How have you been?

I’ve been well. For once this long silence wasn’t a result of depression, it was just a result of me doing other stuff.

Nothing personal.

It also hasn’t helped that Vivi is the epitome of toddler in every sense of the word, and I have to be constantly present for that child or she will lose a limb, chop the limb off another living creature or do some other irreversible damage to something I value (like the button she found in the car that turned on a light WE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW EXISTED.) I decided last night that if we rounded up a bunch of our toddlers and put them in a glass enclosure we could charge admission, like a zoo with tiny little drunk people that are drunk on perceived power and the sound of their own voice. Today she started the day out by throwing herself to the floor because the notebook I gave her had lines in it.

When I asked her yesterday if she was all clean after her bath she stuck her hand in her butt, sniffed it, then proclaimed “YEP! ALL CLEAN!” in case you were curious about the personal hygiene standards within our home.

Today is the three-year adoptiversary of our cats. Three years guys, happy to have you, stop licking my face.

Hopefully this little nudge will be the proverbial uncorking I need to get back to business as usual. Perhaps you’re familiar with the feeling?


  1. Dude toddlers are all consuming. Thanks for keeping it real, because I was starting to think that mine was the only insane toddler who really just likes to throw fits for the sake of throwing fits.

    Happy to have you back!

  2. I have a two year old (as well as a son on a mission–go figure.) Knowing that Vivi is older and still you are feeling this way is not comforting me. I feel like my life is already on panic mode between trying to childproof everything, cleaning up what he still manages to get into, or stressing about what it is he may be getting into because I can’t seem to move fast enough or be everywhere at once.

    Our little guy isn’t talking yet. The pediatrician has a speech therapist coming in now but I think subconsciously I may be sabotaging her efforts because I don’t really want him to be able to argue with me or say things in public like Vivi, though he does a pretty good job of letting us know what he wants/isn’t happy with/etc. with his grunting, pointing, and screaming.

    I’ve had five kids. I should know the magic secret by now or at least be more prepared. Of course I don’t and I’m not. It’s just this thing I try to get through without having a meltdown every other day (or hour.)
    Like teens. (Except with toddlers you don’t want to kill them.)

    Love how you say “perceived power.” I’m pretty sure their power is real. You keep me laughing Casey.

  3. That pic at the top of your sidebar kinda shows the toddler-ness in a nutshell, right? 🙂

  4. The family tree pic you have a pintrest. .
    How did u get that? I wanna give one for a xmas gift.