fall for that matter. I hate being itchy.

Strike #82 against Utah.

I also forgot what it was like to grocery shop for yourself. For now it’s fun, haven’t done it in a while. But I’ll be back to swearing about it shortly.

Back to my kitchen gadgets.

I may have a dumpy kitchen but it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? I am pleased to say that I would have no shame in letting Alton Brown cook in my kitchen. I am that well equipped.

For example I have five thermometers.

My thermometers.

And I love and use every single one of them.

I also use my digital scale all. the. time.

My Kitchenaid, my scale and my slide cup.

This little trio of love and stainless steel helped me make car cakes today.

Prepare to decorate.

And the moosh and her little blond friend handled decor.

Cake Cars

(In case you go thinking I’m some sort of wondermom who has CRAFTS! and SUPERDUPERTREATS! at my play-dates and that I’m only trying to make you feel inadequate, you’d be wrong. I just got a new cake pan and wanted to use it, that’s all.)

Because of my love for my kitchen and all things gadget my parents lovingly hand over gift cards during all gift giving seasons to aid in my addiction collection. The latest gift card came from Grandma Flower and Grandpa Fish to Williams-Sonoma.

Williams-Sonoma is akin to porn for me.

I came home with a Microplane grater to match my Microplane zester.

My microplanes...mmm

If you’ve never used a Microplane…well…then you’ve never grated something like God meant you to grate.

And the REALLY big deal?

Something finally joined my kitchen family that I have been WAITING for. Something I have wished for and coveted for years. (And here is where you get a glimpse into what a seething dork I am for all things culinary.)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my 6 3/4 qt. Le Creuset Dutch Oven in Kiwi.


She makes me so happy. Oh, the roasts we’ll braise together.

If you don’t frequent kitchen stores then you’ve probably got a big glowing question mark above your head as to why I’m excited about a $295 pan. First of all, it is not a pan. It is a dutch oven, an enameled cast iron dutch oven. And I didn’t even come close to paying $295. I didn’t even pay half that.

I am a kitchen store bargain magnet.

Which adds to my excitement.

To add to the sad pathetic nature of my love for inanimate kitchen objects even more, this isn’t even half of my most beloved of kitchen items.

So here’s what I want to know, do any of you have a priceless piece of metal, plastic, steel, silicone or wood that you couldn’t bear to cook without?

Because I have about three dozen.

And I want to make sure I’m not missing any.


  1. The VitaMix- John hosts his own version of “Will It Blend” just about every day in our kitchen.

    Barb’s last blog post..Happy Birthday Week!

  2. Oh, Alton Brown. He would be proud of you, and hopefully of me. I have a Le Creuset pot set, in royal blue, that I use whenever possible just to make me feel better about my kitchenware. Ok, so it was my husband’s set before he met me, but I cook 90% of the time, so it is effectively mine now.
    Also, I have the same colour of Kitchen Aid as you – mine is the HD Professional model. Fun times!
    Love the car cakes. I may have to find those for my boy!

  3. The Man does most of our cooking (I bake – he cooks), so probably the best kitchen gadget for him in my eyes is the silicone brush I picked up. Because if I had to eat ONE more hair from the old brush, I was going to throw up. 😀

    I’ll let you know my favorites after Septemeber. 😉 (It had BETTER be my Kitchen Aide Mixer!)

    Butrfly Garden’s last blog post..I’m Locking Her Up.

  4. Oooh, nice dutch oven! I love Le Crueset stuff. I covet the red version.

    I have an 8″ Henckel chef’s knife that I love and cherish and can’t live without. I also love my 4 qt All-Clad saute pan and the cast iron griddle that belonged to my grandmother.

    Major Bedhead’s last blog post..Pinch His Tits

  5. Love this post, and read every comment, because you are my people, every one of you!

    1. Have the same le cruset, in the SAME COLOR. No joke.

    2. Villa ware panini grill=heaven and instant dinner.

    3. Villa ware waffle maker= morning heaven

    4. Bodrum milk frother—my favorite part? You MUST use skim milk! It makes me giggle like I’m getting away with something good every time.

    5. My lovely bread knife.

    6. My ceramic Japanese chef’s knife and paring knife.

    7. Silpat cookie sheet liners! I would sleep with these if I could.

    Anna’s last blog post..The whole poop and nothing but the poop

  6. A Le Creuset dutch oven?!?!?!? I am sooooo jealous! I even love just looking at pictures of those things. They are so beautiful. Someday I will have one. I think a bright yellow one.

    I had four thermometers, but I only use two, so I recently gave one to my m-i-l. (Her kitchen. Aaah. *Anth quivers in horror*)

    I am a bit new to kitchen gadget whoredom. I didn’t cook much when I was working. I’m lazy, why lie. But now that I stay at home, mmm, I am in love with my kitchen. I obsessively collect “recipes that sound good.” I am saving up for a Kitchen Aid. (Pro or Artisan? Weigh in, will you?)

    My favorite gadget is my little food chopper by Kitchen Aid, because I really really really hated chopping onions and now I don’t have to.

    Anth’s last blog post..26 Weeks

  7. for shame, casey. alton would not really have 5 thermometers in his kitchen. he’s all about the mulit-purpose tools.

    anyway, i love my immersion blender. it lets me make food for my bug. my hubs loves the crock pot (we just got a bigger one this weekend). it lets him make us lots of yummy dinners while he’s at work.

    megachick’s last blog of both worlds part two: the recap

  8. WOW! I am impressed! With all the fancy stuff and all the comments. Hey I wanted to know though, do you buy/use lots of stuff from Pampered Chef? I am thinking about selling it, but I want oppinions on those that really love to cook. Is it too expensive? Is their stuff worth it? Let me know!

    Shannon’s last blog post..Pampered Chef Party

  9. I love my Pampered Chef stoneware bar pans. And my pie pan, and my whisk for making chocolate milk that fits perfectly in the glass. And the apple corer/peeler/slicer, and the cookie racks, and my measure all cup and…you get the idea. I am a pampered Chef junkie.

    I told my hubby when we buy a house that I want a kitchen with plenty of counter space and a big island with a stove top on it.

  10. I have never seen cakes so cool. I am in awe and full uh envy!

  11. SO….


    so.. do you have an alarm on your house? or your kitchen cabinets for that matter? just kidding… like I would fly from Toronto to Indiana (or drive) for kitchen gadgets… or would i..? dun dun dun

    ok whatever enough of my silliness… I wish I had your mixer above all…


  1. […] started making a list of things I need in the kitchen.  It was just last week that I was telling moosh in indythat my favorite kitchen gadget was my microwave!  I actually told B I wanted a microplane zester […]