Ah, it’s that time of year again. The Rib America Festival was our first big Hoosier thing that we did last year and one of the only things I was looking forward to this year. (Pardon my archives if you do actually click the links, they were mighty hammered in the move from blogger and I never fixed them.)

We’ve been saving up for a year to do Rib Fest right, and boy howdy did we.

Shiny Pig Trophies
Mr. Pigfoot
Our friends and I chose PIGFOOT out of Ohio to grace us with their porkyness. Cody chose some place out of Texas and some other place that wasn’t as good as what I chose so who cares what he chose.

Let’s look at our meat.

Pulled Pork Deliciousness
Ribs, glorious ribs
After all the goodness had been eaten and we digested while seriously rocking out to a Beatles tribute band we turned our eyes to the dessert side of the festival.


Fried Goo
Oh, the flashbacks. Now would be a good time to tell you about what happened after the fair. The fried Pepsi caused me such insurmountable gas that I nearly burned a hole through my underwear, my pants and the couch. When it finally came out, well, let’s just say there was sweat involved. I didn’t poop again for four days.

Damn you fried Pepsi, DAMN YOU!

Needless to say one bite of funnel cake brought back bubble gut memories and instant nausea.

One bite is where my funnel cake chaser and Rib America 2007 ended.

Funnel Cake Funeral


  1. mmmm ribs!I’d love a twinkie but uuum I’d like mine straight up.

  2. You actually ATE the fried Pepsi!?!? Brave girl.

    I forgot all about Ribfest. I wonder when ours is. I’m not a big meat fan, but I love music. 🙂

    (LOVE your picture commentary!)

  3. your funnel cakes look hot! heh.

  4. Did you see Pat Benatar Friday night? Heard she was good!

  5. Seriously, i’ve never heard of deep fried pepsi, or any of that stuff. And by the sounds of your experience, even if i do find it, i sure as hell won’t be trying it out!!!! My gas is enough to burn things on a normal day thanks!!!

  6. Mmm…barbecue! My weakness is good barbecue!

    It continuously amazes me what people decide is okay to dip in hot fat and then eat. Why? Why? Why? Blech.

  7. I can’t believe I am drooling over BBQ at 9 am and yet I would hork down a plateful in 3 seconds flat after all that.

  8. I’m SOOOOO jealous… It all looked so good. Think they can deep fry Mountain Dew? I’d drive up to Indy just for that.

  9. Helps if I spell my own friggin name correctly…

  10. What in the world is fried pepsi? I tell ya girl, thems people up there are crazy frying all that stuff. Even down here in L.A. (lower alabamer) we don’t fry like that!

    But ohmygawd, I want to try that fried pepsi just so I can fart like that!

  11. Seriously, how can you possibly look so good and thin living in a place that deep fries everything??!!

  12. Laughing my booty off. You are hilarious, sorry about the bubble gut. HATE THAT. Fried Pepsi, ick! Mmm, ribs. Although I did notice that your pork and beans did a spill over, how did you handle that?

  13. i can’t do funnel cake anymore either…so sad

    mmm canibal pigs…my favorite!

  14. Lordy: Ribs. Bossy would steal one from Adam.

  15. Mmm. Funnel cake. Puketastic. We’re going to Ribfest here this weekend. I’ll keep an eye out for fried pepsi and steer Graham AWAY from it.

  16. Ooooooh, riiiiiiiiiibs. I looooooooooove ribs. Any kind of bbq will do, really, but ribs are what I really love.

    One thing about living out heyah in New Enlgand – a dearth of good bbq.

  17. Yummy Ribs! I want! And the only fried thing that looks good is that funnel cake. Mmm Mmm! I want one of those too!

    Poor Casey and Poor Casey’s gut! Where’s the pepto when you need it? Hehe! I just saw you doing the pepto dance in my head! Hilarious! What’s wrong with this head of mine?!

  18. You didnt try the deep fried oreos?! They are the yummiest!

  19. Oh my stars—I can’t believe you actually ate the fried Pepsi!!
    I’m happy to report that the only fried things at our county fair—were things that are normal to be fried—like chicken strips, and yes, funnel cake.
    Sorry PETA, we petted the pigs and then the next morning had bacon with breakfast. I know my kids will be vegetarians when they’re preteens though. You can just TELL.

  20. Mmm. Love me some good ribs! You are too much, Casey!

  21. I can top ALL of those BBQ wannabees since I am The God of the Grill (here it roaring?). Everyone is invited.


    (can I come visit you next year?)

  23. Mmmm…piggy goodness…
    I am salivating just looking at those pictures!

  24. Wow. As the token vegetarian, let me just express my amazement at the self-eating pig in the first photo.

    You threw yourself into it with gusto, and that I applaud.

    Good luck with teh digesting …

  25. Ooh you’re a bad bad girl… those PETA crazies are gonna come after you! 🙂

  26. mmmm BBQ….

  27. You sure do have a lot of fried oddities where you live!! Still can’t get over the fried Pepsi. Now Oreos? When will it end?? BBQ looks goood!!!

  28. hmm, i missed the story of the fried pepsi…brb

  29. Hmmmm. BBQ. Now I’m craving some.

  30. Fried pepsi?


    Like… Pepsi that you DRINK?



    I could eat funnel cake all. day. long!! Love that stuff!

  31. Mmmm….ribs…they look so good, my mouth is watering.

    Deep fried Pepsi???? I can’t even imagine it. I’ve heard of deep fried twinkies…but not deep fried oreos…man, that sounds good.

    I like fried things….mmmm…so bad for you!

  32. we have the testical festival in my neck of the woods:o


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