My roommate was going to his party as Hugh Hefner. He claimed he needed “a girl’s touch” to complete his costume. I already had mine figured out so together we headed to Nordstrom in hopes of procuring the perfect “Hef” robe.

Men’s robes were placed right in front of the Chanel counter on the lower level. Chanel girl caught my roommates eye immediately.

“But how to I go up to a girl behind a makeup counter and not look obvious and desperately hopeless? Especially when she just saw me with you?”
“You tell her “your sister” needs the perfect lip liner to go with this lipstick.” I pulled a lipstick from my purse and off he went to conquer Chanel girl.

It took a $24 lip liner ($24!) but he got her number, he was on cloud nine.

“Is there anything I can do for you? That was brilliant.”

“Do you need anything from RadioShack? There’s this one guy that works up there and I’d really like to know his name.”

“I could use new batteries for the remote. Let’s go.”

As soon as we turned into RadioShack my stomach dropped, he would be the one helping us. I hadn’t had a crush like this, well, ever. I called a friend on my cell phone so as to avoid any eye contact with hunky RadioShack boy, I was that nervous. But before I headed off to hide behind the headphone display like the giggly school girl I was, I noticed his name tag dangling from his lanyard.



  1. It’s so “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” working it at the mall…

  2. ooooh i love it.

    the beginning is so fun…not that it’s not anymore, but you know…the constant butterflies. ahhhh.

  3. I love “how they met” stories!

  4. Aww .. how cute. And on Halloween!

  5. And so it begins….:)
    Can’t wait for the second installment!

  6. Aww! You and your roommate made one heck of team.

  7. Very cool story!

    (I got engaged on Halloween) (Not that I’m trying to take away your thunder, on your own post, or anything.) (Just sayin’.)

    Hope we get to hear more of the story.

  8. Love it!

    This is the second “how we met” story I’ve read in the last hour. Maybe everyone should write them up today.

    Well, we know how your part of the story ended. Did it end up that the $24 lip liner was worth it?

  9. Very very cute! And how resourceful of you two to be each others’ wingmen!

  10. Who knew there was romance to be found in the lair of a Radioshack…

  11. No worries about using the wrong name in the throes of it all. Oh, the universe’s subtle hijinks…

  12. Awww… so super cute. What a nice post.

  13. What a great “beginnings” story!

  14. Cute….halloween holds memories for me too other than just trick or treating – several years ago I became a woman…yes I was all putting my costume on and lo and behold “Aunt Flo” showed herself for the first time. Ok, TMI…and yeah not nearly as cool as your story.

  15. ooooh. fun story. who knew love could lurk in the headphone department!

  16. What is with this whole wanting to get nekkid on Halloween?!?

  17. tee hee

  18. AW!

  19. Aw! Lovely.

    Happy Halloween, for all reasons.

  20. I happen to be the love of my life … but I don’t anybody wants to hear the story of how I met me.

  21. Cody… the best name for a spouse EVER!

  22. I’ll be waiting for the next installment!

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  23. Awwww! What a great story to always have 🙂

  24. Really? What a fun story.

  25. Did you buy a remote-controlled car? Did he show you the ways of CB radio talk? Was there a bear in the air? Oh, perhaps I am thinking of Radio Shack in the 1970s…

    Excellent blog!

  26. That is the cutest thing ever!

  27. I love that you referred to him as “hunky RadioShack boy”! I had a “Navy Boy”, “Nerd Boy” and a “Firefighter Boy”. My husband was, “The Boss’s Brother Boy”!

  28. When I met my now-husband, he was “cute guy friend who had a girlfriend”. Thank goodness she dumped him after cheating on him and he turned to me for comfort!

    That is an excellent story. Whatever happened to your roommate and the Chanel girl?


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